What are the traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment methods for hypertension ?

 Drug therapy for hypertension

I. Antihypertensive drug therapy

(1) angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor

At present, propanoic acid and enalapril are used.

(2) calcium antagonists

It is a group of drugs with different chemical structures and different mechanisms of action. It is called calcium channel antagonist because it inhibits the internal flow of calcium ions through the calcium channel on the cell membrane. Commonly used drugs include Verapamil Hydrochloride Tablets, thiazolidone, nifedipine and nitrendipine.

(3) vasodilator

Direct relaxation of vascular smooth muscle, expansion of blood vessels and reduction of blood pressure. Commonly used drugs are: sodium nitroprusside, long compression, hydrazine.

(4) antihypertensive drugs acting on sympathetic nervous system

1. Central sympathetic inhibitory drugs: clonine and methyldopa.

2. Sympathetic ganglia blocker. Alfonnet is commonly used for the treatment of hypertensive encephalopathy.

3. Sympathetic ganglia posterior blocker. To exhaust the storage of norepinephrine in the sympathetic nerve and achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure, the commonly used drugs are: guanidine and reserpine.

4. Adrenergic receptor blocker

(1)β receptor blocker: sulfamethoxazole is a antihypertensive drug recommended by WHO and acetidyl Xin'an.

(2)α receptor blockers: piazosin and Doxazosin are commonly used.

(5) diuretic antihypertensive drugs

Dihydrogram urine thiothiol, chlorothiophenone, furosemide, aminobenzidine.

II. Principles of drug therapy

For general hypertension, drugs with few side effects should be used first. If satisfactory curative effect is not achieved, one or more drugs with different mechanisms of action can be added step by step. Graded treatment may be considered.

Level 1: diuretics, β receptor blockers, calcium antagonists, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, one drug can be selected, and another drug can be used if one is ineffective.

Level 2: combined medication, the two drugs are combined, starting from a small amount, until effective, if invalid, transfer to level 3.

Level 3: combined medication, combined with three drugs.

Level 4: If the treatment effect of Level 3 is not good, you can use guanethidine or clonine instead.

Emergency treatment for hypertension

1. When the patient suddenly has palpitations and shortness of breath, he is in a state of sitting and breathing, his mouth and lips are cyanosis, and his limbs are out of order, accompanied by pink foam-like sputum, he should consider acute left heart failure and instruct the patient to have sagging legs, take a seat, if there is an oxygen bag, timely inhale oxygen, and promptly notify the emergency center.

2, blood pressure suddenly rises, accompanied by Nausea, Vomit, severe headache, Palpitations, frequent urination, even blurred vision, that is, hypertensive encephalopathy has appeared. Family members should comfort patients not to be nervous, stay in bed and take antihypertensive drugs in time, and also take diuretics, sedatives, etc.

3. After the patient is tired or excited, angina pectoris, even myocardial infarction or acute heart failure, precordial pain and chest tightness occur, and extend to neck, left shoulder and back or upper limb, pale complexion and cold sweat, at this time, the patient should be asked to have a quiet rest, take a piece of nitroglycerin or a bottle of amyl nitrite, and inhale oxygen.

4, hypertension patients will be accompanied by cerebrovascular accidents, in addition to headache, Vomit, even consciousness disorder or limb paralysis, at this time to let the patient lie flat, head to one side, in order to avoid consciousness disorder, or suck vomit into the air duct when Vomit violently, and then notify the emergency center.

Other therapies for hypertension

1. Antihypertensive pillow therapy

According to the records of Volume 9 of Compendium of Materia Medica Li Shizhen of Ming Dynasty: gypsum is also called fine stone, also known as cold water Stone, whose nature is very cold. It is mainly used for treating stroke, cold and heat, relieving muscles and sweating, removing dry mouth and scorched tongue, headache, elegant pain and other functions, and good medicine for relieving fever and fever. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and folk usage, hypertension belongs to fever, which is gypsum-induced severe cold. Using gypsum pillow to relieve heat by cold can naturally adjust the normal temperature of cranial nerves and human brain, and make cerebral vessels work normally, it can effectively control the rise of blood pressure, stick to it for a long time, and gradually reduce blood pressure to normal level.

2. Gypsum decompression pillow qigong therapy

Generally, the internal static power method is adopted, and the sitting posture or standing posture can be adopted. Sitting posture is sitting on the chair, with legs separated and stepping on the ground naturally, hands on the thighs, palms down, the whole body relaxed, the mood is quiet, excluding distractions, the intention is to guard dantian, mouth and lips closed, eyes slightly closed, adjust the breath. Standing posture is the body standing naturally, feet are flat with shoulders, two knees are slightly bent, two hands hold the ball in front of the body, the whole body is relaxed to guard the dantian, adjust breathing. 10~30 minutes each time, 1~2 times a day.

3. Foot bath therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs and six internal organs of the human body have corresponding projections on the feet. The feet are the starting point of the three Yin meridians of the foot and the ending point of the three Yang meridians of the foot. There are more than 60 acupuncture points below the ankle joint. If you often use hot water to soak your feet, it can stimulate the acupuncture points of your feet, promote the running of blood vessels and regulate your viscera, thus achieving the goals of strengthening your body, eliminating pathogenic diseases, reducing blood pressure and curing diseases. When taking a foot bath, the temperature of the water is generally kept at about 40 degrees, which is not good if it is too high or too low; The amount of water should be less than that of the ankle. Soak your feet in hot water for 5-10 minutes, then massage your feet with your hands.

4. Hypertension tea therapy

Hypertension is a common disease among the middle-aged and the elderly. In addition to insisting on drug therapy, patients often use traditional Chinese medicine to make tea and drink it can also play a very good auxiliary therapeutic role.

Eucommia ulmoides antihypertensive tea: eucommia ulmoides has good effects of lowering blood pressure, reducing blood lipid, offsetting side effects of drugs, improving immunity, preventing muscle and bone aging, etc. Eucommia ulmoides tea can improve the elasticity of blood vessels while relaxing blood vessels, so as to restore the original elasticity of hardened blood vessels, thus restoring the self-regulation mechanism of blood pressure and achieving the purpose of lowering blood pressure. Bluish dogbane tea: the antihypertensive principle of bluish dogbane tea is to improve the function of heart and blood vessels, reduce blood lipid and improve the antioxidant capacity of hypertension through the natural effective ingredients in bluish dogbane so as to achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure.

Chrysanthemum Tea: the chrysanthemum used should be chamomile, and its taste is not bitter, especially the big white chrysanthemum or small white chrysanthemum produced in Suzhou and Hangzhou area is the best, and it is drunk with about 3 grams of tea each time, three times a day. It can also be used with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, licorice and decoction instead of tea, which has the special effects of clearing liver, improving eyesight, clearing heat and detoxifying. It has obvious curative effect on patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Hawthorn tea: the ingredients contained in Hawthorn can help digestion, expand blood vessels, reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. At the same time, drinking Hawthorn tea frequently has obvious auxiliary effect on the treatment of hypertension. The drinking method is to make tea with 1~2 fresh hawthorn fruits several times a day.

5. Head massage

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the head is the meeting of all Yang, and the twelve meridians and eight meridians of the human body gather in the head, and there are dozens of acupuncture points in the head. Correct massage and some good daily habits can have unexpected health care effects on hypertension patients.

1) comb hair

It can promote the blood circulation of the head, dredge the meridians, smooth qi and blood, regulate the brain nerve, stimulate the secretion of subcutaneous glands, increase the blood flow of the hair root, slow down the premature aging of the hair, and is conducive to the removal of dandruff and greasy.

The method of combing hair is to comb the hair once a day in the morning, in the middle and in the evening, with moderate force, and comb all parts of the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes each time.

2) push

The two-hand tiger's mouth are relatively separated and placed on the hair of the ear. The forefinger is in front, and the thumb is behind. It is pushed from the hair of the ear to the top of the head. When the two tiger's mouth are closed on the top of the head, the hair is lifted up and pushed 10 times repeatedly, use a little strength during operation. The two palms massage the brain from the forehead like a comb, and when it comes to the back neck, the fingers of the two palms cross and squeeze the back neck with the palm root, which has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

6. Foot massage

Meridian science of traditional Chinese medicine points out that the center of the foot is the part of Yongquan point of kidney Meridian, and the center of the hand is the part of laogong point of pericardium Luojing. It can often rub the center of the foot with the palm, which can strengthen the kidney, regulate Qi, improve intelligence, and transport the heart and kidney, the combination of water and fire and the intersection of heart and kidney can prevent and treat Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders, dreaminess and so on, and also has good curative effect on hypertension.

The foot is closely related to the viscera and channels of the whole body and bears all the weight of the body. Therefore, some people call the foot the second heart of human beings. Someone observed that the relationship between the foot and the whole is similar to that of the fetus lying on the palm of the foot. The head faces the heel, the buttocks face the toe, and the viscera are distributed in the middle of the plantar surface (sole). According to the above principles and rules, stimulating foot points can adjust the whole body function of human body and treat viscera lesions.

Foot massage method is a natural health method that uses stimulation principle to massage the reflex zone of diseased organs or glands to restore their original functions, achieve therapeutic effect and maintain health. It is a traditional medical method of the third medicine.

Foot massage can significantly stimulate the reflex areas of various parts, make the blood circulation smooth, eliminate the waste and toxins accumulated in the body, make the metabolism work normally, and finally achieve the therapeutic effect. Foot massage is recommended to use pedal Magnetic Massager to treat hypertension.

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