What Factor Causes Blood Pressure elevatory? Half of hypertensive patients have a family history

Hypertension is a chronic disease, if not actively treated, will be secondary to a variety of diseases, especially caused by heart, brain, kidney and other important organ damage, and even life-threatening. Understanding what causes high blood pressure can help us treat it better. Blood pressure regulation mechanism A variety of factors can cause blood pressure to rise, the heart pump blood capacity to strengthen (such as increased cardiac contractility) , so that every second to pump blood increase, another factor is the aorta has lost its normal elasticity, become rigid, when the heart pump blood, it doesn’t dilate effectively, so the flow of blood from each heart pump through a narrower space than normal leads to increased pressure, which is why high blood pressure is more common in older people with arteriosclerosis, which causes arterial walls to thicken and stiffen, the temporary constriction of the small arteries in the body, stimulated by hormones in the nerves and blood, also causes an increase in blood pressure. A third factor that may cause an increase in blood pressure is increased fluid volume in the circulation, which is common in kidney disease, the kidneys can not adequately expel sodium and water from the body, increasing blood volume and resulting in high blood pressure. Conversely, if the heart’s ability to pump blood is limited, blood vessels dilate or too much body fluid is lost, this can lead to a drop in blood pressure, these factors are regulated primarily by changes in kidney function and autonomic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that automatically regulates many of the body’s functions. The cause of hypertension is unknown, and the factors related to the onset of hypertension are 1. Age: The incidence rate increases with the increase of age, and the incidence rate is higher in those over 40 years old. 2, SALT INTAKE: Salt intake, high incidence of hypertension, salt < 2 G/day, almost no hypertension; 3-4 g/day, hypertension incidence rate 3% , 4-15 g/day, incidence rate 33.15% , > 20 g/day incidence rate 30% . 3. Weight: obesity rates are high. Genetics: About half of people with high blood pressure have a family history. 5, environment and occupation: Noisy Working Environment, over-stressed mental work are prone to high blood pressure, the incidence of high blood pressure in cities than in rural areas. How does the patient of a few kinds of hypertension move? QI-DEFICIENCY TYPE: slow-paced, low-intensity body movements, such as Taijiquan, Mulan Quan, uniform speed cycling, slow walking and so on, some community-attached stretching, side-turning and other fitness equipment is also a good choice. Such patients can often through slow movements to improve and restore the body’s Qi, and because the Qi and blood flow more smoothly so that the body tends to balance Yin and Yang. Blood pressure usually drops after proper exercise. Phlegm-dampness type: This type of patients with a larger age span, it is recommended that young patients can do more exercise appropriately, and the intensity of exercise can be more intense than patients with qi-deficiency type, exercise time should be longer, such as jogging, do some exercises including stretching and jumping, and so on. This kind of patient can pass physical exercise to” help Yang Hua wet” , the blood pressure change won’t be too big generally after proper exercise, but the body can feel more relaxed. Liver-fire type: This kind of patient yang-qi exuberant, a move blood pressure is easy to rise, easy to appear accident, do not advocate instead too much exercise. If you must exercise, the best advice is to take a walk. Intense running, jumping or other long-term exercise must be avoided to avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications induced by increased blood pressure. It is important to note that no matter what type of physical fitness patients, the first night of exercise must be to ensure a good night’s sleep, have heart disease patients with high blood pressure in the exercise before the best to take medicine, exercise, also try to take medicine on the body.

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