The best technique to cure "shingles"

1. Immediately after treatment with this method, the pain is relieved. Some patients have unbearable pain when the lesion is touched by the clothing, but during the cupping process, there is only a slight sensation of suction caused by cupping.

2. For lesions with erosion, cupping can be done directly without pricking with a plum needle. After cupping, use infrared baking to dry.

3. When some parts cannot be operated with cupping, use a 10-20 ml injection syringe, cut off the head, aim it at the lesion and suction the needle handle, which can have the same effect as cupping. Nowadays, vacuum cupping is used instead.

4. After the operation, generally no more sterilization treatment, there is no case of infection, but, in order to operate the standard, please master it yourself when using.

5. This method is superior to other methods, and nearly 100 cases were treated clinically and all were cured at once.

The second method is: to Yang acupuncture point bloodletting plus cupping light once heavy five times healing, no medicine injection absolute effect of more than 100 cases have not seen after a nerve pain.

The third method is: bloodletting three merchant points, three merchant points for less merchant, middle merchant, old merchant three points. The middle shang is a minute below the root of the middle of the thumb nail, and the old shang is a minute to the ulnar side of the thumb nail.

Case: Wang, male, 26 years old. Three days ago, a cluster of dense herpes, as large as a grain of rice, with a ring shape like a band and a burning and stinging sensation, appeared on the right upper abdomen. The local skin is abnormally sensitive and the pain increases when clothed. The tongue is red with a slightly yellow coating, and the pulse is floating and slippery. The blood was released by acupuncture at the Sanshang point, and several drops of sticky blood were squeezed out of each. The pain was significantly reduced after one needle, and the disease was cured after several treatments.

Body: Herpes zoster, also known as herpes zoster and herpes serpentis. The disease is mostly caused by emotional and mental disorders; or liver and gallbladder fire, internal damp heat, and external dampness and poisonous evil.

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