Moxibustion Regulates Hypertension .

This article is the real feedback from netizens after using moxibustion conditioning. All the answers are personally answered by teacher Shan Guimin. Those who still have doubts about moxibustion conditioning may wish to take a closer look! (Original articles are welcome to share! Reprinting on other platforms without permission is strictly prohibited! Auntie, I’d like to report good news to you. My mother had high blood pressure, slight high blood sugar, and high blood lipids. According to the method written on your blog, mother moxibuses one moxa stick every day and moxibustion on several acupoints. After only a week of moxibustion, the blood pressure measured every day dropped. By the sixth day of moxibustion, the blood pressure of getting up in the morning was more than 110, and the amount of getting up after nap in the afternoon was higher, and the weather was relatively hot. My mother was very happy. She felt that she was getting better every day, so she had only moxibustion for a week. She is really a firm supporter of moxibustion now. She called her friends and asked them to try moxibustion as soon as possible. She also told my grandmother to try moxibustion too. Grandma has lumbar hyperplasia. Since following your blog and experiencing the magical effect of moxibustion, I am excited to tell people everywhere that moxibustion is really amazing, you can try it. On the road, I saw those old people who were inconvenient in their hands and feet after a stroke and I didn’t know them, and I couldn’t wait to come forward and tell people, "Look at the blog of Teacher Shan Guimin, and try moxibustion." Patient condition: Hypertension One of my favorite words is that if you participate in moxibustion, you will definitely experience the magical effects of moxibustion. Of course this experience includes a lot of content. Some people say that if there is good feedback, I will inform everyone in time, if there is a bad one, I will not say anything. I am a very real person. Regardless of the good feedback and the bad feedback, I will tell you in time, ask you to learn from, ask you to judge for yourself, whether to continue moxibustion or not. The patients who came to give feedback experienced the magic of moxibustion after only a week. I think she is a little bit premature to be happy. Moxibustion will recur in the process of adjustment, but the disease is slowly healed after repeated repetitions. This is the specific manifestation of moxibustion in regulating diseases. Also, if you suffer from a variety of diseases, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other diseases, if you take medication, you will have to take medication for each disease, and there will be conflicts or mutual conflicts between medications. If you use moxibustion to adjust, moxibustion will gradually help balance the balance. So if you suffer from multiple diseases, it is best to use moxibustion to help adjust your balance. I know that there are many clinical opinions, and many experts have said that moxibustion cannot regulate high blood pressure. On the contrary, using moxibustion to regulate high blood pressure will have more regulation, higher blood pressure. I agree with this statement, but this state is only a short-term adjustment. With the deepening of moxibustion, when various diseases are slowly getting better, what I see is that blood pressure is gradually stable. I have a deep understanding. My blood pressure is 200-130mmhg when my highest blood pressure is 200-130mmhg. I tried to use moxibustion to control it, because there are too many patients suffering from high blood pressure in our country, especially in this age, people’s pressure One of the direct causes of hypertension. I remember when I tried to use moxibustion to treat high blood pressure, I always traveled frequently. Sleep is one of the biggest headaches for me. It is often caused by poor sleep for several days, and high blood pressure quickly manifests itself due to high pressure. I remember that when I first went to Qingdao TV Station to do a show on "Minsheng Lectures", the flight was delayed for about 3 hours. It was 11-12 o'clock in the evening when I arrived in Qingdao. After I got off the plane and went to the hotel, I might live in Japan upstairs. People, wearing wooden clogs, walking back and forth in the room, I almost stayed up all night. The next day I started to record the show at 8.30 am. That time I recorded 10 episodes and ended at 3-4 pm. Then I landed on the journey back. When I returned, it was already around 8 pm to Shenyang Airport. I went to the station immediately. I bought a train ticket back to Chaoyang. It took about three days to go back and forth. I basically didn't sleep for 3 hours. I really felt too tired. I remember that when I returned home, I felt dizzy. A blood pressure of 220-130mmhg. I first took a tablet of nifedipine and half a tablet of Betaloc. Then I moxibustion at Baihui, Dazhui, Shenque and Yongquan points. I have done moxibustion for 5-6 days in a row. During this period, I have been taking medicine to help reduce blood pressure. For two days, the effect can be stable even without medicine. But if the drug is stopped for a long time, the blood pressure will rise quickly. I know that such repetition should be moxibustion to coordinate the relationship between righteous qi and disease. I remember that this kind of repetition has been going on for a long time, and then I decided not to stop the medicine, but to reduce the medicine and moxibustion to jointly complete the task of lowering blood pressure. It has been two years now. I take half a tablet of nifedipine and half a tablet of Betaloc every day. I think my blood pressure is very stable now. Of course, I am also continuing moxibustion. Although I do not moxibustion every day, I basically insist on moxibustion 3-4 times a week. Even when I travel on business, I will use moxibustion jars in the hotel. It is very convenient to carry, so I advise patients with high blood pressure, if the high pressure is between 150-160; if the low pressure is between 95-120, you should not stop the medicine suddenly when moxibustion regulates high blood pressure. If you think the effect is good , You can gradually reduce the dose. Don't stop suddenly. If you are sick for a long time, your body has become dependent on the drug. If you stop the drug suddenly, the disease will rebound very seriously. Moxibustion is a slow effort. If you rely solely on moxibustion, it will take a long time to adjust and it may not be possible to adjust to your satisfaction. So if you rely solely on moxibustion to lower blood pressure, it is not suitable for people with higher blood pressure. To treat high blood pressure, you must insist on taking the medicine and slowly reduce the dose. Now my blood pressure basically stays around 140-90. So how to use moxibustion to regulate high blood pressure? Moxibustion: 15-20 minutes for Baihui, 20-30 minutes for Dazhui. After getting used to it, you can gradually extend the moxibustion time for Dazhui, Shenque 20-30 minutes, Yongquan point I basically moxibustion when I sleep at night For moxibustion, I cut one moxa stick into 4 sections, one section for each foot, and the moxibustion time is about 2-2.5 hours. Of course, as you deepen your conditioning, the time can be delayed or gradually reduced. Using equipment, this season of moxibustion, it is best to use a moxibustion box for moxibustion, but the only acupoints I gave are Dazhui and Shenque suitable for the moxibustion box, and other acupoints are still suitable for moxibustion with the moxibustion box, so I The frequency of using moxibustion jars is also many. Moxibustion on the head, using the moxibustion box sometimes directly burns the hair, moxibustion at the Yongquan point on the sole of the foot while sleeping, it is safe to use the moxibustion pot to heat up, the most important is night moxibustion, which helps sleep. Of course, my own moxibustion method may not be suitable for all people. When you are treating diseases, you need to slowly understand whether it is suitable for you.

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