What are the warning signs of hypertension?

High blood pressure is known as the “invisible killer” of health This is because there is usually no special discomfort in the early stages of high blood pressure, and subtle symptoms can easily be mistaken for lifestyle problems or other ailments. In fact, some people with high blood pressure have symptoms. When these warning signs appear, you should pick up a blood pressure monitor or go to the hospital for a check-up. Now summarize the five warning signs of high blood pressure, there is a family history of hypertension, obesity, menopause women, the elderly and other high-risk groups of hypertension especially need to be vigilant. 01 Dizziness Vertigo is the most common symptom of hypertension. Here’s why: The general long-term hypertension causes the brain blood supply insufficiency, the blood pressure fluctuation and so on reason to produce the dizziness feeling, the female patient is relatively many, may have a fit when suddenly squatting or standing up. In addition, repeated high blood pressure will enhance the pulse of cerebral arteries, and then on the brain tissue formation of shock and vibration, causing dizziness. 02 Headache This type of headache caused by hypertension is characterized by persistent dull pain or pulsatile pain, and sometimes even nausea and vomiting, caused by a sudden rise in blood pressure and strong vasoconstriction of the head, could be a signal to malignant hypertension. 03 Numb High blood pressure can lead to numbness of the limbs, because when the blood pressure fluctuates or rises, the arteries in the body spasm, resulting in a disorder of vasomotor function or arteriosclerosis, resulting in insufficient local blood supply to the limbs, in particular, long-term suffering from high blood pressure can not be well controlled, the symptoms will be more obvious. 04 Tinnitus High blood pressure can cause arteriosclerosis and spasms in the inner ear, and a lack of blood supply can degrade auditory nerve function. Tinnitus, caused by high blood pressure, is characterized by intermittent buzzing in the ears, a deep, long-lasting sound like a water wheel turning back and forth. 05 Insomnia Continuous increase in blood pressure will lead to cerebral cortex and autonomic nervous dysfunction, indirectly affect the quality of sleep, resulting in difficulty to sleep, easy to wake up, sleep is not practical, easy to have nightmares, easy to wake up and other insomnia symptoms. At the same time, patients with hypertension autonomic nervous activity increased, causing the heart to beat faster, hoarse, the same will lead to difficulty falling asleep. In winter, most people’s blood pressure fluctuates repeatedly with the change of temperature, especially the elderly people are always dismissive of headache, dizziness, Tinnitus and heart palpitations as a normal phenomenon due to old age, actually, that’s a big mistake. Here’s how to do it: Go to the hospital in time to find out the cause of disease, do not rely solely on painkillers for treatment. For just over 40, or even 30-year-old people with the above symptoms, it should be more vigilant, do not think it is burning the midnight oil, overtime caused by, lest delay illness. In addition, taking medication to ensure a stable blood pressure and the implementation of nutritional conditioning program is the most effective treatment. High blood pressure even if you can take a variety of antihypertensive drugs to stabilize blood pressure in the normal range, but no one can guarantee that one day will suddenly rise. The drug can not be completely cured, but also can not take blood pressure medicine, take medicine and bear the side effects of the drug, it is high blood pressure patients Stuck in the Middle. Treating high blood pressure with nutrients, even if there is no significant drop in blood pressure in the short term, is of great importance and far-reaching significance, because with the continuous use of nutrients, the resistance of your blood vessel walls will be greatly increased, cerebral hemorrhage is not easy to occur, can prevent and further alleviate hypertension, fundus disease, kidney disease and other complications, as long as we persist in using, will one day hypertension and its complications will be cured.

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