Chinese medicine: swollen limbs, fat, barley to remove dampness useless? Four herbs for both the symptoms and the root cause of the spleen to eliminate dampness and swelling and slimming

Weight loss first dispel dampness, barley kernel can dispel dampness, many friends began to learn to do at home to eat, but many of the results are not ideal, the swelling swollen, the fat fat fat.

I can not help but have doubts, is not thorough enough to get rid of dampness, need to increase the dosage? Or I am not because of dampness to fat.

Today I give you a comprehensive analysis of the causes of swollen limbs, fat.

Extremities swollen, fat, we are not wrong to get rid of damp, but this is only the appearance of the human body, only the symptoms alone, like a dense tree, the disease is only its branches and leaves, only look at the branches and leaves and the essence of the root is buried deep underground, today we dig deep under the root of the tree of fat, swollen extremities.

This root is the spleen, the spleen is the master of transportation and transformation, and its Hua is in the lips, the master of the muscles, our limbs swollen and fat are on the muscles, all because of the weakness of the spleen caused by the intake of water and grain essence and water fluid poorly transported floating depression in the muscles caused by dampness, thus making the limbs swollen and fat.

Conditioning methods, strengthening the spleen ranked first, and then dispel dampness in parallel.

Today I will share with his family a commonly used formula, the effect is outstanding, only six flavors of medicine, spleen to dispel dampness.

The first taste, Poria, sweet, light, and flat. It can strengthen the spleen and can facilitate the percolation of dampness, the spleen is good, and can allow dampness to be discharged with urine, so it is the first medicine.

The second flavor, roasted licorice, no less than a national old man, sweet in taste and warm in nature, can not only nourish the spleen and stomach, but also benefit the qi and revive the pulse, and finally can also harmonize all the medicines. It strengthens the spleen and tonifies the qi, and can also command various medicines to fight at the same time.

The third flavor, fried Atractylodes macrocephala, is bitter, sweet and warm in nature. Can strengthen the spleen and benefit Qi, dry dampness and stop sweating, can strengthen the spleen while tonifying the spleen, with Qi can better urinate and permeate dampness, and can prevent spontaneous sweating loss of water, while eliminating edema and phlegm, complementing the efficacy of Poria to drain dampness and strengthen the spleen.

The fourth flavor, psyllium, sweet, cold, into the kidney and bladder two meridians, is the main medicine to dispel dampness, we know that dampness is generally through the urine and sweat, discharge, right, not sweat, it can only go to the kidney and bladder, it is conducive to the role of expectorant, better discharge of dampness.

This four-medicine combination, both the symptoms and the root cause to strengthen the spleen to dispel dampness, swelling and slimming, if coupled with moderate exercise, before long, you will quickly slim down.

This method is good, but pay attention to the identification of evidence.

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