An ancient formula for nodules, hyperplasia, leiomyosarcoma, etc., all kinds of masses!

In the Treatise on Typhoid, it is said that when the atmosphere turns, its qi is dispersed.

A person is a group of qi, a whole body, the whole body is involved, this group of qi collapsed, the whole person will collapse, this group of qi flourished, the whole person will flourish.

Just like a glass of water, after you pour a glass of water full of its pressure in all directions is the same.

People are a self-filling and self-melting, filling is full, melting is melting, self-filling and self-melting of a whole, it does not say that one part is bad, another part is good.

What do you mean by "the atmosphere is dispersed when the atmosphere turns"? This atmosphere is a body of Qi, the surrounding Qi, but this group of Qi has a deep and shallow, there are internal and external, there are up and down, there are clear and turbid.

Once the atmosphere is turned, its qi is dispersed, this group of qi runs open it will disperse the unregulated qi, the evil qi are dispersed, this is the treatment of the whole.

For example, when you see a mountain wrapped in clouds, everyone is in the clouds and fog, you can't even see clearly from 10 meters away, but suddenly a gust of wind comes, and in less than a minute, the clouds are blown away, revealing the mountain and the water, and all the obstructed water is refreshed, and the mountain comes into view.

As the "Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" says, if the wind blows the clouds, it is clear, as if seeing the sky!

You will immediately comprehend that the qi moves and the disease is cured.

So whether it's a nodular cyst, or a stubborn bone spur enlargement, a body full of lipoma knots, in Chinese medicine, it's all just a product of liver qi stagnation in different places.

According to the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, the blood vessels in our body are like rivers, and the knots on your neck, chest, ribs, abdomen, legs and feet are just like plastic bags of garbage that stay in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the river, they are just products of different places.

Where there is disease in the body, all qi veins can not pass, qi veins through the place, there is no reason to get sick, the river narrow bend, easy to block, the human body qi veins depression where easy to grow disease blocks.

For example, the neck, breasts, uterus, less abdomen, an angry are these narrow places first stored. Like these phlegm, dampness and stagnation wrapped around the body, you have to let the qi turn up first.

Qi stagnation is the cause, and the accumulation of lumps and tumors is the effect.

Ancient doctors say that the five elements of the internal organs are all false images, but only the flow of qi is the real opportunity.

So is there such a formula for the flow of Qi?

Yes. The formula has a very nice name, called Sixteen Flavors Flowing Qi Drink.

Why is it called flowing qi?

The reason why there are stagnant masses is because the Qi and blood cannot flow smoothly for a long time.

If the broom does not work, the dust will not automatically run away, and if the Qi and blood do not flow, the disease will not automatically clear up.

There are many versions of Sixteen Flavors Flowing Qi Drink in ancient and modern times, the most classic version is as follows.

Mu Xiang 10g, Gui Zhi 10g, Radix Platycodon grandiflorus 10g, Dahurica dahurica 10g, Betel nut 10g, Hou Pu 10g, Wu Yao 10g, Ziziphi 10g, Citrus aurantium 10g, Fang Feng 10g, Chuan Xiong 10g, Angelica sinensis 10g, Paeonia lactiflora 10g, Huang Qi 20g, Ginseng 10g, Licorice 10g

This formula uses a lot of Qi dispersing herbs, Mu Xiang, Perilla, Betel nut, Wu Yao, Gui Zhi and Radix Platycodon are all Qi dispersing, to disperse the evil Qi that has coalesced together.

Like the spring breeze greening the shore of the river, and like the spring sun melting snow, the ice (swelling) is blown away.

The wind is the moistening agent of wind medicine, you see a wind, without some cattle hair fine rain to come, that is purely rigid wind, if you bring some cattle hair fine rain to come, this is a soft wind.

Soft wind, with wind and rain, moisten the earth, can awaken the internal organs, creating a vitality, just like the spring breeze and green Jiangnan Bank.

The surplus of gas is fire, as the old saying goes, the person ah, these excess gas fire will easily produce lumps, you see many people grow lumps on the neck, such as thyroid nodules, lymphatic nodules, etc..

Chinese medicine says that anger is the top of the gas, and the gas is most likely to be blocked in the narrow neck. So here we use Hou Pu and Citrus aurantium to lower the Qi and prevent it from going upward.

After the blockage is cleared, the deficiency is revealed, and more drugs are used to disperse and lower the qi, which will at the same time dissipate the qi, especially for those who are particularly weak.

If the vital energy is not enough, it will not be able to push out the blood stasis completely. Therefore, it is appropriate to take some tonic medicine, using ginseng and astragalus to replenish the vital energy; angelica and peony to nourish the blood; and dahurica, known as plant musk.

When Wang Qingren Tongkou and Blood Activation Tang was used to treat stasis of blood in the head, because musk was expensive and the real one was relatively rare, Angelica dahurica was often used instead; Chuanxiong tonifies and moves blood to strengthen the effect of activating blood circulation and removing stasis.

Finally, a little licorice is used to harmonize the herbs and also to care for the spleen and stomach.

This formula is for breaking up accumulated masses, like various nodules, hyperplasia, cysts and myomas.

Regulating the qi is also called draining the qi, the liver is the master of draining, that is, what should go out let it go out, what should go in let it go in

If this place is left unattended, the traffic will be blocked, which is called qi stagnation from Chinese medicine. So this formula is more effective for the liver and gallbladder system masses.

As the saying goes, flowing water does not decay and a household pivot does not become moth-eaten, so does the body's qi, which must flow, just like the flowing clouds in the sky, with its own rhythm.

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