Treat itchy skin with just two medicines

Chinese medicine speaks of wind victory is itchy, and speaks of dampness and toxicity as itchy, and speaks of small sweat does not come out of the body must be itchy. It can be
See, there are three types of itching: one is anxious temperament, anxious heart, wind and blood; a diet fat, sweet, thick and greasy mouth without taboos; there is a kind of pampered do not love to exercise sweat.

Cure damp and itchy gold two medicine - ground skin, white fresh skin

Broom seedlings are something that I was very impressed with as a child. This wild vegetable can be found on the roadside, in the field, under the mountain, in front of the house, where there is soil, and it is very vigorous and can grow as tall as a person if it is luxuriant. It can be used for what? It can be used to tie brooms and cut when it grows up, and when it is dried, its stems are like iron bones and the tips are extremely flexible, so it can be used as brooms, which are extremely durable.

Fresh broom seedlings can make all kinds of delicacies, and it is also a very popular herbal medicine for old Chinese doctors, which can treat many kinds of diseases, as Chinese doctors often say: broom seedlings are the herbal medicine on the tip of the tongue. Although it is a kind of wild vegetable, it is treated as a good medicine for skin diseases in Chinese medicine. Its seeds are known as Dioscorea. It is a seed medicine, so why can it go to the skin to cure diseases?

It is a seed medicine, so why can it go to the skin to treat illnesses? Because it is a plant of the Polygonaceae family, it has a special smell, so it can pungently open and disperse the surface, but it is also a bitter-cold seed medicine, so it goes to the surface, because the foot solar bladder meridian is the main surface, then it can withdraw damp heat from the muscle surface and go down to the bladder. It opens the water channels of the bladder and makes the urine go away and the itching stop.

In the "Materia Medica Half-Medium", it is said that the function of Dioscorea is to treat the head and to clear the ears and eyes, and to go down into the bladder. It also helps to remove heat from the skin and make it moist.

The original skin in the human body is this way to go, it can with a peculiar pungent taste into the muscle surface, the wind evil to open out, and use its seeds bitter-cold purgative nature, damp heat, blood poison, received the bladder, through increased urination excretion out of the body.

This way the turbid yin is not in the muscle surface, can return to the turbid tract, so the skin eczema itchy since go.

After eating seafood, one person had itchy arms and some blisters, and yellow urine and red urine.

Obviously turbid yin is not descending. The turbid yin in the skin is itchy, in the heart is annoying, in the chest and stomach is phlegm and more bad breath, no matter where it is, in any case, to make the turbid yin return to the turbid channel, so that the turbid yin out of the lower orifice.

So what medicine is used to make the dampness and toxicity of turbid yin in the skin return to the cystic intestine and expel it from the body?

The two herbs he used are Dioscorea and Bai Xian Pi.

Why do we need Bai Xian Pi?

White fresh bark is white after the root bark is removed, white is its color and fresh is its smell. As if this root skin after digging up it has a sheep stink, sheep body that special smell, so it is called white fresh skin. It has another name also called sheep fresh grass.

So the word fresh generally does not have a grass head, but in the modern Chinese medical literature, many people are adding to the picture, artificially adding the grass head, which is missing the original meaning. The freshness refers to its special bad odor.

White fresh bark is used more in dermatology, mainly because it can clear heat and detoxify, and can clear heat and dry dampness, but mainly for external use, topical washing, to treat some dampness and heat, or heat poison caused by skin diseases. It can also remove dampness and itchiness, which can be discharged from the body through the waterways of the bladder.

These two herbs can clear heat and relieve itching. They are a golden partner for treating damp-heat itching of the skin, and can be added to the identification formula to strengthen the combination.

I have been using this pile of golden partners for 30 years. For itchy skin caused by damp-heat, but for those who see yellow urine and itchy skin, they are always effective.

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