Causes of hypertension and the best treatment .

Our heart beats every day, sending blood to the whole body. But instead of relying on the heart to pump blood to the fingers, the heart pumps the blood out and enters the aorta. After the aorta receives the blood, it will continue to contract and pass through, and send the blood to the arteries, capillaries, and everywhere in the body. . The most difficult locations: 1) Top of head 2) Finger tip 3) The farthest place from the heart such as the toes and fingers. To see if a person has any signs of a heart attack, touch his hands. If the hands and feet are cold, you know that there is a problem with his blood supply. Excessive heat, redness, and swelling of hands and feet are also heart problems. Cold hands and feet indicate that the heart's beating power is weak, and hands and feet that are too red and too hot indicate that the heart is beating too hard, too fiercely, and too tired, which are all very dangerous. Speaking of high blood pressure, we need to talk about what it is. Blood pressure is used to transport blood. When there is no sufficient blood pressure, the blood flow speed will slow down. Only proper blood pressure can send blood to the whole body. However, if the blood pressure is too low, it will not be able to be sent. Too high will cause the blood vessels to be pressured, squeezed, or even squeezed, causing cerebral hemorrhage. Now let’s take a look at the causes of high blood pressure. First, because the blood vessels lack any of protein, vitamin C, vitamin E, and calcium, the blood vessels will gradually lose their elasticity and become a bend, which makes it difficult to transport blood, and has to increase blood pressure to make blood flow better. Smooth. The second reason is that if the blood fat and cholesterol are too high, the viscosity of the blood will be too high. Just like the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the water flow is very fast, the water is very clear, there is no garbage, and there is no sand below. At the downstream, the water flow slowed down, and there was a large pile of garbage floating on the surface of the water, with sand underneath. Similarly, when the viscosity of blood increases, the speed of blood flow slows down, and many attachments will be deposited on the blood vessels, and more and more, at this time, the speed of blood flow becomes slower and slower. However, the body does not allow the blood flow to slow down, because every cell in the body needs to transport nutrients through the blood flow before it can survive and continue metabolism. When the blood flow slows down, the brain, hands and feet will all sound alarms, the hands will be numb, the hands will be painful, the head will be painful, the head will rise, and the head will feel dizzy. All are the body's alarms, "I want nutrients... …! Provide support quickly." Therefore, many medical workers often emphasize that patients with high blood pressure should lower their blood pressure. He emphasized that cholesterol and high blood lipids can cause high blood pressure, but he overlooked one point. Cholesterol and blood fat are not capable of regulating blood pressure. High blood pressure is not caused by cholesterol and blood lipids. It is cholesterol and blood lipids that increase blood viscosity and blood flow. The slowing down is because the body adjusts blood pressure, not cholesterol. Cholesterol does not have that ability. It is the body that has to adjust the blood pressure when it finds that the blood flow has slowed down. It takes a lot of effort to regulate high blood pressure. It is through the kidneys that constantly secrete hormones to contract muscle tissue and increase blood pressure to help blood flow return to normal. If you start taking antihypertensive drugs casually, it means that your body has spent a lot of effort, because the cells of the body are not nutritious, and you are shouting "Hurry up and send nutrients", so the body has to adjust the blood pressure. When you have a lot of strength to adjust your blood pressure, you go to take antihypertensive drugs, you are not helping your body, you are fighting against your body. If your body can talk, you will jump up, slap you twice, and ask you, "What the hell, I finally adjusted my blood pressure, to protect you, but you are against me!" This is a fact, this is Why has hypertension become incurable for so many years? Why do hypertensive patients take medicine for a lifetime? Because the medicine for high blood pressure is not used to treat the disease, but to fight against the body. Hypertensive patients are often very happy, "Oh, my blood pressure is normal!" But look at him, his complexion is abnormal, his physical strength is abnormal, and his spirit is abnormal. Many people are stupid. He thinks that his blood pressure is normal and he is normal. What you want is a normal physique, not simply judged by blood pressure. We are not going to lower blood pressure lightly. When the blood pressure exceeds 170~180, he will suffer from insufficient elasticity of blood vessels, lack of vitamin C, cracks, and lack of vitamin E. It is more fragile. It is likely to be squeezed under high blood pressure, causing cerebral hemorrhage and internal hemorrhage. incurable disease. But the crux of the problem is that blood pressure cannot be lowered easily. There is a contradiction here. So what should be done? The first is not to lower blood pressure easily, but to find ways to change the blood flow rate. Once the blood flow rate changes, your body will not adjust blood pressure. As long as blood flow returns to normal, blood pressure naturally returns to normal. There are two keys to regulating blood flow. First, restore the elasticity of blood vessels. Second, reduce the substances in the blood vessels that cause the increase of blood viscosity, make the blood thinner, and speed up the blood flow. All nutrients that can help reduce blood cholesterol and blood fat increase, and blood fat can naturally fall. The second one increases exercise and increases blood flow speed. The third is to improve the elasticity of blood vessels, increasing protein, vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium magnesium tablets, vitamin E (wheat germ oil) can increase the elasticity of blood vessels. The very good nutrients for lowering cholesterol are Ginkgo biloba capsules, B6, choline, and salmon oil. So hypertension is not difficult to treat. Don't mess around, the more you do it, the more difficult it will be to treat. Get your kidneys to fail. Taking antihypertensive drugs will definitely cause kidney failure, because the kidneys finally adjust the blood pressure up, and you lower it down, so the kidneys are busy adjusting blood pressure every day and have no time to do other things. In the end the kidney must fail. As soon as the kidneys fail, you declare..., because you won’t cure high blood pressure, you start treating the kidneys. The treatment of kidneys starts with dialysis. Once dialysis, it means that a large amount of nutrients in the body cannot be recovered by the body. If the nutrient supply is insufficient, there is no material to repair the kidney. If the kidneys are not repaired with materials, the kidneys will be extremely depleted. If you are extremely exhausted, then dialysis... Please remember, our body is to restore health, you should not take it apart and treat it one by one. To really cure, connect the body into a system and take good care of it.

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