What will happen if your blood pressure is too high?

Now there are many people with bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, eating pickles, staying up late, heavy diet taste, and so on, these will make the blood pressure rise, over time, such as old age easy to form high blood pressure. High blood pressure has now become a very common chronic disease, estimated that close friends and relatives have high blood pressure. High blood pressure easy to induce a variety of cardiovascular diseases, harm to health and even life. So how do we know if we have high blood pressure? Let’s see if you have any of those. (clinically, hypertension occurs when systolic blood pressure is more than 140 MMHG and diastolic blood pressure is more than 90 MMHG.) High blood pressure in the body will appear in 5 cases, accounting for more than 2 to be vigilant, good blood pressure protection vessels 1. Sudden Dizziness People with high blood pressure are prone to sudden dizziness, and the number will be more. Especially when squatting and then stand up is very easy to produce vertigo, more serious than normal people. Therefore, if you find yourself often dizzy, then it is necessary to test their blood pressure is normal. 2. Persistent headaches Persistent headache is a common symptom of hypertension, often manifested as dull pain, mainly in the temples and back of the head. And many patients get headaches when they wake up in the morning, but their symptoms slow down after a period of activity. Therefore, if you have persistent headaches, especially in the morning, then you should pay attention to see if your blood pressure is too high. 3. Irritability, palpitations, insomnia High blood pressure due to high blood pressure, often affect people’s temperament, will become irritable, encountered some things easy to become more agitated. And palpitation, insomnia is also a common symptom, high blood pressure makes cerebral cortex disorder and autonomic nervous dysfunction, let a person sleep not dependable, sleep difficulty, easy to wake up, love to have nightmares and so on. Therefore, when people often upset, palpitations, insomnia, may be your blood pressure is too high. 4. Numbness and pain in the limbs High blood pressure can affect blood vessels and nerves, causing organ damage, so some people with high blood pressure may have numbness, mosquito travel and even pain in their hands, feet and skin. Even some patients will have fingers inflexible phenomenon, which may be injured to the blood vessels and nerves of the finger, need to pay attention to control and treatment. 5. Loss of concentration and memory It’s a serious condition that causes attention and memory loss, which is the result of the development of hypertension to a certain extent. Many people blame the condition on old age, thinking it’s dementia, but ignoring the effects of high blood pressure. Therefore, when the attention and memory decline, do not simply think that Alzheimer’s disease, it is best to go through the examination can be concluded, so as not to miss the treatment time. Pay attention to high blood pressure 3 eat less 1. Pickles, pickles Pickles, pickles many people like to eat, and is a traditional Chinese cuisine. But pickles, pickles contain too much salt, eat too much easy to make high blood pressure, thus aggravating the disease. 2. Bacon In rural areas, almost every household will be smoked bacon, the winter pig killed into bacon, the next year when it becomes a delicacy, and can be stored for a long time. But do Bacon when often add a lot of salt to prevent corrosion, so for high blood pressure is not to eat more. BEANCURD A small piece of preserved beancurd is extremely salty. BEANCURD is also a traditional delicacy and is great as a condiment, but for those with high blood pressure, stay away. High salt content of food and biscuits, candied fruit, processed dry fruit, processed meat and so on, in peacetime to pay more attention to the control of salt intake. Usually Diet to light, eat more fruits and vegetables, to control blood pressure is helpful. Watch out for high blood pressure 1. Don’t wake up in the morning Get up in the morning should not too Meng, suddenly get up will make the blood pressure suddenly increased, prone to dizziness, or even sudden cerebrovascular disease. The right thing to do is to stay in bed for 1-2 minutes after you wake up, and then get up slowly after you wake up, so that you can avoid the danger. 2. Don’t drink too little Drinking less water makes the blood more viscous, increases the risk of blood clots and raises blood pressure. Especially in the morning, the blood is the most viscous, this time to drink too little or even do not drink water, will increase the risk of vascular disease, therefore, usually drink more water, dilute blood concentration and viscosity, morning is particularly important. 3. Don’t get too emotional Emotional excitement will lead to a sudden rise in blood pressure, high blood pressure for their own people is more dangerous, prone to sudden vascular disease, especially vascular rupture. There are many people just because the emotion can not control, the emotion is too intense and the sudden vascular disease, has brought the huge pain to the body. Therefore, usually should pay attention to control emotions, keep the peace of mind, as far as possible to avoid people and things that make their emotions excited.

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