Rheumatic paralysis is very annoying, send you a group recipe to get rid of rheumatic paralysis, the medicine to the disease

Today, I would like to tell you about the Chinese herbal medicine Duluxiang.

We often use this formula to treat rheumatism paralysis and pain, and it works very well.

After a girl caught a cold, her upper limbs were paralyzed and painful, so we removed the hyssop from Duluxu Yangsheng Tang and added some mulberry branches and cinnamon branches to lead the medicine to the hands.

This is a good example of how to treat all winds, regardless of whether they are new or old. This is a very good point in the Fugue of Medicinal Properties. As long as the wind, cold and dampness are bound to the muscles, these evil qi will run out of the body after using it and cannot stay in the body anymore.

This is why we describe this medicine as the wind, cold and damp all die, but I live alone.

The ancients created the formula, not to tell you to stick to it, but to show people the rules of the Great Law. No one has stipulated that Duluxu Yansheng Tang can only treat paralysis and pain below the waist and feet, but if we change the bull's knee and replace it with mulberry branch and cinnamon branch, the whole formula will have a different trend immediately. The mulberry branch and the cinnamon branch are branches of trees, which are good at walking the upper limbs of the body; the cow knee, as the ancients said, is the best at walking the waist and knees, so there is the saying that the cow knee does not reach the knee.

As the saying goes, medicine without guidance does not reach the disease, and soldiers without guidance does not reach the thief. If you change the formula a little, it is as if the medicinal qi was to be led to the waist and feet through the cow knee, but suddenly the direction is reversed and the medicinal qi, which nourishes the true dispelling of wind and dampness, is led to the arms through the mulberry branch.

It is no wonder that some TCM practitioners lament that prescriptions are not simply prescribing drugs, but directions. A prescription is a direction, so you point to different directions through the guide of these drugs, according to the Art of War, pointing where to hit, understanding the location of the disease, the nature of the medicine, then you can carry the unique living parasitic soup all over the world. Whether it is back and foot pain, paralysis or headache, you will add or subtract medicine. Or back pain, do you know how to adjust the direction of this prescription?

These are the untold secrets of medical practitioners, all of which are the heart of living a soup recipe.

People learn to dispel rheumatic drugs, to know one thing, most dispel rheumatic drugs have different degrees of analgesic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. So rheumatic arthritis, sciatica or frozen shoulder, toothache, osteophytes, bruises and bruises, but where local qi is not clear and stasis is painful, all can use wind medicine to promote the qi of the five organs, so as to achieve the pain-relieving effect of clearing without pain.

Wind medicine to relieve pain and painkillers to relieve pain are two completely different things. If you see that the pain is caused by stagnation, use wind medicine to remove the stagnation, which is the root cause of the disease.

Therefore, Zhang Zhongjing mentioned in the beginning of "The Essentials of Jin Kui" that if the five viscera are really open, people are peaceful, but polite evil wind, people die. It can be seen that the human body qi up and down through the regulation, internal and external does not stagnate, for health standards. Once these evil qi hurts people, qi paralysis, the body will be uncomfortable.

Here, many people die, not that death, but that the disease is easily aggravated, telling everyone to pay attention to beware of these polite evil winds. Of course, it is not afraid of them, once infected with the polite evil wind, such as open air conditioning, the back was blown to, kicked the quilt at night when sleeping small stomach was frozen, or drive a motorcycle blowing the wind all day, feel sore limbs heavy, dizzy neck strong, then what should be done?

Zhang Zhongjing said, either they know how to practice gong guide, he mentioned in the "Golden Killing", the limbs before feeling heavy stagnation, we must start through the guide to exhale, do not make the nine orifices closed, the disease will not become climate.

But some people do not know how to practice gong, and do not know how to exercise to maintain health, the evil wind paralyzes the pores of the muscle surface, the body acid heavy uncomfortable, cold and afraid of cold, how to do?

There are so many ways, you can just get some doklam, ginger, dates, boil water to drink, a little sweat, the wind will go, the upper and lower body will be relieved.

The last time the weather suddenly became cold, a patient after a rain, sneezing, and waist soreness and heavy legs, - the wind and cold table signs. The general waist is not sore, just sneezing fear of cold, drink a bowl of hot, strong ginger and date tea, although a little spicy, but Xin can open the lung table, immediately open the pores, the evil wind is driven out, but this patient also waist sore, indicating that the waist and kidney, bladder by the evil is very strong, then not only with ginger and date tea, should be added to the ginger and date tea base into the unique live. Why?

Dou Wu is Shao Yin kidney meridian wind special effects of medicine, "Tang Liquid Materia Medica" said, two feet cold damp paralysis, can not move to stop, not this can not be treated. It is good at dispelling the wind, cold and dampness below the waist and feet.

It is exactly the same as the Qiangwu we talked about earlier. Qiang Zhi is good at treating wind-dampness above the waist, such as headache, back pain and arm pain; Dushu is good at treating cold-dampness below the waist and feet, such as soreness of the waist, sinking legs and foot pain.

Although the two are wind medicine, but the focus is slightly different, this point you can pay attention to when using the medicine. After the patient has finished taking this small tea formula, the feeling of wind, cold and dampness around the body is dissolved like a loose tie. Like this small bubble tea formula, we should not think that good small and ignore it. If the wind, cold and damp external sensation at the beginning, timely use of the evidence, simply do not need to take a second dose, a dose of sweat, the evil wind out, the body immediately comfortable. 

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