What is the main cause of high blood pressure?

Hypertension is divided into essential hypertension and Secondary hypertension, and the causes of Secondary hypertension are specific to other diseases, such as chronic kidney disease and Sleep apnea syndrome. More than 90 percent of the essential hypertension is due to a combination of factors, including genetic and environmental factors. People whose parents have high blood pressure are at higher risk than those whose parents do not have high blood pressure. But the environmental factor is more important to the occurrence of hypertension, the so-called environmental factor mainly refers to our living environment and habits. Many daily habits are risk factors for high blood pressure, these factors include: High Salt Diet, eating too little fresh fruits and vegetables, eating too much refined grains, eating too little coarse grains, being overweight, being overweight, being overweight around the waist, drinking alcohol, smoking, being physically inactive, being chronically stressed, living irregularly, not getting enough sleep, etc. . Look simple, in fact, these daily habits are not easy to control, the need for long-term perseverance and self-regulation ability, for health efforts.

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