This point, is a special point of lumbar pain! Lumbar disc protrusion, sciatica, rheumatism paralysis, must moxibustion it!

Many people do not know that this point is a special point for lumbar and leg problems!

Once you mention moxibustion to regulate lumbar disc protrusion, sciatica, back pain, back pain, rheumatism paralysis, lower limb impotence paralysis, lumbar pain and other lumbar and leg problems, can not be missing this "upper can cure waist, lower can cure legs" special points, that is, we are going to talk about the main character today - The ring jump point.

What is the meaning of the ring jump? "Ring" is the ring bend; "jump", jump. In the eyes of the ancients, this point can make the lower extremity problems better by doing the ring bend jumping movement. In addition, also because the water-dampness of the bile meridian is heavily vaporized here into the Yang Qi of the heavenly part, the Yang Qi within the acupuncture point is robust enough to make people comfortable, hence the name Huanjiao.

The point is an important point in the bile meridian, and is also the gateway to the upper and lower body, with the effect of strengthening the waist and knees, dispelling wind and dampness, relaxing the meridians, activating blood and relieving pain, and is the preferred point for sciatica, lower limb paralysis, hemiplegia, frustration and flashing back pain, back pain, swollen knees and ankles can not turn sideways and other waist and leg problems, special points!

Especially for sciatica, the symptoms are most frequent in the bladder and bile meridians, so you need more moxibustion for the ring jump! The point is the lower part of the sciatic nerve trunk, so it can be a good regulator of sciatica from the waist, legs down the string.

In addition, "paralysis" is caused by wind, cold, dampness and heat attack, obstruction of the meridians, stagnation of Qi and blood, that is, "not pass then pain" and caused by rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and other problems, all belong to the "paralysis evidence The "paralysis" category. Moxibustion and acupuncture at the Huanjiao point can unblock qi and blood and regulate the pathologies caused by the three Yang meridians of the foot, so as to finally achieve the goal of "no pain if you are clear".

The upper part of the waist, the lower part of the leg! Moxibustion ring jumping point, can reap 3 magical effects!

1, strengthen the spleen and benefit the qi, dispel wind and dampness: remove the cold and dampness in the knee and leg, pain!

The Golden Guide: (Huanjiao) treats pain from wind, cold and dampness in the humerus, crotch, femur and knee, and tendon contracture.

The Huanjiao point is the rendezvous point of the bladder and bile meridians, a point through two meridians, of which the bladder meridian is the body's largest detoxification channel, but also the wall against cold.

Therefore, moxibustion of the ring jump point has the effect of warming Yang and strengthening the spleen, dispelling dampness and dispersing cold, which can dispel cold and dampness in the knees, legs, waist and hip joints! It can assist in regulating sciatica, lower limb paralysis, and soft tissue damage around the hip joint.

2, to activate the meridians, blood to relieve pain: assist in improving rheumatism paralysis, lower limb atrophy, hemiplegia!

Acupuncture and Moxibustion Dacheng: (Huanjiao) main cold wind-damp paralysis, not benevolent, rubella all over the body, paraplegia, lumbar and crotch pain, lame knee, not allowed to turn side stretching.

As we mentioned earlier, the water-dampness of the gall bladder meridian is heavily transformed into Yang Qi in the Heavenly Department in the Huanjiao acupuncture point, so it has the function of unblocking the meridians, dispelling wind and dampness, and can be improved by moxibustion of the Huanjiao acupuncture point when wind-cold-damp paralysis occurs, or when rheumatism or rubella occurs all over the body.

The nerves beneath the ring jump point are rich, and once the nerves are compressed, the lower limbs may be depressed. Acupuncture points can increase blood circulation, which helps to unblock and nourish nerves and tissues, nourish muscles, and protect bones and joints.

It also warms the meridians and disperses cold, activates blood circulation and relieves pain, and can assist in regulating lower limb atrophy, weakness, paralysis, and paralysis. Lower limb paralysis can also take into account other matching points in addition to ring jump: Chibian, Foot Sanli, Yanglingquan, Jiebiao, and Sanyinjiao, taking care not to burn.

3. Benefit qi and warm yang, strengthen the waist and kidneys: promote the rise of yang and improve rubella and eczema!

The point is the rendezvous point of the bladder and bile meridians, and the bile plays the role of an organ in the process of yang qi rising, which is the gateway of yang qi rising, which promotes the function of qi transformation and the regeneration of blood, thus achieving yin and yang secrecy and restoring the balance of the body's self-stabilizing system.

When the normal physiological function of the meridians is impaired, outside the skin, flesh, tendons, veins, bones lose nourishment, the internal organs are not honored, the six bowels are not transported, Qi and blood disorders, can not play a normal role in the physiological role of the internal guard, the disease is born. Therefore, the unblocking of the meridian qi is essential to resist disease and evil.

Moxibustion of the ring jump point, through the function of meridians linking internal and external functions, regulate the function of the gall bladder to promote Yang Qi, so that Yang Qi reaches the five organs and six internal organs and use, the five organs and six internal organs are safe, help improve the cold, neurasthenia, rubella, eczema, foot odor and other problems.

Third, how to use the ring jump point?

The location of the ring jump point is at the highest point of the greater trochanter, at the intersection of the outer 1/3 and middle 1/3 of the line connecting the sacral fissure. Because this point is located in the part of the muscle is relatively thick, simple finger stimulation is not very useful, massage can be used to rub the palm of the large fish point press the ring jump point 5 to 10 minutes, to the point local skin heat is appropriate.

You can also use the scraping method to stimulate the ring jump point, using the edge of the scraping board to scrape the ring jump point for 1 to 3 minutes, to the degree of gua sha. Alternatively, use moxa to moxibustion the ring jump point for 35-35 minutes to warm the skin locally at the point, but without significant burning pain.

In addition, you can also tap the ring jump point, but in the tap need to pay attention to the strength is not too small, because the thigh muscle and fat is relatively thick, otherwise it will not achieve the therapeutic effect, the number of tapping also need to be gradual.

Insist on tapping, rubbing, moxibustion ring jumping point, can stimulate the lower limb meridians, stimulate the circulation of Qi and blood, for lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, sciatica caused by lower limb soreness, cold, leg numbness, activity disorders can be very good to improve, and reduce the accumulation of hip fat, have thin hip, thin legs effect.

The ring jumping point has different effects when combined with other acupuncture points by pressing and moxibustion.

With Yinmen, Yanglingquan, Zhizhong and Kunlun points, it can unblock the meridians, activate the blood and relieve pain, and treat sciatica.

With Juxiao, Zhizhong and Hangzhong, it can dispel wind and dispel cold, mainly treating wind-cold and damp paralysis (rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis)

With Fengchi point and Quchi point, it has the effect of dispelling wind, activating blood circulation and relieving itching, mainly treating rash all over the body

The moxibustion friends, ring jump point so powerful, do not use up!

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