Can protect the liver, can lower blood pressure, can help sleep, can reduce phlegm, can prevent dementia, the gods of heaven hemp, understand

Today the blogger would like to talk to you about the herb asparagus.
It is said that asparagus is a sock left behind by the gods of heaven in the mortal world. With the word heavenly medicine blogger's memory is very little, only rhodiola, smallpox powder, tiannanxing, and with the word heavenly can be taken for a long time without harming the most common people are familiar with only asparagus. Tianma, one of the ten most valuable medicinal herbs in Yunnan, is a rare medicinal food and health products, you go to Yunnan, any specialty store almost all have Tianma, and Panax ginseng. What makes asparagus widely known may be a classic medicinal dish, asparagus chicken stew.
Tianma is the holy medicine of dizziness

The holy, is the meaning of the first, for the elderly deficiency of dizziness with asparagus effect is very good. The main blogger's grandmother was illiterate and did not know much about Chinese medicine, the only thing she recognized was asparagus. Because my grandmother had dizziness before she was born, every time when dizziness will be stewed chicken with asparagus, once eaten. Tianma is relatively calm, it can calm the liver, can regulate the internal movement of liver wind, liver wind will lead to dizziness, while Tianma can also nourish liver yin, regulate the dizziness caused by liver blood deficiency. Let's put it this way, as long as the dizziness of the elderly Tianma will be effective, because there is no old age is not deficient in essence and blood. Tianma can also regulate the dizziness caused by anger.
Tianma is a numbing miracle medicine.
You see asparagus with a hemp word, specifically for numbness. Numbness is usually caused by the blockage of qi and blood, meridians and collaterals. Tianma can soothe the tendons and activate the meridians, can open up the meridians, so you can regulate the numbness of the limbs. If San Tong Tang can not cure your numbness, you can try Tian Ma to relax the tendons and activate the channels.
Tianma is a wonderful medicine to lower blood pressure.
 How do you know if you have high blood pressure caused by the wind in the liver? It is very simple, easily excited, easily nervous, easily angry, that is.
Tianma is a good medicine to calm the mind
The medicinal properties of asparagus mainly go to the liver, the liver collects the soul, if the soul does not keep the house, insomnia. The heart harbors the soul, insomnia to regulate the soul, to calm the mind, but do not forget that the liver is the mother of the heart, if the mother is not stable, how can the heart be stable? The blogger found that many people's insomnia is actually not a problem of the heart and soul, but a problem of the liver and soul, so the liver should be regulated. Tianma is a medicine that makes the liver very relaxed, a medicine that makes the liver quiet, and the asparagine inside Tianma has the effect of calming the soul. Tianma is most suitable for the kind of insomnia caused by easy anger. The blogger has a friend, sleep is not good, so every day drink some asparagus infusion, sleep will improve a lot.
Tianma is the anti-shaking to medicine.
Any part of the body trembling can be used Tianma. For example, some people's tongues shake, some people's heads will shake, some people's legs shake, some people's fingers shake. Why do they tremble? When angry will shake, when nervous and fearful will shake, and extreme fatigue and extreme hunger will shake, not angry, not nervous and fearful, not tired and not hungry, if you still shake, it means that your body has a wind, that is, the liver wind, Tianma is the best medicine to rest wind, so you can regulate the trembling.
Tianma can improve memory, the elderly have a poor memory, you can take Tianma, can prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
Tianma can tonic brain, can regulate dizziness, Tianma is a wonderful medicine to make the mind clear. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are related to the brain, asparagus can replenish the essence, improve memory and prevent dizziness, which can naturally prevent Alzheimer's. Also, an important symptom of Parkinson's is shaking, asparagus is the cure for shaking to medicine ah, so you can prevent Parkinson's. From this perspective, many people have hyperthyroidism, you can also use asparagus, because hyperthyroidism is mainly a problem of the liver, it is the liver is anxious, asparagus can relax the liver so that the liver calm, asparagus is mainly to calm the liver liver.
Tianma or rheumatism to medicine, can regulate leg cramps
Almost all elderly people have a little rheumatism, many elderly people will have leg cramps, asparagus on the one hand, can nourish Yin, the liver blood, blood can nourish the tendons, tendons get blood nourishment is not easy to cramp, the liver is the main tendon. In addition, asparagus can also relax the tendons, can open up the meridians, the meridians inside the wind, cold and damp more easily out, less cold and damp, cramps naturally less.
Tianma can also resolve phlegm Oh
Tianma can dissolve phlegm unlike Chen Pi, which directly dissolves phlegm, but a special kind of phlegm, that is, wind phlegm. People in a calm time without phlegm, just like the lake is calm when there is no wave, the wind will come up waves, the wave is like phlegm. When the body has wind, it will blow up the body's fluids, it will form wind phlegm. For example, some people will have phlegm when they are angry and nervous, this is wind phlegm, the best effect with asparagus.
Tianma can prevent epilepsy and stroke caused by wind-phlegm up disturbance.
From this point of view, asparagus can prevent and treat stroke, there is a kind of stroke is the wind phlegm caused by phlegm in the lungs, in the throat are good to do, if the wind with phlegm quickly to the brain, the wind phlegm will be blocked in the brain, you will have a stroke. Tianma on the one hand can calm the wind, on the one hand can transform phlegm, the treatment of wind phlegm the best effect. The wind and phlegm can also lead to epilepsy, strange diseases are mostly caused by phlegm, generations of doctors will treat epilepsy from phlegm treatment. Epilepsy can take warm bile soup, and then with a little bit of asparagus powder every day, the effect should be good.
Tianma can also regulate tinnitus, which is the kind of tinnitus aggravated by anger, which is also caused by the wind in the liver. In short, tianma is a very good medicine to calm the liver, the liver is bitter and anxious, the liver is most afraid of anxiety, when the liver is anxious, it will produce wind, this time use tianma to calm the wind. Why is the liver anxious? Because the liver is deficient. Tianma can also nourish the liver. It can solve both liver deficiency and liver anxiety, asparagus is really a wonderful medicine to protect the liver and liver.

In the end, how to take asparagus the best it? The best way to take asparagus is to beat it into a superfine powder and take three grams to nine grams a day, which can be changed flexibly according to your symptoms, three grams for light symptoms and nine grams for heavy symptoms. Tianma is very calm and can be taken with confidence.
If you are taking liver tea can be added to the powdered asparagus liver tea, the effect is better. If you are taking three in one, you can also add asparagus powder to the three in one, so that the effect of lowering blood pressure will be better.

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