Chinese medicine can cure cancer and destroy viruses, but it can't cure stupidity!

Chinese medicine can cure cancer and destroy viruses, but it can't cure stupidity!

Many people believe that Chinese medicine can not cure the disease, so it must be eliminated.

This statement will not need to discuss, for example, someone surnamed He, that this He surname should also have thousands of years of incense transmission then to him, right, this family thousands of years of history in his ancestors never get sick?

His ancestors are sick are they well?

I think he himself had to admit.

His ancestors, generation after generation, used Chinese medicine to save their lives before the incense was passed down to him. Unless he evolved directly from an ape, he cannot avoid this question: it is because of Chinese medicine that he exists.

Some people may say, "You're being a bit absolute, but haven't Westerners still reproduced to this day?

Well, let me tell you that Western medicine has a long history with Western civilization.

But if you compare the reproduction rate of Westerners and Chinese people in history, you can see how bad the health level of Westerners is.

Because their medical level at that time was far behind that of China.

On the contrary, we can also look at the present, which case of stomach disease in the world was cured by taking stomach medicine? Which case of high blood pressure was cured by taking antihypertensive drugs? Which case of diabetes was cured by taking insulin? Which case of insomnia was cured by taking sleeping pills?

With these methods not only can not cure your disease, on the contrary, its side effects make your condition worse, and finally cause the overall collapse!

It is also because the more Western medicine antibiotics and chemicals are used, the less they work, and the side effects are found to be more and more, so many post-modern countries researchers are dying to study Chinese medicine, but unfortunately they do not understand the culture of Chinese medicine, yin and yang table, five flavors and six qi, rising and falling, they really can not understand these.

What Western medicine can treat, Chinese medicine can definitely cure

Before they experienced the wisdom of the East, Westerners studied Chinese medicine with the idea of the active ingredients of Chinese medicine, and this thinking still carries the characteristics of Western medicine. Most of the prescriptions of Chinese medicine cannot kill any bacteria and viruses at all, and they are so nutritious that they can perfectly serve as a culture medium for bacteria and viruses.

They did not understand the theory of Chinese medicine, so they learn Chinese medicine still have a lot of way to go. But one thing is for sure, people are not studying TCM to protect China's cultural heritage.

They know the miraculous healing power of TCM, which many Chinese do not.

Chinese medicine has protected the Chinese nation for thousands of years, and today there are still people who say that Chinese medicine is ineffective, and I don't know what disease this person has that Chinese medicine can't treat.

In my opinion, Western medicine can treat the disease, Chinese medicine can definitely cure, and the treatment effect is better than Western medicine, Western medicine can not treat the disease, Chinese medicine can still treat.

Can Chinese medicine not treat colds, or can it not treat tuberculosis? Many people have cited the example of tuberculosis to say that TCM is useless and that TCM cannot treat tuberculosis.

This topic seems ridiculous to the TCM community. Does TCM treat the diseases of five strains and seven injuries and bone vapor, and does it not include tuberculosis?

How long is the history of Chinese medicine in treating tuberculosis? It is necessary for people who have read less books to add, especially the educated intellectual class, to know more about the history and effects of Chinese medicine.

Idiots are fine, but intellectuals will be popularized as knowledge, causing the spread of fallacies and scourges from generation to generation, and that will be a big problem.

I'm afraid we all know the toxicity of Western medicine for tuberculosis, but we may not know the goodness of Chinese medicine for tuberculosis.

Then why do hospitals use highly toxic western medicine instead of Chinese medicine? Why do hospitals treat colds with western medicine instead of herbal medicine? Many people will catch this question and deny TCM because of it. That is because people do not understand Chinese medicine.

Quackery misleads the sick

It is rare for a person who does not know how to identify evidence in Chinese medicine to copy someone else's successful formula for treating tuberculosis, unless he is lucky enough to catch a tuberculosis with the same evidence to be effective.

Of course, such luck is rare in clinical practice, so quacks are often able to exclaim: "This prescription is ineffective.

This prescription for tuberculosis is not effective! The quack can often exclaim, "This prescription for tuberculosis is ineffective," and turn around and look for Western medicine, which he can use by reading the instructions.

Modern doctors who don't know how to differentiate between diseases and apply the prescriptions of Chinese medicine, the results can be imagined.

The reputation of Chinese medicine is harmed by these quacks. Even for such a simple problem as treating a cold, Chinese medicine has a complete set of treatment theories, the type of treatment, the effect is much better than Western medicine, the popularity of slow pharynx and slow branch today, and Western medicine treatment of colds only to relieve the surface not the root style is directly related.

Chinese medicine is very profound, mysterious and mysterious, to become a good Chinese doctor requires a high degree of talent.

Western medicine treats diseases with other people's theories, with other people's instruments, with other people's medicines, without relying on personal wisdom.

Chinese medicine, bark and roots, common things, Chinese herbs placed in front of the Chinese doctor is only raw materials, Chinese medicine only after the reasonable combination of these bark and roots to cure the disease, only the prescription is considered to cure the medicine, Chinese medicine needs their own wisdom, dull people can never do Chinese medicine.

To be precise, Chinese medicine cannot be mastered simply by learning, Chinese medicine is the Tao, I say Chinese medicine is the Tao, and the Tao is by enlightenment.

Even if you can skillfully recite 10,000 experienced prescriptions, there is no guarantee that you will become a TCM practitioner in the Tao. If you don't enter the path of medicine, you are just a quack.

It is very difficult to become a TCM doctor, so there are very few real TCM doctors, the majority of the so-called TCM doctors in the hospital, the majority of Chinese medicine and Western treatment of the seemingly passable non-competent TCM doctors in holding up the facade, they are examinations out of the TCM doctors, the class, the so-called TCM talents, but most of these TCM doctors have very poor identification ability, simply can not reflect the level of TCM.

There are many schools of Chinese medicine, originally a hundred flowers, now get an examination system out, the result is often the examination will not be medical, will not be medical examination. Don't think that the prescription of the plate blue root flush dose even if the Chinese medicine has treated the flu, that is a misunderstanding of Chinese medicine.

The medical rules of Western medicine

Western medicine is easy to learn, and Western medicine has established a complete medical rules, between doctors and patients are operating in accordance with this rule, what disease, with what drugs, this drug is not treated, that is, incurable disease.

If a person dies according to their rules, the doctor does not have to bear any responsibility because their rules are such that the standard for judging whether medical malpractice is also to see whether the treatment is in accordance with their rules, in accordance with the rules of treatment, the medical accident is not considered an accident, it is damned.

Western medicine treatment regardless of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery ...... regardless of any drugs and means, as long as they can kill cancer cells, they can kill normal cells, just like a bullet shot out can kill good people can also kill bad people.

Therefore, many patients who have undergone cancer surgery, or radiotherapy or chemotherapy, die even faster than those who do not have surgery.

The cancer cells are killed, but at the same time, a large number of normal cells are also killed, causing the patient's overall function to be depressed. But this is how people treat cancer, and this is how their treatment rules are.

To give a practical example, the author has a relative who has a malignant tumor in the brainstem, and the doctor says that he needs to operate, what is the success rate?

They will not guarantee that the surgery is safe after the craniotomy, they will make the patient sign their surgery protocol, the protocol signature is used to prove that the family agrees to the surgery, then the surgery is dead without them.

This is the rule in today's hospitals.

What would happen if my relative's surgery was successful? The specialist said that after this operation, the person can only be bedridden, and it is really medically impossible to live a normal life with a knife in the brainstem, and this is their medical explanation.

Even if the surgery is successful, the tumor will grow back in half a year or three years, and then there is no way to operate, only death.

The operation cost of this surgery is 30,000 or 50,000, and you are not guaranteed any effect to come up with a knife in the brainstem, the most fortunate result of the patient is paralysis in bed for three years, this is the rule of modern medicine.

Dare to move the brainstem surgery in the medical community must not be a panacea, representing the most advanced medical level up. For a poor family, 20,000 a cut really can not afford, only to seek Chinese medicine. The brain tumor was later treated and the patient returned to full normalcy without any after-effects.

The one who treated the brain tumor was the owner of a small herbal store in a nearby township, and he also treated more than one case of brain tumor.

He did not get rich or famous for treating brain tumor, because he is not a famous medical expert, nor does he run a national hospital, he is just a Chinese medicine doctor, so the money earned from treating a brain tumor may not be more than the money earned from treating cold in hospital.

A brain tumor patient in a coma, a village doctor, cheap Chinese medicine, if the medical profession were to admit this fact, it would be very incongruous, right? So why is this doctor not a specialist? There is a problem of discourse, he says how the tumor should be treated does not count, he is not qualified to say this in the CAS.

Indians have been reproducing in the American continent for tens of thousands of years, but scientists will tell mankind that the New World was discovered by Columbus, scientists have the right to treat Columbus' discovery of the New World as knowledge, scientific theories are sometimes really overbearing.

Because scientists set the standard of truth, I am not opposed to science, but a few of the words of scientists can be taken as knowledge, or worthy of discernment.

Last month I read in the reference news newspaper, a country experts found by observing changes in the nails to determine the disease news.

Funny, he still just found that the nail can reflect the health status on the world sensation, Chinese medicine with fingernails to determine the disease has a thousand-year history, but Chinese medicine this technology is called pseudoscience, foreigners just found a little nail can be determined by the skin called a major scientific achievement.

Eliminate Chinese medicine is to cover up their own ignorance

"There is a truckload of medicine that just doesn't work" (patient's words), and from the hospital's treatment results, they are all terminally ill, how can't be cured.

Western medicine is a dialectic disease, but the conclusion of Western medicine to their diagnosis is the name of the syndrome, plant nervous disorders, endocrine disorders, all these specious things.

Syndromes, meaning that the cause is not clear in the table of similar diseases; endocrine disorders, that is a nonsense, endocrine disorders even if the name of the disease? Is it a thyroid disorder or a pituitary disorder?

Western medicine is the treatment of the disease, it is impossible to treat the disease without knowing the cause, but they still prescribe one expensive drug after another for you to eat.

What could Western medicine do during the SARS epidemic? Western medicine is to take a vague name of the disease, Chinese medicine, direct prescriptions to save people.

Now there are many people who do not understand why they can be treated without knowing the cause of the disease, Chinese medicine is on the yin and yang table and reality cold and heat, which can be known through the examination and diagnosis, the identification is accurate, then you can treat it, about called SARS or called Sass, that is not important to Chinese medicine.

A patient in Henan said in her own words that she felt like she was in heaven after sha sha, and her illness was half cured.

She was tortured by these diseases for 7 years and once had the idea of living lightly, but these diseases are nothing in front of TCM.

7 years, 7 years of treatment without the slightest effect, who does not despair? After 7 years of taking Western medicine, what would be the consequences?

During the Republican era, the Kuomintang government had the intention of eliminating Chinese medicine, which is related to the fact that the top echelons of the Kuomintang had the experience of studying abroad, the country was weak and cowardly, naturally inferior, all foreigners are good, all Chinese are bad.

If you don't know Chinese medicine, you will take the words of today's scientists too seriously. The scientific community has misled Chinese medicine too much in recent decades; there are too many experts and scholars who treat Chinese medicine in the west, and too many medical officials who don't understand Chinese medical discernment; these people collude and echo each other; they don't know Chinese medical theory at all, and they criticize it presumptuously.

Technically they are not worthy to talk about TCM, but they hold the power of speech and lead the people step by step to the theory of uselessness of TCM and then wipe out TCM as soon as they can.

What they don't understand, wipe out, and completely cover up their ignorance, academic bureaucrats who don't understand TCM are happy to do this, Western doctors are happy to see this, and Western drug dealers want this even more.

This is certainly not the attitude of science, but there is no shortage of such academic authorities throughout history.

Chinese medicine cannot cure modern stupidity

Chinese medicine treats people, while Western medicine treats diseases; Western medicine treats the surface and the reality, while Chinese medicine treats both the surface and the interior.

The simplest example: Western medicine treat insomnia with sleeping pills, take one piece to sleep for one night, the next day as usual insomnia. The side effect of eating for a long time is that the medicine also fails, the body also collapses, what is the point of losing healthy sleep?

You know, insomnia, pain, inflammation and fever, these symptoms are the body's signal to us, telling us where we are sick, where we need to repair treatment.

However, Western medicine does not care about these, inventing some comforting painkillers, which are actually just temporary paralysis, and do not help in the slightest to treat the real root cause of the disease.

According to statistics, from the discovery of antibiotics in the 1930s to now, the world has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to research more than 7,000 kinds of Western drugs.

And now the clinical still in use of western drugs but a few hundred, which is still in the application of antibiotics but a dozen, 20, most of them can not be used. Why? Because the bacteria have mutated so quickly that they are no longer afraid of it.

As the saying goes, the road is one foot high, the devil is one foot high. Western medicine is taking the road of fighting against bacteria to upgrade, only to cultivate more "devil is one foot high" advanced bacteria, and humans will eventually be helpless.

But the application of Chinese medicine more than 2,000 years ago is still very effective, why? Because Chinese medicine never wants to kill anyone, it requires that peace be the key, as long as you do not invade us humans.

Chinese medicine is not to kill the poison with poison, but to use the bias of the drug to regulate the bias of the body, so as to achieve the balance of the whole, when all aspects of the body in a state of harmony, the disease will naturally disappear.

Also, the Chinese herbal medicine is the root of the aconite, which is poisonous. The modern Chinese pharmacopoeia stipulates the dosage of aconite is 3-15 grams, what is the basis for this?

This is based on the content of the aconite, perhaps the conclusion of experiments done on rats and rabbits, using the Western medicine "active ingredient" and "safe dose" to determine the.

Because Western medicine is an adult medicine, Western medicine should be tested with this means, is desirable. But what about Chinese medicine?

It is not scientific to talk about the toxicity of one medicine.

Many people like to take the previous incident of gentian diarrhea liver pill, that is not done by Chinese medicine, it is part of the pharmaceutical companies to use Guanmutong instead of Mouton, although the efficacy of the two is similar, but Guanmutong is toxic.

We can't say that pork is inedible just because someone is selling water-injected pork. Is there less counterfeit western medicine? Why are people so discerning in accepting counterfeit incidents of western medicine again?

Chinese medicine can be treated if there is evidence, but I still have to admit that Chinese medicine cannot cure the stupidity of modern people.

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