High blood pressure treatment suggestion , diet conditioning is very important .

Hypertension is the most common chronic disease and the most important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. This article mainly talks about how to use good eating habits to prevent and treat hypertension.

Does hypertension really eat too much meat? Will eating too salty and heavy food cause hypertension?

Many hypertension patients will start to change their eating habits after diagnosis-only vegetarian diet. He also tried to replace taking antihypertensive drugs with such eating habits.

But it backfired. After a period of self-"diet conditioning", their blood pressure has not decreased, even higher than before! Why? Didn't the doctor tell us to eat "low salt and low fat?

In fact, this practice is wrong. Then what is the correct eating habit for hypertension? Don't worry! According to his years of medical experience, teacher Fan Yingzhi has compiled a set of hypertension diet, which is full of dry goods!

First, is diet important for regulating hypertension?

Hypertension is actually a systemic and chronic vascular disease characterized by continuous rise of arterial blood pressure. Important risk factors for hypertension in Chinese population include high sodium and low potassium diet, overweight, obesity, drinking, mental stress, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine does not have the name of hypertension. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hypertension is often related to emotional disorder, diet disorder, internal injury and deficiency, etc. Combined with the clinical manifestations of hypertension, it should belong to the categories of vertigo, headache, stroke, etc. The causes of the disease mostly involve liver, spleen and kidney, and are closely related to wind, phlegm and deficiency.

Therefore, the theories of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine both believe that diet has a great relationship with hypertension. Excessive salt intake can raise blood pressure, full meals and sweets can easily make people obese, and obesity can easily raise blood pressure.

However, in the process of treatment for hypertension patients, there is a universal problem, that is, only paying attention to drug treatment, but ignoring diet conditioning, as a result, the treatment often fails or the treatment effect is not ideal, and the blood pressure rises repeatedly.

Therefore, a scientific eating habit is extremely important for hypertension treatment.

Two, Hypertension diet abide by the four rules

01 control the amount of salt and balance sodium and potassium

World Health Organization (WHO) it is recommended that normal people take 6g of salt per day. Patients suffering from hypertension, especially those with intentional and renal insufficiency, should reduce the amount, usually 3~4g per day. However, the low sodium salt diet is not the less salt, the better, the key is to maintain the sodium and potassium balance in the human body.

At ordinary times, attention should be paid to reducing the amount of cooking salt, soy sauce and other condiments containing sodium salt; Reducing or not eating foods with high sodium salt content, such as pickles, convenient fast food, various kinds of fried goods, etc.

02 light diet, thickness matching

If you eat too much fat, it is easy to help the Yang generate heat, or generate phlegm and turn fire, making the disease worse. Therefore, the diet of hypertension patients should be light, and it should be matched with coarse and fine food (grains) to ensure sufficient supply of various nutrients.

In grains, it is not only rich in protein, sugar, minerals, magnesium and calcium, but also contains a large amount of vitamins, such as vitamin E and K, which is very beneficial to hypertension patients. Therefore, the staple food should eat more coarse grains and coarse grains, such as corn, brown rice, oats, millet and so on, and eat less refined rice noodles, which can supplement the chromium needed by the body to prevent atherosclerosis, reducing the accumulation of cadmium in the body is of great benefit to the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

03 diet is regular to prevent overweight

"The Yellow Emperor's Internal scriptures" put forward: "If you have a diet, you will go when you are a hundred years old", "If you have a diet, you will be hurt when you are in the stomach". Patients with hypertension must eat regularly. Three meals a day should be regularly quantified. Diet should be controlled, and they should not be too full or hungry.

If you are too full, the spleen will be difficult to transport, and the food will not be decomposed and transported in time. If you are stuck in the middle of the stomach, you will get sick. It is also easy to make phlegm and dampness in the stomach and become obese. Obesity leads to an increase in blood pressure. On the contrary, eating too little, three meals from time to time or not eating breakfast will cause nutritional disorders in the body, if the intake is insufficient, it will also directly or indirectly adversely affect blood pressure. Therefore, the best state is "three points hungry, seven points full"

04 try to quit smoking, don't drink

Hypertension patients should quit smoking research shows that nicotine (nicotine) contained in tobacco leaves can excite the central nervous system and sympathetic nerve, accelerate heart rate, and at the same time promote adrenal gland to release a large amount of catecholamine, making arterioles contract, lead to an increase in blood pressure.

It is better to quit drinking, or the daily alcohol intake is less than 20g. Studies have found that the blood pressure level of drinkers is significantly higher than that of non-drinkers, especially systolic blood pressure. Drinking 30mL per day can increase systolic blood pressure by 4mmHg.

Three, how to regulate and treat hypertension by traditional Chinese medicine diet therapy?

Traditional Chinese Medicine diet therapy for hypertension is generally based on syndrome differentiation, which syndrome type corresponds to what kind of food or diet prescription recommended to eat. Let's see 

what Fan Yingzhi following teacher said.

01 according to the development and evolution law of hypertension, giving meals based on syndrome differentiation

Traditional Chinese Medicine diet therapy can divide hypertension into early stage, middle stage and late stage according to the development and evolution law of hypertension to carry out dialectical feeding.

Early stage

Most of them are liver fire rising and liver Yang hyperactivity. At this time, qinggan Xueli decoction can be used for dietotherapy.

Materials: 15g of Gastrodia elata, 15g of gouteng, 100g of fresh celery, 30g of jellyfish and 15g of water chestnut

Practice: Soak the hair of jellyfish with warm water, wash and chop; Wash Gastrodia elata, gouteng and fresh celery, and wash and peel fresh water chestnut. Put the chopped jellyfish and water chestnut together into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, a little seasoning of oil and salt, and boil over low heat for 1 hour before eating.

Mid-term phase

Most of them are Yin deficiency of liver and kidney and hyperactivity of liver Yang. At this time, the decoction of Dancai Zhengan Ziyin can be used for adjustment and treatment, so as to give full play to its curative effect of nourishing Yin of liver and kidney, nourishing yin, regulating Yang and lowering blood pressure.

Materials: 500g of light vegetables, 15g of Achyranthes bidentata, 15g of Gastrodia elata, 15g of water chestnut and 50g of agaric. Some ginger can be added

Practice: wash the vegetables, Achyranthes bidentata, gastrodia elata, water chestnut, agaric and ginger and put them into a pot. Slice the ginger, add appropriate amount of water, a little seasoning with oil and salt, and boil them over low heat for about 1 hour before eating.

Late stage

Hypertension patients are mostly caused by shady and Yang, resulting in deficiency of both yin and yang. At this time, we can choose astragalus water fish soup and other Dietetic prescriptions for treatment.

Materials: 30g radix astragali, 20g medlar and 1 Turtle (about 500g)

Practice: wrap radix astragali with gauze, remove fish scales and viscera, wash and cut into pieces. Add a proper amount of water to stew and rot, remove the astragalus residue, flavor with a little oil and salt, and take it several times.

Note: The above stage is a general rule, not all hypertension patients must evolve according to this rule. Therefore, if hypertension patients need scientific diet, it is recommended that face-to-face doctors treat them with four diagnoses combined with parameters based on syndrome differentiation.

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