There is a herb that is the "savior" of cervical spondylosis! This is the wisdom of Chinese medicine!

When it comes to this cervical spine disease, it has been around since ancient times. Today's people look down at the phone, cervical spine bad. In the ancient times, people buried their heads for ten years, in order to earn a name, success or failure first, often also left a cervical pain.

Therefore, we will specifically talk about the ancient discovery, the cervical spine disease treatment of the magic method.

What to use? The mulberry branch, that is, the young branches of the mulberry tree.

There are so many specific uses of mulberry branches. Let's choose a simple method similar to food therapy. This is to prepare 60 grams of old mulberry branches and one hen. Hen 1000 grams, remove the hair and internal organs, cut into small pieces can be. Add the same water to make soup and season with salt.

This is a popular folk remedy that has been proven to be effective, and its mechanism was discussed in depth in an article in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in 2008.

It is worth mentioning that the dosage of mulberry branch is generally marked as 9 to 15 grams in textbooks of Chinese medicine. 60 grams of mulberry branch is a heavy dosage.

Is such a large amount in line with the rules? We can find the answer from a small prescription in the "This formula". This small prescription is to use one liter of mulberry branch, chopped finely, and decoct two liters of water in three liters, to be taken in one day.

This remedy is specifically for arm pain. One small liter is equivalent to 60 grams nowadays. Therefore, the reuse of 60 grams of mulberry branch is a practice that has been in place since ancient times. There are also many modern clinical precedents of reusing mulberry branches.

So here, this mulberry branch with old hen, why can regulate cervical spondylosis?

We have to start with the mulberry branch medicine.

We ancient Chinese have a kind of thinking, which is the unity of heaven and man. Many things in nature and the human body are closely related. Because man himself, is one of the products of nature.

So, the ancients looked up and saw the mulberry tree. Mulberry tree, this thing, in the spring when the shoots grow especially fast, in the summer will grow thick. And mulberry tree branches are intertwined in all directions.

The ancients took a good look and suddenly felt that it was like the meridians of the human body, right? Taking the analogy and combining it with the rising and growing nature of mulberry branches, the ancients thought that this thing must help us to open the meridians. The pain in the limbs caused by the blockage of the meridians can be treated by it.

In fact, this mulberry branch was highly valued in ancient Chinese medicine. For example, in some areas of Taoist medicine, when decocting medicines, mulberry branches must be used to start the fire.

Why? Because the fire produced by the mulberry branch has the nature of ascending, the effect of the drug is good. The ancients said "all immortal medicine, not mulberry decoction is not served", this is the reason.

It is worth mentioning that this mulberry branch has a strong nature of ascending and developing, so the effect is more obvious for the limb pain of the upper limbs.

Next, we should look at the cervical spondylosis.

Cervical spondylosis, modern medicine divides it into various types. Chinese medicine has also divided it into types, specifically several types of wind-cold and damp paralysis, qi stagnation and blood stasis, qi and blood deficiency, and hyperactivity of liver and yang.

Among them, the three evils of wind-cold-dampness and qi-stagnation-blood stasis are often combined together, causing pain. Such patients, either long-term low head ambulation led to cervical spine problems, or external wind and dampness, by the wind, especially in summer sweating, and then by the wind, the disease will come. Such people, in real life is quite a lot.

At this time, the use of mulberry branches is just right. Because the mulberry branch can go to the upper extremities, can pass through the meridians, its bitter taste and flat, good at dispelling wind-dampness and joints, but also into the liver meridian blood, good at resolving blood stasis, blood.

Therefore, for cervical spondylosis, mulberry branches can be used. This mulberry branch, which is flat in nature, needs to be combined with other medicines when used by physicians according to different types of evidence. If mulberry branch is used alone, it is more suitable for many types of cervical spondylosis.

So, this mulberry branch, why should it be paired with hen? Because hen can nourish qi and blood. When the qi is sufficient, the cervical vertebrae will be penetrated with the energizing nature of the mulberry branch, so it can "open up" our neck and improve the pain.

Of course, these methods may not be universally applicable. We introduce them only for your reference and application under the dialectical guidance of Chinese herbalists.

But from them we can feel the ancient Chinese people's observation of nature, their sense of life, and their unique understanding of disease.

It can be said that TCM is the field that best reflects the wisdom of the ancient Chinese. The infinite charm of it is worth playing with carefully.

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