A Chinese herbal medicine can cure all qi, all cold; cold and stagnant qi, chest and abdominal distension and pain, rebellious gas and wheezing, bladder deficiency and cold can be used

Today, I would like to tell you about the Chinese herb Wu Yao.
Wu herb is good at regulating the qi in the chest and abdomen. If it is cold and stagnant qi, Wu herb is preferred, and if it is stagnant heat and stagnant qi, fragrant herbs should be used.
It is said in the "Rizhuazi Ben Cao" that Wu Yao can cure all qi and all cold. How does it disperse cold qi? The Fugue of Medicinal Properties says that Wu Yao has a cure for cold qi. It treats cold qi knots, mainly because of a majestic warmth.

It is said in the "Drug and Chemistry" that Wu Yao has a masculine and warm nature, so it is better than incense and herbs in promoting the flow of Qi and dispersing stagnation. It is better than aromatic herbs in that it relieves the external surface of the skin and tends to the muscles, while it broadens the middle and smooths the qi. The cold Qi is dispersed by Wu-Yang, the guest cold Qi is removed; expel the evil Qi is the day line of epidemic miasma is but; open the depressed Qi is in the evil abdominal pain, chest and diaphragm distension and pain can suddenly be reduced; dredge the meridian Qi is the stroke limbs, the first birth of blood stagnation, gradually can pass, all through its Qi Xiong's work.
Do not study Wu Yao also do not know, a study of Wu Yao, found that this medicine is actually so important. No wonder the ancients said that the rebellious evil across the chest, Wu Yao used to reach everywhere, so Wu Yao is the chest and abdomen rebellious evil to medicine.
How does Wu-Yang relieve the exterior surface and regulate the muscle?
There is a Wu Yao Shun Qi San in the "Bureau Formula", which uses Wu Yao together with Ma Huang to treat the external attack of wind evil on the muscle surface and pain in the bones.
How does Wu Yao broaden the middle and smooth the qi internally? It is written in "Collected Experimental Formulae" that using Wu Yao alone to grind water into a cup of thick juice, then put a piece of orange peel and a leaf of perilla in a decoction, can treat heart and abdominal qi pain, middle jiao is not wide and qi reverses upward. How does Wu Yao get rid of the guest cold qi? It is written in the Compendium of Materia Medica that mothers are prone to cold and chills after childbirth, resulting in headaches, or depression and boredom and anger. At this time, there is internal Qi stagnation and external cold, which should be relieved and smooth the Qi. Li Shizhen then used wu yao with Chuanxiong to make powder, and served two coins of the powder with a decoction of green onion and tea, which soon dispersed the cold and eliminated the headache. Why onion and tea? Think about it, onion can promote sweating, tea can clear the head and eyes, one up and one down, the table is cleared, the headache will be cured.
Wu medicine is how to get rid of the evil miasma disease? As you know, all aromatic drugs are good at warding off filth, so the abdomen cold and foul cholera vomiting and diarrhea, which also belongs to the category of cold collection. The "Rizhuazi Materia Medica" says that aconite is good for removing all cholera and cold. It is used together with incense to grind powder for soup, can treat chest and abdomen miasms cold qi.
How does Wu-Yao open up depressed qi and relieve chest and diaphragm distention and pain?
There is a very famous Si Mo Tang in the Ji Sheng Fang. Si Mo Tang treats the seven emotional injuries, with ginseng, Wu Shen and betel nut. The patient is depressed and can't eat, so he can decoct and taste it urgently to relieve the depression. The four herbs of ginseng, wu yao, shen xiang and betel nut can treat the seven emotions, boredom and inability to eat, and upper qi and asthma.
Look at the structure of this formula, it is exactly the idea of Tong Ren.
Ginseng has a great function here. You may have heard of using Chai Hu and Xiang Shen to relieve depression, but have you ever heard of using ginseng to relieve depression? This is exactly where the ancient formula is ingenious. The use of ginseng to relieve depression is not only mentioned in the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, but also in the Shennong Ben Cao Jing.
The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine says, "Tanzhong, the official of the minister, is happy and happy. This statement clearly tells that by greatly supplementing the qi of Tanzhong, you can make people joyful and happy. Many depressed people, like a deflated ball, often sighing, depressed, people are very tired. If you use the medicine that moves and smoothes the qi directly, then he will soon not be able to stand it.
The ancients didn't use qi to relieve depression when they saw it, sometimes they had to use the idea of tonic qi to relieve depression. Just like people live a good life, eat a full meal, they are happy and can be happy. If you work every day and do not have enough to eat, of course, no smile. The same is true for the internal organs, with the essence of qi and spirit as a tonic, with the essence of qi and spirit as happy, only those who are really full of qi and spirit can be truly happy.

Many people just started working, a little bit of money will be very happy, and so on to climb for many years, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars but not happy, they also want to find the reason.
We tell them, smart people, with the essence of the treasure; not smart people, external possessions as treasure. When you continue to light body and heavy wealth, long-term overdraft of the essence of the spirit, to make the gods tired, your external achievements are big, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs so big family business, you may not be able to happy up. Why?
The energy is gone, it is not money can make up for it. If money could make up for it, then all rich people would be happy and not sick. Therefore, happiness and health cannot be supported by material wealth, but by yourself, by eating well, living well, and not working delusively.
The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine teaches us the way to be truly happy and joyful, so that we can take care of our energy and vitality and naturally be happy even when we are poor, happy even when we are rich, happy even when we are good, and happy even when we are bad.
Many people leave their own bodies to find happiness, but this is actually the opposite. If you take care of your health and your energy, you will naturally be happy and smiling.
Even if you bite into a vegetable root, you will be happy from the inside, and drinking white porridge will reveal joy from your body. This is why Chinese medicine is truly people-oriented, based on the essence of people.
Let's see, why does the Shennong Ben Cao Jing also mention that ginseng can relieve depression?
It turns out that ginseng nourishes the five organs, calms the spirit, fixes the soul, and brightens the eyes and makes the mind happy. The efficacy of ginseng is clearly written with the word "happy".
Where does happiness come from? Of course, it comes from the fullness of energy and spirit. If your energy is not full, you can't be happy even if you have a silver mountain in front of you.
The reason why there are more and more depressed patients and more unhappy patients in our society now is because everyone runs counter to true health, they all like to chase after fame and fortune, forgetting their bodies and martyrdom, they don't take their inner energy as a matter of importance, they only know how to consume, stay up late and overspend every day. They have never thought about how to make up for it through regular work and rest, exercise, and recharge the tired body.
In this four mill soup to treat the seven emotional injuries, we should not only see the beauty of wu yao, sedum, betel nut down qi and smooth qi, but also see the beauty of ginseng to replenish qi, so that the qi is full and the spirit is happy. Otherwise, a taste of down qi and smooth qi, it is easy to make the popularity is not enough, more happy not up. Therefore, ginseng can make the qi in the manganese sufficient, people since the cheerful.
Therefore, Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" praised the four mill soup, saying, "This formula has ascending in descending, diarrhea with tonic, which is really a good formula for treating the seven emotions of depression, upper gas and asthma.
Not only the blood vessels should be tonified, but also the qi of the human body should be tonified. Therefore, when the patient's pulse is weak and soft and good at tai hui, ginseng will be added to the formula to make the qi in the mahogany sufficient, which will help the depression to be relieved and the qi to be opened and the smile to come.
How does Wu medicine treat maternal blood stagnation and abdominal fullness by unblocking the qi of the meridians? The "Materia Medica" mentions a soup recipe that consists of Wu Yao, Xiang Shen, Angelica, and Chuan Xiong, each three coins, taken in a decoction, of course, these four herbs should be fried in wine, specifically to treat prenatal and postnatal blood stagnation, abdominal distension and pain. Wu Yao and Xiang Shen can gradually open the stagnant Qi, while Angelica Sinensis and Chuan Xiong can gradually smooth out the stagnant Blood. Therefore, the four herbs regulate Qi and Blood, so that Qi can be harmonized with Blood and the fullness of Qi can be eliminated.

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