Learn this recipe, you are a gynecologist! It can cure more than 20 gynecological diseases such as dysmenorrhea, myoma, polycystic and so on

This formula is so powerful that it can sweep away more than 20 kinds of gynecological diseases such as fibroids, adenomyosis, endometritis, endometrial thickening, ovarian cysts, polycystic, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic fluid, adnexitis, cystitis, cervicitis, blocked and enlarged fluid in the fallopian tubes.

Let's put it this way, as long as the gynecological diseases, as long as the gynecological diseases below the stomach can be dared to use this formula to regulate. It can't be said that it is not powerful, and it can't be said that it doesn't take people's breath away.

Whose formula has such a great aura? Naturally not the blogger's, naturally the blogger's most admired divine doctor Zhang Zhongjing vomited blood specifically for women to create a wonderful formula.

This formula is called Angelica Paeonia San, recorded in Zhang Zhongjing's "Jin Kui Essentials".

Many of Zhang Zhongjing's prescriptions require evidence, yin and yang, cold and heat, deficiency and actuality, but this formula does not require evidence, as long as it meets this one condition, you can boldly use it. Zhang Zhongjing in "The Essentials of the Golden Horoscope" simply said fourteen words, please remember these fourteen words: women's abdominal ailments and pains, angelica peony medicine main.

Do not underestimate these fourteen words, these fourteen words contain a great deal, contains a great secret, in the end what is the secret? It is what the blogger said above that can take care of the most common gynecological diseases in the world.

Simply put, as long as the woman's abdomen appeared in a variety of diseases and pain can be a net, how wide this range, you can imagine.

Well, the purpose of so much talk is to draw in the jade, and now the blogger will be eager to share this ancient recipe to the phone screen in front of you can't wait:.

Angelica 9 grams, Chuanxiong 9 grams, Bai Shao 30 grams

Poria 20g, Atractylodes Macrocephala 12g, Zeligia 20g

Many people can not believe their eyes, it is only a simple six flavors of ordinary medicine, this is the realm of the miracle doctor, turning decay into magic, ordinary herbs through the hands of Zhang Zhongjing's benevolent heart has become a thousand years of famous recipes. And quackery, even if the world's best herbs piled together is still quackery.

What is the central idea of Angelica Paeoniae San? How does it deal with the ailments and pains in a woman's abdomen?

Women's diseases can be divided into two types, one is the disease above, the disease above is mostly caused by Qi, because Qi is Yang, Yang things always go up, such as women's thyroid disease, breast disease are Qi disease.

There is another kind of disease below, below the disease is mainly concentrated in the abdomen, especially the small abdomen of women, below the disease is mostly triggered by blood and water, women's menstrual water is blood and water, the mingling of blood and water. Blood and water are the same as yin, and yin substances always sink, so women's gynecological diseases are concentrated in the lower jiao, concentrated in the abdomen.

Since the treatment is for all the ailments and pains in the woman's abdomen, what are the two most basic principles of Chinese medicine for treating pain?

The first principle is: if it does not glory, it hurts.

The second principle is: if it does not pass, it hurts.

And Angelica Paeoniae San can solve both of these two problems, how? Harmonize blood and water.

First solve the problem of blood. A woman loses too much blood in her life, blood is a woman's nourishment, blood deficiency will cause all kinds of diseases, almost all gynecological diseases are related to blood.

The first step is to solve the problem of blood deficiency, which is the key to solving the problem of pain without glory, and the fundamental method to solve the problem of pain without getting through. This is because the root cause behind all blockages is dishonor, which means that first there is dishonor and then slowly blockages form.

This is like a big river, first there is less water flow, the sediment can not wash away, and then slowly form blockage.

What is the solution to the dishonor? Zhang Zhongjing thoughtfully used Angelica sinensis, the first blood tonic, gynecological medicine, nine out of ten prescriptions for women to use Angelica sinensis. The liver is a reservoir of blood for women, and women have the liver as a precursor, so the use of angelica is more than appropriate, and angelica itself has the effect of invigorating blood and removing blood stasis.

The blood is yin, the blood must be nourished yin, Zhang Zhongjing and invited the sister of white peony to assist the sister of angelica, white peony sister is very gentle, can soften the liver, can nourish the yin to converge the blood, the blood back, so that the qi and blood is not too much dissipation.

White peony is also used here for a wonderful purpose, that is to slow down the emergency and stop the pain. Pain is a state of urgency, and Bai Shao is the main collector of calm and slow, which can greatly relieve spasms, relieve tension and relieve pain. If the pain is severe, Bai Shao can be used a little more often.

After solving the problem of non-glorification, then come to the problem of non-passage. The blood will have to be invigorated to remove blood stasis and to move Qi, and Chuanxiong is well deserving of carrying this burden. The chuanxiong rhizome can both move the qi and invigorate the blood as well as remove the stasis, first removing the dead and stagnant blood from the blood vessels and then giving the blood a boost so that the blood can run smoothly and unhindered.

The three medicines are the three medicines in the famous "Four Things" soup: angelica peony and chuanxiong. The only thing missing is a rehmannia. Why don't you use rehmannia? The reason is that the main focus here is to pass, rehmannia is too nourishing and greasy, so it is not used.

These three herbs have solved the problem of blood, the dishonor and dysfunction have been solved, and the next step is to solve the problem of water.

Why do we need to solve the problem of water? Because more water and dampness in the body will impede the flow of Qi and Blood, and more water and dampness will result in less Blood, which will form stasis of Blood. In turn, blood will also affect water. If the body's blood is not smooth and blood is not sufficient, it will also exacerbate the flooding of dampness in the body. When Blood is not conducive, it is water. When water is not favorable, it becomes stagnant, which is stasis of blood.

So blood stasis will be water stagnation, and water stagnation will also be blood stagnation. If you are observant, you should know that when you fall down and swell up a big bag, is this blood or water? It is both blood and water. First, the fall hurts the blood, the blood stops, there is blood stasis, and then the water also comes in, the blood and water knot each other, forming a lump. Therefore, we need to regulate blood and water, so that we can completely solve all kinds of pain caused by blood and water disharmony.

How to cure water? The first step is to get rid of all the wastewater in the body. Zhang Zhongjing used Zelig and Fu Ling here, Fu Ling to benefit the water-dampness of the spleen and stomach in the middle jiao, and Zelig to benefit the water-dampness of the kidney and bladder in the lower jiao, once the water-dampness is gone, the body will be as light as a swallow, and the flow of qi and blood will be smooth.

By the way, there is also Bai Shao, Bai Shao heavy use also has a beneficial effect on water.

But there is a problem, your side of the water, and the other side of the source of dampness what to do? So to cure the root, to completely solve the source of water and dampness, cure the root of what? Treat the spleen. The spleen is the source of water and dampness, all dampness, swelling and fullness belong to the spleen. It is necessary to strengthen the ability of the spleen and stomach to transport and transform, so that water-dampness will be less. What should be used to treat the spleen? Of course, the first medicine to strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness is Atractylodes Macrocephala.

On the one hand, Bai Zhu can strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness, solve the source of water and dampness in the body, on the other hand, it can also make use of the good water inside the body, gasification into liquid, like water vapor, like the dense gas that pervades the lake, such liquid will moisten any part of our body.

Likewise Atractylodes and Poria form a pair of medicines, which in turn can strengthen the ability of the spleen and stomach to transport and absorb. The spleen and stomach are the source of biochemical energy and blood, and when the spleen and stomach are well, they will deliver a constant flow of energy and blood to the body, which in turn can help solve the problem of blood.

This is Zhang Zhongjing's angelica peony, this formula is very simple, is the body's blood water to replenish, the blood channels open up, and then send a big water, the body's turbid water turbid blood all out, a lot of women abdominal lumps is actually bad blood entangled with each other, when the blood water all out, these lumps naturally disappeared. What uterine fibroids ah ovarian cysts ah are all gone. The skin is not there, how can the hair be attached?

The blogger has to worship the angelica peony medicine, thanks to Zhang Zhongjing, together with ten.

What do you need to do? All you need to do is to like, collect, forward, and then take the formula as fast as you can and run to the pharmacy.

One dose a day, the blogger recommends taking twenty-one days. Please do not ask the blogger how to drink the medicine boiling medicine, search, do it yourself and eat.

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