A formula to deal with cervical spine lumbar spine knee and heel problems at the same time, sent to middle-aged and elderly friends to talk about love

Some elderly people have cervical spine hyperplasia, some have lumbar spine hyperplasia, some have knee hyperplasia, some have heel hyperplasia, although it is not a major disease, but the pain is still very uncomfortable, but also affect life.

The blogger today shared a famous old Chinese medicine recipe, specifically to deal with these growths, no matter what kind of growths can be tried.

The main reason for this is that it is caused by cold and dampness plus blood stasis.

The young people hurry to take a notebook to write down this formula:.

White peony 30 grams raw licorice 10 grams papaya 10 grams Wei Ling Xian 15 grams

Just four herbs, simple, one dose a day, a decoction of water can be divided into two drinks, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, after meals. If it is a long-term chronic osteophyte, it is recommended to take twenty-one days to see.

Now, the blogger is going to nag you about what is going on with osteophytes, and how this bone paralysis soup is going to take care of them.

First of all, the blogger would like to ask you a question, although osteophytes are a matter of bones, but what is the bone that sustains the bones, especially the joints? It's the tendons. Look at our neck, our waist, our knees can turn flexibly, this is the tendons in action. So our bones need tendons to maintain. In order to have good bones, we need to strengthen the tendons and bones. And how to raise the tendons? What is the main tendon? The liver is the main tendon. So we need to nourish the liver and soften the liver.

Look at this formula, there are three herbs that nourish the liver and soften the liver, nourish the liver and blood. It is a sour and cold medicine, sour into the liver, can soften the liver and nourish the blood.

Papaya is also sour, but papaya is warm, just to neutralize the cold of white peony. The other day, the blogger made a small video for you in Shake Sound, talking about papaya. There are many papayas on the Dali side, one is the edible sour papaya, especially sour, no sweetness, Dali people use it to make sour and spicy fish. There is a kind of medicinal, sweet and sour, the size can grow to twice the size of the edible papaya. This papaya on the one hand can assist Bai Shao to soften the liver and nourish the yin, can nourish the liver and blood, on the other hand can also soothe the tendons, can relieve pain, can dispel rheumatism, has a very good effect on the middle-aged and elderly leg cramps.

Osteomalacia is still very painful when it strikes, how to solve this pain? Chinese medicine has a trick called slowing down the pain, that is, using a combination of sour and sweet medicine together, can slow down the pain, the most typical representative is peony and licorice soup. This is the formula of Zhang Zhongjing, the sage of medicine, specifically used to deal with various acute inflammatory diseases resulting in pain. Glycyrrhiza glabra can slow down and tonic.

Next is the most important medicine inside this bone paralysis soup, without this, the effect of this bone paralysis soup will be greatly reduced. The next most important medicine in this bone palsy soup is the spirit and the immortality of the spirit and the immortality of the medicine, such as lingzhi and cranesbill. What's the power of the Wilingxian? It can directly remove the growth of the bone, you say that the mighty? Willow Fairy is known as the Bone Melting Palm, specializing in melting the extra bones. One of the best proofs is that when we eat fish and the fish spine is stuck in our throat, we can use the water boiled by the Wiling Fairy to contain it, and it can soften the fish spine.

Spirit, Xian, that the effect of Willow Fairy is great, Willow Fairy can also soothe the tendons, can dispel wind and dampness, can force out the cold and dampness inside the bones. A big reason for bone enlargement is that cold dampness is inside.

This is the famous veteran Chinese medicine doctor Guan Youbo for the middle-aged and elderly friends to create bone paralysis soup, the most critical comes, this formula for different conditions and add or subtract.

If your osteophytes are in the cervical spine, you can add 30 grams of Pueraria Mirifica and 10 grams of Ginger Yellow.

If your osteophytes are in the lumbar spine, you can add Elderberry (also known as Sequoia) 30 grams and Mulberry 30 grams.

If your osteophytes are in the knee, add Chuan Niu Knee 15g.

If your osteophytes are in the heel, you can add 10 grams of Boneset and 10 grams of Epimedium.

If the pain is very severe, you can add 10 grams each of peach kernel and safflower

If you have severe diarrhea from taking tonics, add Atractylodes macrocephala 15 grams

Give away roses, share this recipe, give it to your middle-aged and elderly friends, give it to your elders, it will be appreciated.

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