What medicine is good for hypertension ? The best way to reduce blood pressure is to supplement peptide !

Hypertension is a chronic disease with elevated arterial blood pressure. The rise of blood pressure increases the burden of the heart when pushing blood circulation in blood vessels. There are two kinds of blood pressure, systolic pressure and diastolic pressure, which are the measured values of muscle contraction or relaxation when heart beats respectively. The normal resting blood pressure range is systolic pressure 100-140mm mmHg (maximum reading) and diastolic pressure 60-90mm mmHg (minimum reading). Hypertension occurs when blood pressure is continuously equal to or higher than 140/90mm mmHg. What is good for hypertension? Suitable diet: 1. Eat more vegetables, fresh fruits, especially dark vegetables; 2. Appropriately increase the intake of seafood, such as kelp, laver, seafood fish, etc; 3. Eat more food rich in potassium; 4. Eat foods rich in calcium; 5. Eat more foods rich in vitamin c; 6. Foods with high protein content in plants. Foods that cannot be eaten due to hypertension: Dietary taboos: 1. Control the heat energy, control the intake of staple food and fat, and try to eat less or no high-heat food such as candy and snacks, sweet drinks, fried food, etc; 2. Reduce the amount of salt used for cooking and try to eat less salted food such as pickles; 3. Eat less fat meat and various animal oils and fats, and control high cholesterol foods such as animal brains and fish seeds; 4. Avoid drinking too much; 5. Avoid spicy and irritating food. Treatment of hypertension: Hypertension patients should not only pay attention to adhere to moderate physical exercise and symptomatic medication under the guidance of doctors, but also pay more attention to diet conditioning. The general principle is to control the amount of energy and salt in an appropriate amount, reduce the intake level of fat and cholesterol, control body weight, and adopt a diet with low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, high vitamins and moderate protein supplement. What medicine is the best for hypertension? At present, the treatment of hypertension is still the most primitive and traditional way to control blood pressure by taking antihypertensive drugs. Patients need to control blood pressure by taking antihypertensive drugs for many years, it can be said that this method of treating hypertension can cure the root cause, but it does not cure the root cause. However, there is a kind of mysterious substance (antihypertensive peptide), which naturally widely exists in human body, it is also a natural biological active polypeptide with blood pressure regulation existing in human body. Antihypertensive peptides, also known as angiotensin converting inhibitory peptides, usually refer to peptides that have the effect of regulating blood pressure by inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme. The best way to reduce blood pressure is to supplement peptides. The best way to reduce blood pressure is to supplement peptide The main pharmacological effects of antihypertensive peptides are to inhibit ACE activity, reduce the generation of angiotensin and reduce the hydrolysis of bradykinin, resulting in vasodilation, decrease of blood volume and decrease of blood pressure. Usually these antihypertensive peptides are short peptides with very small molecular weight, generally containing only a few amino acid residues, and the molecular weight is below 1000 dalton. These small molecule active peptides can quickly enter the blood circulation through digestive mucosa, achieving the effect of lowering blood pressure. Considering the cost of the pure antihypertensive peptide, people gradually tend to use the enzymatic hydrolysate as a mixture of active short peptides after preliminary separation. The best way to reduce blood pressure is to compound small molecule peptide, which not only has high hypotension function, but also has certain health care and nutritional value, and can be prevented, controlled, relieved, objective of adjuvant treatment of hypertension. As the natural antihypertensive peptide has no toxic or side effects and high affinity, it has unique advantages that synthetic antihypertensive drugs cannot match. As a new antihypertensive drug, it has attracted more and more attention. There are many cases of hypertension patients recuperating blood pressure by supplementing small fraction active peptide for many years!

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