Try these tips to prevent high blood pressure in the fall and winter

In general, summer blood pressure will be lower, but when the weather gradually cold, blood pressure will gradually increase, so fall and winter when to guard against high blood pressure attack. Although it is normal for people to have high blood pressure in old age, women of all ages should pay attention to their health care every day. The medical staff of the Department of Neurology of the First People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou should remind you to form the following eight good habits, help to prevent the aging of hypertension! 1. Lie Down for 10 more minutes in the morning Autumn morning temperature is lower, cooler, for hypertension patients, in fact, no matter what season should get up slowly, to follow the “three and a half” principle, that is, wake up after lying flat for half a minute, sit up after half a minute, put your legs on the edge of the bed to sit for half a minute. Get up early and slow down the action and rhythm, can avoid sharp rise in blood pressure. In autumn, the weather turns cool. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that cold Qi can cause vasoconstriction and increase blood pressure. Therefore, during this transition period, the time of lying down should be extended to 10 minutes, and then sit up and get out of bed slowly. This reduces orthostatic hypotension and blood pressure fluctuations in patients with high blood pressure when they suddenly wake up. 2. Dress loose, not too tight collar In daily life, hypertensive patients should pay attention to the impact of clothing on blood pressure, loose clothing can help patients effectively reduce blood pressure. High-collared clasp, because of long-term compression of the Jugular Vein, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the cerebral blood vessels, making the brain cells ischemia and Hypoxia, easy to cause arteriosclerosis patient accident. Therefore, hypertensive patients should wear as little as possible turtleneck shirt and close collar, keep neck loose, in order to benefit the blood circulation of the brain. Moderation in eating and drinking Should abstemious daily diet, eat less fat, sweet food, Salt. Diet to light-based, eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid overeating. Not More than 5 grams of salt daily intake, salt can make water retention, increased blood volume, increase the burden on the heart. Obese people should control the amount of food and calories, weight loss. To maintain a good sleep, before going to bed with warm water soak feet, avoid reading novels, watching scary movies and television. Keep your bowels open. Sex makes, the person is in the state of high excitement, nerve blood-vessel is tight, can cause apoplectic even, should abstemious sexual desire, be careful in sexual intercourse. Four, daily do not lie down reading Hypertension patients in life should pay attention to some details to effectively control blood pressure, long time to read books on the stomach is hypertension patients should correct the bad habits. As a result of long lying prone state pressure abdominal muscles, affecting deep breathing, coupled with abdominal pressure and abdominal muscle contraction, easy to cause a sudden rise in blood pressure and accidents. Therefore, hypertension patients, especially the older, should not be prone to reading TV, and the time should not be too long. 5. Exercise Daily Should adhere to play Taijiquan, Qigong, morning and evening every day, can improve blood circulation, reduce peripheral resistance and lower blood pressure. 6. Have time to listen to soothing music Music Rhythm too fast will form a noise, strongly stimulate the human body’s senses, cause mental tension, Vasoconstriction, microvascular circulatory disorders, which cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, there is the risk of cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases. Hypertension patients can usually listen to some slow and beautiful music, which can effectively control blood pressure, but if patients always listen to some fast-paced music will affect the smooth recovery. 7. Take enough rest If engaged in high-intensity work, to master the regulation of their emotions, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, for more rest, to avoid the impact of harmful chronic stimulation (such as noise) . Rest includes mental and physical rest. Heavy Physical Labor, strenuous exercise is not appropriate. Loading, long-distance running and carrying heavy objects should be prohibited. But Light Physical Labor is OK, long-term stay in bed is not good. 8. Keep taking your medication It is very important to keep taking medicine for middle and late stage hypertension. Usually should often measure blood pressure, such as a drug resistance and failure, should promptly replace other drugs. Do not comply with the doctor’s advice, arbitrary withdrawal, will make a sharp rise in blood pressure and dangerous.

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