Chen Pi with a treasure, comparable to ginseng good, cough and spleen also calm the mind!

Chen Pi is no stranger to being a common herb for regulating qi, strengthening the stomach and resolving phlegm. Whether it's in tea or soup, the addition of Chen Pi gives an essential upgrade in flavor.

The medicinal use of Chen Pi is also a great, its mild nature, basically put into any formula, have a very good assist role. The folklore is that "a couple of Chen Pi a couple of gold, a hundred years Chen Pi is better than gold"!

So it's not wrong to always have Chen Pi at home. So, who is Chen Pi suitable for?

How much do you know about the efficacy of Chen Pi?
Chen Pi has a long history of being used in medicine, firstly in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing.
Chen Pi is bitter, pungent and warm in nature. It belongs to the lung and spleen meridians. It is effective in strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting the flow of qi and relieving the middle, and lowering rebelliousness and resolving phlegm.

It is used for distension and fullness in the chest and epigastrium, diarrhea with little food, cough with phlegm, stagnation of Qi in the spleen and stomach, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, fullness in the chest and diaphragm, etc.
01、Bulking in the chest and abdomen
Chen Pi is pungent and warm, aromatic, long in regulating qi, and can enter the spleen and lung, so it can not only disperse lung qi congestion, but also move qi to broaden the middle, and is used for lung qi congestion, chest and diaphragm fullness, and spleen and stomach qi stagnation, abdominal distension and fullness.
After eating something bloated stomach and abdominal distension, Chen Pi 10 grams of boiled water a drink down, the feeling of distension will disappear.

Then there is the time to eat tonic medicine, most of the tonic medicine nourishing and greasy, easy to stagnate, and then turn into fire, this time with some Chen Pi, it can be greasy stagnation of the gas to turn off, play the role of tonic but not stagnant.

02、Cough and phlegm
Chen Pi is bitter and warm, dry in nature, good at regulating qi and broadening the middle, and can dry dampness and resolve phlegm. It is good for coughing with dampness, phlegm and cold stagnation, and has good curative effect when combined with different herbs.
If you cough phlegm all the time, feel sticky and unrefreshing in your throat, or after recovering from a cold, the cough phlegm is slow to get better, you can use 10 grams of Chen Pi to make water to drink, Chen Pi is warm, warm can disperse cold, so it removes white phlegm.

If it is yellow phlegm, add 10 grams of bamboo rhizome into it, which can clear heat.

03、Decrease in diet
Chen Pi dries dampness and strengthens the spleen and appetite, and is used for weakness of the spleen and stomach, reduced diet, indigestion and diarrhea, often in combination with ginseng, Atractylodes macrocephala and Poria.
Because of its ability to strengthen the spleen and regulate qi, it is often used as a supplement to qi medicine, which can make up without stagnation and prevent congestion as a bloating effect.

Tao Hongjing said that "Chen Pi is good for a long time", and medical practitioners for many generations believed that if Chen Pi is stored for too short a time, its dryness is not removed and the adverse effects are greater.
After a few years of storage, its dryness gradually disappears, not strong, not dry, the smell is pure and strong, more suitable for clinical treatment.
Therefore, Chen Pi is not ordinary orange peel, need citrus peel after more than three years of aging, and need to be aged well, our daily diet of fresh orange peel is not suitable for making water, stew.

The fancy match of orange peel
Ming dynasty famous medical scientist Li Shizhen "the compendium of materia medica": "orange peel, bitter can drain can dry, pungent can disperse, warm can and, its treatment of all diseases, always take its qi dry damp function. With tonic medicine is tonic, with laxative medicine is diarrhea, with ascending medicine is ascending, with descending medicine is descending."
The combination of Chen Pi with different foods can not only amplify the efficacy of the treatment of all diseases, but also can be made into a medicinal meal, and different ingredients to make water or porridge, more alleviate the symptoms of different diseases.
01、Chenpi + jujube: improve appetite
Jujube has the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying yang, tonifying the middle, nourishing blood and calming the mind. It is almost indispensable for treating weakness of spleen and stomach, deficiency of qi and blood, anemia and cold, loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness, diluted stool, palpitation and insomnia.

Chen Pi has the effect of regulating qi and appetite and treating spleen and stomach diseases. Combined with jujube, it has a certain therapeutic effect on symptoms such as loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness and unformed stools caused by spleen deficiency.
Although jujube is good, but eating too much will be flatulence, so should pay attention to control the amount of food. It is not suitable for people with heavy damp heat and yellow tongue.
【Practice】 Use boiling water to brew jujube and peel, wait for about 10 minutes to drink tea and eat jujube.

02, peel + ginger: get rid of wind and cold
Into the summer, many people are prone to sleepiness, loss of appetite, decreased immunity, from time to time a cup of peel ginger tea, not only can improve appetite, but also to prevent colds.
At the same time, the ginger spice in ginger can accelerate blood circulation, open the pores, increase sweating, with sweat to take away the body's residual heat, help to drive away the body's cold and dampness.
Chen Pi Ginger Sugar Water

Ingredients: 3 grams of shredded peel, a little ginger, brown sugar.

Directions: Put the shredded peel and ginger into a glass, add boiling water, wait for 5 minutes, add the right amount of brown sugar to taste, then drink.

Effect: This tea has the effect of broadening the chest and regulating qi, warming the stomach and dispelling cold. It is suitable for people with cold, cough and phlegm, cold stomach, bloating and appetite.

Chen Pi Ginger Tea is too hot, if consumed too much, it will lead to excessive heat in the body, resulting in mouth ulcers, swollen and painful gums, dry nose and fever, yellow urine, irritability and other symptoms of fire.

It is recommended to drink 200-300 ml a day, 1-2 hours after meals is better.

03, Chen Pi + lotus leaf: lowering fat and weight loss
Fat people have more phlegm, obese people have more phlegm in their bodies. Take Chen Pi, lotus leaf 10 grams of each tea to drink, Chen Pi to lower turbidity, lotus leaf to lower turbidity at the same time can make the clear gas to rise, a rise between a drop, the spleen and stomach this wheel is turned up, the spleen and stomach is good to have more power to transport phlegm and dampness away.
This formula, it is not only weight loss, it can also lower fat, because they are essentially the same thing, both related to phlegm and dampness, phlegm and dampness in the blood vessels, called high blood lipids; stuffed in the belly, called a small belly.
Modern research also found that the lotus leaf itself has a very good role in lowering blood lipids, lotus leaf peel tea, drink a period of time, weight lighter, blood lipids also slowly down.
04, Chen Pi + japonica rice: appetite and vomiting
Although summer has begun, but the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and morning and evening is still large, a cold and a hot, people are prone to gastrointestinal type of cold. The lighter ones have no appetite and cannot eat, while the heavier ones vomit and have diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort.
Vomiting is because the stomach does not descend. The stomach is important to descend, and if the gas does not descend, the food eaten will be blocked in the chest, and if you are not careful, it will flood upwards.

Chen Pi is bitter, bitter can descend, can bring down the stomach qi. Once the stomach qi is lowered, the blocked food will fall into the intestines.
When experiencing intestinal discomfort, you may want to boil a little Chen Pi japonica rice porridge to eat. Not only can it help open one's appetite, but it can also help relieve the vomiting symptoms at the beginning of a cold, which is very effective.
Chen Pi Japonica Rice Porridge

Ingredients: 10 grams of Chen Pi, 100 grams of round-grained rice.

How to do: Select the peel, cut it into shreds, decoct the juice, add japonica rice and cook it into a thin porridge, or grind the peel, take 3-5 grams each time, mix it into the boiled porridge and cook it into a porridge, take 1 dose daily for 3-5 days.

05, Chen Pi + Hawthorn: strengthen the spleen and help digestion
Chen Pi, the smell is particularly fragrant, and the spleen likes fragrance, aromatic things into the body, the spleen becomes cheerful, and then work hard, so that the appetite is opened.
Hawthorn is one of the few fruits that consumes more than it replenishes. Chen Pi and Hawthorn together are very good remedies for strengthening the spleen and helping digestion.

06. Chen Pi + Malt: Drain the liver and move Qi
In addition, Chen Pi also has the effect of relieving depression, Huang Yuan Yu in the "Changsha Medicine Solution" mentioned: Chen Pi, line stagnant Qi and diarrhea full of depression. This statement means that Chen Pi can open up the depressed Qi in the chest and diaphragm.
Chen Pi is pungent and sour in taste, which can enter the liver and gallbladder meridian and pass the qi of the liver and gallbladder, which is more effective in clearing the liver and relieving depression, especially if the liver qi is not relieved and affects the spleen and stomach.
Chloasma in women is mostly caused by disturbing matters that lead to liver qi damage and qi stagnation. Take 10 grams each of Chen Pi, fried malt or jiao malt to make tea to drink, Chen Pi moves Qi and malt detoxifies the liver, which is undoubtedly a good tea remedy for people living in this anxious, stressful and fast-paced era.

Recommended Chen Pi Meal
Chen Pi can be used as a medicine, an ingredient or a condiment, and is a good herbal medicine and food.
01、Chen Pi Wu Chicken Soup: Nourishing Qi and Blood
Ingredients: 500-700 grams of black chicken, 4-5 grams of peel, 9 jujubes, 6 slices of ginger, salt to taste.

1. soak the peel, wash, shred and set aside.

2. wash the chicken, cut it into pieces, put it into a pot with water, boil it over high heat and skim off the foam.

3. add peel, dates and ginger, cook for 1 hour on low heat, add salt to taste.

Efficacy: This tonic soup has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, regulating qi and relieving depression. It is suitable for people with deficiency of qi and blood, fatigue, chest congestion and swelling. 

02、Chen Pi Old Duck Casserole: support and nourish Yin
Ingredients: Chen Pi 5g, duck meat 500g, winter melon 500g, barley 50g.

1. duck meat gutted, washed and cut into small pieces, blanching, skim off the blood and water spare.

2. cut the winter melon into small pieces the size of the duck meat and set aside.

3. add duck pieces, winter melon pieces, peel, barley, boil on high heat, turn to medium heat for 3 hours, add salt to taste.

Efficacy: summer sweating more, will consume qi and yin, and old duck meat has the effect of nourishing yin and blood, is a good health food nowadays, old duck meat with peel nourishing but not greasy, very good to play its effect of supporting and nourishing yin.

These people should not eat
People with hot stomach.
The stomach-healthy effect of Chen Pi is based on stomach coldness (manifested by stomach pain and tendency to press, love of hot food, thin white tongue coating, etc.).

If the stomach is hot (manifested by stomach pain and refusal to press, love of cold food, yellow tongue coating, etc.), Chen Pi should not be taken.
People with hot cough.
Many people know that Chen Pi has the effect of relieving cough and resolving phlegm, but they do not know that when cough and shortness of breath belong to heat (yellowish-white phlegm), eating Chen Pi will not only fail to cure cough and shortness of breath, but will make the condition worse.
For people with Yin or Qi deficiency.
Chen Pi is pungent and warm in nature and is on the dry side, thus it is not suitable for people with yin deficiency (or qi deficiency) in their constitution.
Most people who suffer from insomnia and dreaminess have symptoms of yin deficiency such as a dry throat. If you consume Chen Pi, it will aggravate the dryness and heat. Once a person is dry and hot, it is difficult to fall asleep, or dreamy and unable to fall asleep.

Chen Pi is one such ingredient that regulates Qi, dries dampness and strengthens the spleen. In our daily life, whether we have accumulated food, or our spleen and stomach are uncomfortable, or we have a cold and cough, we can use the power of Chen Pi to solve it.

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