Hypertension is divided into these four, different types of symptoms are different

At present, hypertension has become a disease with extremely high mortality rate in our country. It is a kind of cerebrovascular disease disease which appears in many middle-aged and old people. Therefore, how to correctly understand hypertension to control it, it became a more important thing. TCM does not have the name of hypertension, it is classified in the category of “headache” , “dizziness” . “internal classic of Medicine” has long been “headache” , “Vertigo” related records, and then many doctors such as Zhang Zhongjing, Zhu Danxi, Zhang Jingyue for the disease to provide a theoretical basis for the onset of hypertension with abnormal physical endowment, emotional disorders, eating disorders, the disease is located in the liver, heart, brain, kidney, especially liver and kidney-based. What type does hypertensive have inside traditional Chinese medicine? The theory of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has many ways to classify hypertension. At present, there is a unified view that the origin of the disease is the imbalance of Yin and Yang, and the signs of the disease are endogenous wind, phlegm and blood stasis. It can be divided into four types: liver-yang hyperactivity type, liver-kidney Yin deficiency type, phlegm-dampness obstruction type and blood stasis obstruction type. 1. Hyperactivity of the liver-yang The hyperactive liver-yang type of hypertension mainly occurs in young people. This is because young people are in a better mental state. When they are in an excited state, yang-qi will accumulate somewhere, especially in the head, at this point, there will be obvious symptoms of blushing and dizziness. Of course, the hyperactive liver-yang type of hypertension, as long as the problem of hyperactive liver-yang is solved, the hypertension can still be controlled, if it’s long-term, it could cause essential hypertension. Therefore, it is appropriate to Ping Gan Qianyang, formula with Tianma Gouteng decoction plus or minus, such as Gastrodia Elata, Gouteng, crude rock Cassia, Gardenia, Radix scutellariae, Radix cyathulae, EUCOMMIA ulmoides, Herba Leonuri, Parasitic Mulberry, night-crossing Rattan, Niu Fushen. 2. Yin Deficiency of liver and kidney type Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency type of hypertension is mainly in the elderly, many elderly people caused deficiency, often turn fire wound Yin, this kind of hypertension dizziness, headache symptoms will be more obvious, but also accompanied by obvious systemic fatigue. Due to the weak constitution of the elderly, not only need to solve the problem of liver and Kidney Yin deficiency, but also need to control blood pressure for a long time. Therefore, the treatment should nourish the kidney and the liver. Prescription to add or subtract, such as cooked Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Yam, Dogwood, CORTEX Moutan, Rhizoma Alismatis, Tuckahoe, anemone, CORTEX Phellodendri, raw peony, dragon bone, turtle board and other drugs. 3. phlegm-dampness obstruction type Phlegm-dampness type of hypertension, mainly seen in obese patients, most of which is caused by poor eating habits, identity of the spleen and stomach will be some damage, transport function is also weakened, it is difficult to discharge moisture. In addition to the typical symptoms of hypertension, phlegm-dampness type of hypertension is also prone to nausea and drooling symptoms, this type of hypertension can be effectively alleviated through weight loss. Therefore, the treatment should be invigorating the spleen and resolving phlegm. The recipe is flavored with Rhizoma Pinelliae, Rhizoma Pinelliae, Rhizoma Typhonii, fructus Tribuli, fructus AURANTII, dried tangerine peel, rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, Rhizoma Polygoni Multiflori, Rhizoma Polygoni Multiflori, Rhizoma Polygoni Multiflori, Rhizoma Polygoni Multiflori, Rhizoma Polygoni Multiflori, Rhizoma Polygoni Multiflori Multiflori, Rhizoma Polygoni Multiflori Multiflori and Rhizoma. 4. Blood stasis blocking orifices If a person often can not control the bad mood, will usually affect the blood circulation, the formation of blood stasis. Blood stasis will also lead to blood flow obstruction, at this time blood pressure will also increase, this is blood stasis obstruction of the onset of hypertension reasons. Extravasated blood type hypertension attack, symptoms will be more obvious, there are dark purple changes in the lips, tongue coating will also appear ecchymosis, at this time need treatment. Therefore, the treatment should focus on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Prescription to Tongqiao Huoxue decoction plus or minus, such as Red Peony Root, Chuanxiong, peach, Jujube, safflower, scallion, fresh ginger, musk and so on. As long as the identification of symptoms, Chinese medicine treatment of hypertension effect is also very significant, can consider the simple use of Chinese medicine treatment, can also control blood pressure in the west at the same time treatment of primary diseases. Generally, there will be complicated cases in the clinic, so it is safer to choose the method of integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment, so that other complications will not be caused by high blood pressure, also can cause hypertension for the primary disease to carry on the effective treatment.

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