Three points depend on treatment seven points depend on prevention , manage these three things well to keep you away from hypertension .

Not long ago, "China cardiovascular health and disease report 2019" was released. The report showed that the number of cardiovascular patients in China reached 330 million, of which 0.245 billion were hypertension. Therefore, the topic of health rushed to the "Baidu Hot List" for the first time ". As the 23rd National Hypertension Day approaches, we have to focus on hypertension again, because hypertension is the most important risk factor for the onset and death of heart disease, stroke (stroke) and kidney disease, long-term hypertension can bring serious harm to heart, brain and kidney.

Hypertension is not far from us, even around us. If you don't pay attention to it, you may be recruited. How to prevent hypertension? How can patients with hypertension prevent it from aggravating? Remember this sentence, "Three points depend on treatment and seven points depend on prevention". After all, if you pay attention to lifestyle, there is a high probability that you will not get sick; If you have been sick, pay attention to change your lifestyle, the treatment effect will be better.

I. Manage your weight

Overweight and obesity are not only risk factors for hypertension, but also factors affecting the disease condition, especially visceral obesity. A large number of data prove that people who are overweight and fat suffer from hypertension are much higher than people of normal weight. However, most people in today's society have no worries about their diet. Relatively speaking, they have too little physical labor, insufficient consumption and excessive nutrition, which are in the current situation of "entering more than leaving". People with big bowels and rough face and round arms can be found everywhere. Therefore, only by keeping your mouth shut, opening your legs, balancing your entry and exit, and keeping your body mass index (BMI) below 25 can you better prevent and treat hypertension.

1. Diet

Diet is mainly to solve the problem of "entering. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that: Eating too much fat or eating too little for a long time can cause delicate Water Valley to accumulate into cream and fat in the human body; It can also damage the spleen and stomach, cause fat due to the loss of digestion and phlegm. If you eat more carbohydrates for a long time, it will be converted into sugars in your body under the condition that your body cannot consume all of them. The sugar you eat more will be converted into fat through energy and stored, causing obesity and hyperlipidemia, and then affect blood pressure.

After eating greasy food, fat gradually accumulates in the body, depositing subcutaneous organs and blood vessels, which can promote arteriosclerosis and form or aggravate hypertension. Therefore, in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, diet must be less oil, less sugar and less carbohydrate, eat more vegetables, fruits and eat a proper amount of protein.

2. Exercise frequently

Diligent exercise is mainly to solve the problem of "out. Nowadays, most of the people over 30 years old in the city are neglecting sports, or sitting in the office for a long time, or watching mobile phones and playing games at home, and going out is a car, which leads to too little body "going out. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the interaction between movement and stillness. Movement is absolute and stillness is relative. Movement and stillness should be combined, as said in the book of the same kind of Sutra with wings: "Everything in the world is reasonable, out of one movement and one stillness". In the prevention and treatment of hypertension, we advocate sticking to exercise and doing regular physical exercises, such as walking, dancing, taijiquan, swimming, ball games, etc, choose according to your personal hobbies and sports conditions.

When there is no condition for exercise, some housework can be done, which can also promote the smooth flow of blood and reduce the accumulation of fat. The most fashionable and unrestricted sport is Aerobics. Today, when the Internet is very developed, you can download some videos to your mobile phone and exercise with music in your office or at home, it not only pleases body and mind, but also reduces fat.

Of course, sports should follow the principle of gradual progress and do what they can. When your blood pressure is high or your body is obviously not timely, exercise must be moderate to avoid accidents.

In a word, remember six words: shut up and open your legs.

Second, manage your emotions

Modern people's life has fast pace, heavy burden and great pressure. Many people will have mental stress, anxiety, worry, anger, fear and other emotions, thus causing high incidence of physical and mental diseases. If the above-mentioned adverse emotions persist for a long time, it can activate human sympathetic nerve and raise blood pressure. Continuous sympathetic nerve excitement is easy to cause continuous increase of vascular tension and form or aggravate hypertension.

Traditional Chinese Medicine generally calls all kinds of mental and emotional activities of human body "seven emotions", namely happiness, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear and fear. Seven emotions is a normal emotional activity, but strong or lasting seven emotions stimulation will make the Qi Qi disorder, viscera damage, Yin-Yang imbalance and disease, such as "anger is angry...... Fear is a mess ". Bad emotional changes can aggravate the disease, and severe emotional fluctuations can worsen the disease and even lead to sudden death. Hypertension sudden cerebral hemorrhage is mostly related to sharp changes in emotion.

Therefore, no matter what kind of work you are engaged in, no matter you encounter any unhappiness or even extreme misfortune, you must learn to control your emotions well. We should cultivate an optimistic, open-minded, open-minded and tolerant mind, cultivate one's morality and cultivate one's character, and be tranquil and nothingness. According to the regimen method of traditional Chinese medicine, carry out spiritual maintenance activities, pay attention to the laws of life, moderate tourism, entertainment, painting and calligraphy, music, art, etc., to achieve smooth mind, nourish body and mind, the purpose of stabilizing blood pressure.

Third, manage bad behavior

1. Long-term excessive drinking: excessive drinking will stimulate sympathetic nerve excitement, increase cardiac output, release angiotensin, and lead to an increase in blood pressure. Long-term excessive drinking will also lead to a decrease in the effect of taking antihypertensive drugs.

2. Smoking: smoking can excite the heart and contract blood vessels, which is the enemy of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. High sodium salt diet: because eating more sodium salt can cause thirst and increase the amount of drinking water. After a large amount of sodium salt and water enter the blood vessels, the blood volume increases and hypertension increases.

4. Staying up late: often staying up late stimulates the cerebral cortex to make it normally regulate dysfunction, resulting in sympathetic nerve excitement, continuous and strong contraction of blood vessels and elevated blood pressure.

In a word, the high incidence of hypertension and the harm of long-term hypertension to human body have attracted increasing attention in the medical field. For your health, please pay attention to your blood pressure; Hypertension patients should monitor their blood pressure regularly, and adults over 18 years old should measure their blood pressure at least once a year. For hypertension patients, in addition to the lifestyle, it is a necessary requirement to find a doctor to see Chinese and Western drugs for treatment to achieve stable and normal blood pressure.

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