Many old people have high blood pressure . What is high blood pressure ? Let's find out the truth .

Firstly: What is hypertension first

Hypertension is a common chronic disease, and Incidence Rate increases with age. To understand hypertension, one must first know what blood pressure is. Blood pressure refers to the pressure generated by blood flowing in blood vessels on the blood vessel wall. When the blood pressure of the human body reaches a certain value, the blood of the human body will flow at this time to maintain life. Hypertension literally means that everyone can roughly understand what is going on, that is, arterial blood pressure (systolic and or diastolic blood pressure) increased disease as the main clinical feature. Then naturally there is a standard for judging hypertension, that is, adults can diagnose hypertension as long as systolic blood pressure is greater than or equal to 140mmHg and diastolic blood pressure is greater than or equal to 90mmHg. So how is hypertension formed? Let's look at the causes of hypertension.

Secondly. Causes of hypertension

1: age factor. There is no doubt that hypertension is common in middle-aged and elderly people. After people are over 40 years old, the risk of hypertension will also be greatly increased (it does not mean that they will not get hypertension when they are young). In addition, improper living habits also increase the incidence rate of hypertension to a certain extent, such as heavy drinking (the risk of excessive alcoholics suffering from hypertension is 5~7 times that of non-drinkers), excessive intake of sodium salt, saturated fatty acids (lard, butter, animal liver and even peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds and melon seeds are rich in saturated fatty acids). Therefore, after getting older, we must pay attention to diet and strengthen health care.

2: genetic factors. Real research shows that about 60% of hypertension patients have family genetic history, while about 30% ~ 50% of hypertension patients have corresponding genetic background.

3: mental and psychological factors. Perhaps many people did not expect that the probability of hypertension was actually related to people's psychological state and mood. Nervous life and rhythm, long-term anxiety and annoyance and other bad emotions, and the above irregular living habits are easy to cause hypertension, moreover, emotional instability of hypertension patients will also affect the effect of drug therapy and may lead to complications such as myocardial infarction and stroke.

4: lifestyle factors. Finally, it turns back to the problem of living habits. It seems that hypertension has a great relationship with living habits. Frequent non-exercise may lead to obesity, insulin resistance and decreased Autonomic Nervous regulation function, thus leading to hypertension (strenuous exercise should be avoided after hypertension). Smoking and passive smoking (secondhand smoke), smoking is one of the important factors that cause cardiovascular hazards.

So how should hypertension be prevented? Let's learn about the prevention of hypertension.

Third: prevention of hypertension (in fact, many have been mentioned above, Let's summarize below).

1: reduce daily salt intake. I believe there are many people like me who always feel that eating with less oil and less salt is "not enough" at ordinary times, and they often eat some heavy snacks such as spicy strips, potato chips and melon seeds. Of course, it may be my personal preference, but from now on, I have changed to salty and light, but everyone has different tastes. If you really love food with heavy tastes and high calories, then let's take precautions from the following items. Note: For people with family history of hypertension, it is best to pay attention to daily salt intake (no more than 5g per day).

2: reasonable diet. There is no doubt that meat food is a necessity of our daily diet. It can be said that one or two meals without meat have a good taste, but three meals a day are all vegetarian. After a while, my mind is bound to be full of deep desire for meat. If I want to prevent hypertension, I must control my diet. Meat should be ingested in a planned way. Remember to overeat, eat more fruits and vegetables (rich potassium is of great help in preventing hypertension), and eat less fried foods and Cola (containing sodium, similar to salt). Daily diet should also eat as little as possible and eat more, which can not only prevent hypertension, but also have great benefits for health.

3: adequate sleep. As mentioned above, mental and psychological factors are also important factors that make people suffer from hypertension. Sleep is also an important factor that affects a person's mental state. In fact, not everyone needs to sleep for 8 hours, as you get older, your sleep time will often be shortened. Some older people often sleep only 4,5 hours a day to be energetic. If you are young and often stay up late, the risk of hypertension is several times higher than that of ordinary people, but also remember that excessive sleep will also affect your mental state. In a word, if you sleep less at night, try to take time out for a while at noon, and at the same time ensure the quality of sleep at night, then the problem comes, what should I do if I can't sleep? A: do sports.

4: regular exercise. Exercise is essential to keep blood pressure normal. Exercise can reduce fat to prevent obesity, improve immunity at the same time, and control body weight can be regarded as controlling blood pressure in disguised form. Therefore, it is suggested to pay attention to daily exercise, exercise time of at least 2~3 times per week is recommended.

5: Quit smoking and control alcohol. Smoking can cause blood pressure to rise and heartbeat to speed up. Smoking a cigarette can sometimes raise blood pressure by 25mm Hg. Nicotine in the cigarette will act on the vascular movement Center, and at the same time increase adrenaline secretion, causing arterioles to contract. Long-term smoking can make the arterioles contract continuously. Over time, the arterial wall becomes denatured and hardened, and the lumen becomes narrowed, forming persistent high pressure. Needless to say, wine, after drinking too much, the whole people are excited, not to mention the problem of blood pressure rising. All in all, quitting smoking and drinking is beneficial but not harmful.

6: blood pressure is measured regularly. The key to prevention is timely detection and timely control, and regular blood pressure measurement is the key to finding problems. Now blood pressure measurement is also extremely convenient. Many people who buy electronic pressure measuring instruments online suggest every family to have it. Blood pressure should be measured at least 2 to 3 times a year. In addition, those with the following problems should also be measured in time, such as dizziness, headache, tinnitus, Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders, Palpitations, chest tightness, weakness, blurred sight, in case of stiff neck, numbness of scalp, less urine, edema, etc., the pressure should also be measured in time. In addition, a general physical examination is required every year to grasp the health status of your body in time, manage it in time and prevent it in time.

Fourth. Hypertension Treatment

Key point: you must go to the hospital first! Go to the hospital!

1: General treatment. Don't talk too much about preventive measures. 

1: Lose weight

2: reduce sodium intake 

3: supplement calcium and potassium salt eat more vegetables and drink milk 

4: reduce fat intake 

5: exercise more (not intense) 

6: no tobacco control wine should not exceed the amount equivalent to 50 mg ethanol per day.

2: drug therapy. Don't list drugs, find a doctor! Find a doctor! You can do whatever the doctor arranges. Be sure to trust the doctor.

3: Surgical treatment. When secondary hypertension (secondary hypertension refers to hypertension secondary to other diseases or causes. It only accounts for 5% ~ 10% of hypertension in the population. Elevated blood pressure is only a clinical manifestation of these diseases. The clinical manifestations, concurrency and consequences of secondary hypertension are similar to those of essential hypertension) can be operated when organic lesions are caused. The doctor will arrange you clearly.

Note: some antihypertensive prescriptions may have some effects, but if they are not recommended by trusted people or have no treatment cases, it is better not to use the prescriptions. Hospitals are always the first choice, moreover, the price of antihypertensive drugs is generally not high now, which is completely acceptable for basically ordinary or slightly poor families.

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