How can I lower my blood pressure immediately?

High blood pressure is a common condition in middle aged and elderly people with cerebrovascular disease heart disease. The disease can not be controlled in time, and it will endanger the patient’s life. For patients with hypertension, should be timely control of blood pressure. Some antihypertensive measures, such as medication or exercise, may be used. What is the best method that reduces blood pressure immediately? 1.The best way to immediately lower blood pressure, first, by inhalation. Here are nine other ways to prepare for high blood pressure. The patient sits in a chair or SOFA in a natural and correct posture, with eyes facing forward, arms naturally lowered, palms on thighs, knees at a 90-degree angle, feet the same width apart from shoulders, and muscles relaxed throughout the body, breathing evenly. 2.massage Baihui acupuncture point. Each person’s Baihui hole is located in the center of the head. You can rotate the clockwise direction with your palm in a circle for at least 32 beats at a time. The biggest advantage of this method is to calm the mind, clear the brain and lower blood pressure. 3.Rub Your temples. Place your finger on your temple and rotate it clockwise, one beat at a time, about 32 beats at a time. The effect of this method is to clear the brain and clear the eyes, expel wind and clear the table, and stop headache. 4. Massage Fengchi acupoint. Massage the Fengchi acupoints on both sides with thumb, rotate clockwise, once a week for 32 beats. Its curative effect is clear brain invigorates, bright eye depresses. 4. Rub The sides of your neck. Wipe the right Sternocleidomastoid muscle with the Thenar of your left Palm, then wipe the left neck with the palm of your right hand, once a time, for a total of 32 beats. The advantage of this method is that it can relieve Sternocleidomastoid muscle spasm and lower blood pressure. 6. Rub both sides of your brain. The five fingers of both hands are separated naturally, and the Thenar of the palms is massaged from the forehead to behind the ears. Use Your hands interchangeably. Every arc from the forehead to the ear is a beat, a total of 32 beats. The efficacy of this method lies in calming the liver, calming the wind, dredging channels and collaterals, lowering blood pressure and clearing the brain. 7. KNEAD the pond. Find the ruler point at the elbow joint. First with your right hand, then with your left. 32 times a week. This method has the advantage of heat-clearing and pressure-lowering. 8. Massage the neiguan point. Rub Your thumb against the inside wall, first against your left hand, then against your right hand with your clockwise direction. Once a week, 32 of them. Its function is to relax and open the chest. 5.Expand the chest cavity to regulate the gas. Relax and drop your hands, then take your empty fist, bend your elbows to shoulder height, expand your chest back, and relax and recover. Draw blood down. With the left hand and right thumb respectively press and knead the left leg and the right leg of the three mile point, draw blood down, rotate once a week, each time a beat, a total of 32 beats. It has the advantages of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach and lowering blood pressure. Daily health care and blood pressure Diet (1) Celery Porridge: Celery Root 120 grams, 250 grams of rice. Wash the celery and cut into small pieces for 6 minutes. Wash the polished round rice. Will celery and white rice into the pot, add the amount of water, with Wu huo boil, and then simmer with slow fire until the rice rotten into porridge, add a little salt and MSG, stir evenly. Chrysanthemum Porridge: Chrysanthemum Pollen 15 grams, 100 grams of rice. The chrysanthemums are stripped of their stems, steamed in a cage, dried in the sun or in a cool place, and ground into a fine powder. 6.the white rice washed, put into the pot, add the right amount of water, with Wu fire boil, turn a slow fire to semi-cooked, add chrysanthemum powder, continue slow fire to rotten into porridge. Two dinners a day. Mung Bean Porridge: Mung Bean 100g, Kelp 100g, add some rice. Chop the Kelp and cook it with the other two ingredients to make congee. For A long-term dinner. Lotus Leaf Congee: 1 Fresh Lotus Leaf, 100g white rice and a little rock sugar. Wash the fresh Lotus leaves and deep-fry them in the soup. Then Cook Porridge with Lotus leaves soup, White Rice and rock sugar. Hot Meals for breakfast and dinner. (5) carrot juice, about 1,000 ml per day, should be taken in portions. The medical research proves that carrot juice has the obvious hypotensive effect to the hypertension patient.

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