Food therapy version of the three pass soup is coming, through the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, blood vessels through a hundred diseases eliminate

If your tongue has many dark spots, the color of your tongue is blue, the veins under your tongue are angry, thick and dark, if your tongue is always numb.
If you are prone to spots on your face or any part of your body, whether they are age spots or melasma or freckles.
If you have pitting dark circles around your eyes.
If your hair falls out on a particular piece and is accompanied by pain in that area.
If you have inexplicable pain in your head or anywhere on your body, whether headache or shoulder pain, sore throat, chest pain, abdominal pain, back pain, leg pain, foot pain, in the same location, relieved during the day, aggravated at night, relieved by activity, aggravated by rest.
If you have bruises on any part of your body that doesn't move, or even if you don't know where you bumped or touched it and it suddenly appears.
If you are forgetful, forgetting yesterday's events today, forgetting daytime events at night, suddenly forgetting the name of a very familiar celebrity or friend, and then remembering it again after a while.
If you have a lot of red blood on your face or red blood on your nose, like bill lines.
if your skin looks creepy, skin nail wrong, is what folk call snake skin, skin like snake skin with lynx, and dry and withered.
if you always feel that your throat is dry, but do not want to drink water, just want to moisten your throat with water.
if your calves or any part of your body is bruised and bulging like a coiled and twisted earthworm, western medicine calls this varicose veins.
If your menstruation is dark in color and has many blood clots.
if you have regular black, tar-like stools, which Western medicine diagnoses as gastrointestinal bleeding.
If you have breast enlargement, fibroids, ovarian cysts, if you have various tumors, if you have various cancers ......
Wen bloggers are sorry to tell you that your body has bruises.

Don't get lucky, don't doubt, don't think you just have one or two of the above symptoms and forget about it, stagnant blood is a very stubborn kind of disease evil, it will bring the line with the point, bring the line with the surface, keep developing and growing, when one day stagnant blood forms tumor you will regret too much.
Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, yang deficiency, phlegm and dampness are not as scary as stagnant blood, why? Because blood stasis will block the heart, which is heart attack, and because blood stasis will block the brain, which is stroke. Heart attack and stroke will take away your life instantly, even if you recover a life, you will end up with a paraplegia, accompanied by a wheelchair, life is worse than death.
This is the horrible thing about stasis of blood. Therefore, the world ranks cardiovascular disease as the most terrible life killer.
The blogger still remembers that his best friend from college came to Dali for a visit and just landed in Dali. One night, he suddenly called the blogger and said that his father had a sudden heart attack and was being rescued in the hospital, so he would have to take a plane back tomorrow. However, still came a step late, the university classmate did not see his father's last side after all. The father went just sixty.
This shows how important it is to remove stasis and take care of the heart in general.
So, how does the stagnant blood inside our body come about?
There are many channels.
The most common is through various traumatic injuries. Trauma is one of the most direct sources of blood stasis. For example, a sudden bump, a fall, a cut on the hand, a traffic accident, a fight with someone, etc. When we are young, our body has a strong ability to activate blood stasis and can quickly clear it away, but as we grow older or if we have a congenital deficiency of qi and blood, we can't get rid of these stasis, and they take root inside our body.
For example, some people seem to have recovered from a concussion, but years later they have headaches, which are caused by stagnant blood.
For example, a woman who has had a caesarean section will have abdominal pain years later, which is stasis of blood. People who have frequent miscarriages, the dew is not drained and stagnant blood is left in the body.
People with Qi deficiency are bound to have stagnant Blood. If there is not enough qi, the blood will not be able to run smoothly, which is like the water in the Yellow River flowing more and more slowly, and finally stagnating, and finally forming stagnant blood.
There is a saying in Chinese medicine that if stagnant blood is not removed, new blood will be difficult to produce. If stagnant blood is not removed, new blood will be difficult to produce.

Liver Qi discomfort can also lead to blood stasis. People who are often angry will have blood stasis. Why? The liver is the master of all qi. Any mood swings, anger or sulking will lead to disturbance of qi in the whole body. Qi stagnation leads to blood stasis. Qi is stopped there, you fill more Qi is useless. Many women have breast diseases and uterine diseases that have a lot to do with Qi stagnation and blood stasis.
People who are often sedentary and do not exercise must have blood stasis in their bodies. This reasoning does not require the blogger to bother with more words. The body of people who never exercise is like a pool of stagnant water, sooner or later to rot and stink, stagnation. Sedentary people's bodies will form dampness, dampness is a yin evil, will impede the operation of blood, dampness for a long time will certainly produce blood stasis.
The invasion of cold evil, coiled in a certain part of our body, will slowly form stasis of blood. In this era, due to the existence of refrigerators and air conditioners, we have too many opportunities to suffer from cold. Drinking cold drinks for a long time, eating more fruits and milk, taking antibiotics for infusion at every turn, taking too much medicine to clear heat and detoxify the body, wearing too much exposed clothing, etc., all create the best opportunity for cold to invade.
Heat expansion and cold contraction you should all understand, cold is stagnant you should also understand, the blood to warm the line, when cold is condensed. Long-term cold, Qi and blood stagnation does not move, will form blood stasis.
Blood stasis, deservedly become the most deadly health killer. Blood stasis, a symbol of aging. The more blood stasis, the faster aging.
Don't wait until the blood stasis forms a disease before we pay attention to it, we have to nip the blood stasis in the bud, when the blood stasis is in the bud, no hospital machine can detect it, once detected is a serious disease. The symptoms listed at the beginning of the article are the distress signals from the body asking you to activate the blood stasis.
Since the problem is raised, we must solve it. What is the simplest, most convenient, most effective and most suitable medicine for the people to activate blood stasis?

Without a doubt, it is Panax ginseng!
It is not an exaggeration to call panax pseudoginseng a miracle medicine. For generations, doctors have called panax pseudoginseng a holy medicine for injuries because of its powerful effect of activating blood circulation and resolving blood stasis, and the famous Yunnan Baiyao has not fallen down for a hundred years because it contains panax pseudoginseng.
Without Panax notoginseng, Yunnan Baiyao would be unavailable. According to Chinese medicine, ginseng is the first to nourish qi, while Panax notoginseng is the first to nourish blood. Why does panax pseudoginseng have such a good reputation? In fact, Panax ginseng does not directly nourish blood, but nourishes blood in the form of activating blood stasis, and by dissolving the stagnant blood, the body's ability to produce blood is greatly enhanced. The advantage of panax pseudoginseng in activating blood circulation and resolving blood stasis is also reflected in the fact that panax pseudoginseng stops bleeding without leaving blood stasis, while stopping bleeding and resolving blood stasis at the same time. In contrast, many hemostatic drugs stop the bleeding but leave the blood stasis behind.
Since the advent of Panax ginseng, there is no place for other hemostatic drugs.
Another characteristic of panax pseudoginseng is that it is the most easily absorbed and strongest of all the blood-stasis-activating drugs, and it can even dissolve blood stasis in the bones, and it can dissolve blood stasis in any part of the body from the head to the feet without hurting the vital energy. It is not that Panax ginseng does not consume qi and blood at all to activate blood circulation and resolve stasis, but it consumes the least.

What is even more surprising to our fellow women is that Panax ginseng powder has a first-class effect on removing spots! The blogger introduced many fans to use panax pseudoginseng powder to get rid of spots, and after using it for a period of time, they found that the spots gradually faded away, and the spots that had been stubborn for years suddenly fell off.

The principle of panax pseudoginseng is like this: the heart is the main blood vessel, and its flower is on the face. Panax ginseng powder can open up the cardiovascular system and enhance the vitality of the heart, so that the heart will send blood and Qi to the head and face to attack the spots on the face.

Although panax pseudoginseng is good, some people are still not blessed to take it because it is relatively warm and dry, some people will get fire and stomach discomfort after eating it. The actual fact is that it is a good idea to take a look at the actual products. Therefore, people with Qi deficiency and blood deficiency may have some bad reactions, such as weakness.
In order to solve the worries of taking Panax notoginseng, the best partner of Panax notoginseng finally appeared, that is, Western ginseng and Salvia miltiorrhiza. Panax ginseng, Radix et Rhizoma Ginseng and Salviae Miltiorrhizae are powdered one to one and mixed together, the same 2 grams to 3 grams, adding up to six to nine grams per day. The exact amount to be taken depends on the degree of blood stasis of the individual.

This is the food therapy version of the three in one soup, not convenient to boil medicine, you can take the three in one.

What are the benefits of taking it this way? It takes the long and complements the short, and circumvents the side effects of Panax ginseng. Panax ginseng is too bitter, but the sweetness of American ginseng can neutralize it. Panax pseudoginseng consumes blood, but Salvia miltiorrhiza can nourish blood. One taste of Salvia miltiorrhiza drink is the same as the four-item soup, which is the most famous formula for nourishing blood.
After this combination, anyone can eat, invigorate blood circulation and blood stasis without harming qi and blood, and not on fire, more importantly, after this with high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar can be regulated.
The blogger suggests that whether you are sick or not, people in middle age, you should eat this once, once a hundred days to eat the body's blood stasis, the blogger is doing this. Because people in middle age have more or less blood stasis in their bodies.

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