Four herbs to remove phlegm and replace the lung

There is a famous saying in Su Wen - The Great Treatise on the Supreme Spirit: "All the Qi is in the lungs". The lung is the master of the lung. The unhappiness refers to shortness of breath, tightness and fullness in the chest.

When breathing is hard or not enough, shortness of breath, coughing and chest tightness will occur.

Conversely, mild chest tightness is associated with imbalance of elevation of the spleen and stomach, congestion of gastric qi or regurgitation of gastric juices, and respiratory tract infections such as coughing and shortness of breath. (Public number: Ben Cao Fang)

From the above, it can be seen that cough and asthma "gather in the stomach and are about the lungs". The spleen and the stomach are the basis of the latter, the main transport and transformation, transporting water and grain essence to nourish the body, such as eating fat, sweet and thick food, raw and cold, etc., so that the spleen is overwhelmed, the transport and transformation is out of order, the water and grain gas stays, and becomes phlegm, so the spleen earth becomes the source of phlegm. As the son of the spleen, lung gold becomes the reservoir of phlegm, resulting in the dysfunction of the lung's purification and lowering, with phlegm reverting upward and elevation being unfavorable, resulting in wheezing and coughing.

Therefore, in the treatment of cough and asthma, regardless of external and internal injuries, we generally exert efforts on the lungs and the stomach, ultimately focusing on the lungs. The lung's qi mechanism is pronounced and purified, circulating and repeating, such as smooth wind and smooth, the body will be relaxed and comfortable.

The name is very healing, using the master of dispelling phlegm from the lung and stomach and the master of heat-clearing herbs to promote the smooth flow of qi, bringing the lung as clear and soothing as blue sky and white clouds.


One tael (30g) of Saxifrage, two taels (60g) each of Semen, Alum and Cold Water Stone.

The flower is pungent and warm in nature, but it is warm but not hot, pungent but not dry, and is a good medicine to moisten the lung, resolve phlegm and stop cough. It can moisten the lung and lower the air, resolve phlegm and stop cough. It is good for treating cough with rebellious upper air and good asthma.

It can be used especially for all coughs belonging to lung diseases, regardless of external and internal injuries, cold and heat, deficiency and reality. It is especially suitable for coughs with lung deficiency for a long time.

Radix Panax notoginseng is pungent and warm, active in the spleen, stomach and lung meridians. It dries up dampness and dissolves phlegm, reduces rebellion and vomiting, and disperses lumps and knots. It treats cough, asthma and phlegm, chest and diaphragm fullness, etc. In other words, Han Xia can treat both the lung and is a master in treating cough and asthma caused by the imbalance of the rise and fall of the spleen and stomach.

Lung and stomach discomfort, cough and asthma protests are also related to the coagulation of old and new phlegm and saliva, which are stuck between the upper and lower orifices and cannot be moved. Alum is sour, astringent, dry and cracking, and can search both new and old phlegm, so that the phlegm located in the lungs can be spit out from above, and the phlegm located in the stomach and intestines can be allowed to leave from the second stool.

If the evil of dryness and heat in the lung is not resolved and transmitted internally into the interior, it will not only affect the stomach, but also cause damage to other internal organs. People with usual Yin deficiency or Yang hyperactivity are especially prone to external evil turning into heat and dryness and passing into the internal organs. The treatment should be pungent, cool, sweet and moist, lightly penetrate the lung health, at the same time drain the heat and open the bowels, moisten the intestines and guide the bowels, in order to open the upper and lower, and regulate both the surface and the interior.

Cold water stone is pungent, sweet and cold in nature. It can move Qi and remove fire, disperse accumulated evil heat and stop boredom. It not only removes heat in the stomach, but also eliminates heat in the five viscera, including the lungs.

Used in combination, Radix et Rhizoma Polygonatum moistens the lung and dissolves phlegm. Radix Panax notoginseng dries dampness, dissolves phlegm and stops vomiting. Alum clears heat and expels phlegm. The phlegm can be cleared. Cold water stone clears heat from the lung and stomach. (Public: Ben Cao Fang)

Together, it clears heat, dissolves phlegm, lowers Qi, settles asthma and stops cough. It can be used to cure wheezing and coughing regardless of its duration.

One question: How to make and take Baiyun for Lung Pill?

Pound the above medicine into fine powder and add ginger juice to make a pill of green beans. Take 30 to 40 pills each time and send down with ginger soup.

Warm reminder: Each person's body condition is different, the prescriptions mentioned in the article, it is advisable to add or subtract according to the situation, and it is recommended to do so under the guidance of a doctor.

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