The only recipe handed down from the magpie, can reduce fever and prevent the flu and sour plum soup is the same as the gods of the summer

Bian Magpie is the most famous doctor in ancient China. The people may not know Zhang Zhongjing, but they know Bian Magpie as a miracle doctor.
The dialogue between Bian Magpie and the Duke of Qi Huan left the idiom of "refusing to treat a disease".
The conversation between Bian Magpie and King Wen of Wei led to the ancient saying that "the highest level of Chinese medicine is to treat the untreated".
One day, King Wen of Wei summoned Bian Magpie and asked him with a smile, "I heard that you have two brothers, which one of them is more skilled than you?
He said, "My elder brother is the best, my second brother is the second best, and I am the worst.
King Wen of Wei was surprised, "Don't fool me, you are the most famous.
The magpie explained, "My elder brother cured people before they got sick, so people thought my elder brother was not good at healing; my second brother cured people when they were just sick, so people thought my second brother could only cure minor diseases; I, on the other hand, came to me only when the patient was seriously ill or in critical condition, and I cured him through various means of soup and medicine or acupuncture. So everyone thinks I can cure big diseases and bring back the dead, so my reputation is the most widely spread, but in fact my medical skills are the worst.
King Wen of Wei had an epiphany.
Of course, this was a demonstration of the magpie's modesty, but the magpie wanted to tell us that the highest level of health care is to treat diseases before they occur, to prevent them before they happen.
What do you mean by treating the disease before it happens? For example, if you go out in the rain today, you may catch a cold in the next few days. Curing the untreated disease means that you can cure the cold before it comes through dietary therapy or other means, while people who do not know how to maintain health will only wait until the cold comes and then take measures.
Which is more brilliant? It speaks for itself.
It's a pity that all the "Medical Book of Bian Magpie" written by such a famous doctor was lost, but fortunately there is a recipe of Bian Magpie that has been passed down.

There are three reasons why this recipe has been handed down to this day: it is too simple, it is a recipe for food therapy, as long as three ingredients, or very common ingredients, ingredients that ordinary people can afford to eat; it is too easy to operate, it can be done anywhere, anytime, every household can do it, people who can't cook can also do it; it is too effective, so it will be passed from mouth to mouth, generation to generation, and eventually This recipe is so effective that it has been passed from mouth to mouth, generation to generation, and eventually to the next hundred years.
This recipe is the three bean drink that suddenly became popular when the flu broke out last year, and it is estimated that all Chinese mothers and fathers know and have used this recipe.
The recipe is very simple: 30 grams of black beans, 30 grams of green beans and 30 grams of red beans. (This amount can be added according to personal circumstances, or 50 grams of each)
That's all, but simple doesn't mean mediocre.
Li Shizhen said that the three bean drink mainly treats all kinds of heat toxicity, all kinds of acne sores.
We know that beans are seeds, and the medicinal properties of the seeds all go downward, so all three kinds of beans have a beneficial effect on water. The seeds also have the property of being more or less oily and slippery, so they can all laxative and laxative. The vegetable oils we eat now are all seeds, aren't they? Can't soybeans be pressed into soybean oil?
The heat toxins on the body are excreted in the form of diarrhea, so the three bean drink can clear heat and detoxify the body, so it can reduce fever. The three kinds of beans are very safe, no side effects, most suitable for children who can not take medicine.
Specifically, the three beans have different health benefits.

Black beans. The black beans are really great, and the blogger likes black beans very much. You see black beans, the color is black beans, black color into the kidney, look like the kidney, so it is also called kidney beans, the kidney of the valley. So, black beans in addition to water and swelling, to remove the false fire inside the kidneys, there is a direct benefit of the kidney essence.
The black beans are black outside and green inside, green and into the liver, so the black beans can also nourish the liver, there is a dietary recipe vinegar soaked black beans are particularly good for the eyes.
The black beans are the most nourishing waist and kidney, kidney deficiency and lumbago, rheumatism and lumbago can use black beans to boil water to drink.
Black beans are best at treating false fire, such as staying up late with acne, which is caused by false fire, with black beans is effective.
Green beans. The little ones are familiar with this is to clear the liver fire, mung bean is best at detoxification, such as food poisoning, with mung bean is effective. What is the toxicity of mung beans, the toxicity of damp heat. The body damp heat caused by diarrhea, burning anus, use it to good effect. Many people urinate yellow, especially in summer, can use mung beans.
The flesh inside the mung bean is yellow, so the mung bean clears the liver fire and at the same time has a little spleen strengthening effect.
Red beans. Too familiar, in recent years red beans are red all over the north and south ah, why ah? It is not just red beans and barley soup. The red beans, water and swelling is its main effect, red into the heart, red beans and nourish the heart blood, to the role of the heart fire.

But! Although the three bean drink is relatively calm in nature, because they are all water-friendly things, so more or less on the cool side. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.
So three beans to drink to save the emergency is perfectly fine, but to use as a long-term health care products, such as used to regulate acne, you need to add or subtract appropriate.
Now please follow the blogger to add and subtract the three beans drink.
A long-term consumption of the formula, must be well protected spleen and stomach is not it? What to add to protect the spleen and stomach? The three flavors of Zhang Zhongjing's spleen, ginger, dates, and roasted licorice.
If the spleen deficiency diarrhea people what to do? If you drink three beans drink, will it make you more diarrhea? Then add ingredients that strengthen the spleen to stop diarrhea and fix astringency, yam, lotus seeds and gorgonians. Note that if you are damp-heat diarrhea, you do not need to add, this three beans drink just to treat damp-heat diarrhea, dysentery.
What if the qi deficiency? Qi deficiency of people drink long-term water, Qi are down, is not more Qi deficiency, and finally will not wilt ah? Don't worry, there is astragalus to help you, add some astragalus to bring up the qi will not be it.
What if you have insomnia? Add some Shen San Yao ah, Shen San Yao is what? Sour date palm, haplocarpus, nightshade.
If the qi is depressed, the liver is not relaxed it, the qi is not smooth it? The addition of wu mei is fine.
The three bean drink with wu mei becomes the famous wu mei three bean drink. The addition of wu plum can solve the problem of children's spleen is often deficient and liver is often surplus.
We often say that cinnamon is used to induce the fire to return to the yuan, but what about inducing the qi to return to the yuan? The best way to induce qi to return to the yuan is to use umeboshi.
You can also add a lot more, depending on the situation of the little ones.
The most important question is, what people must always have three beans drink? The actual people who are troubled by skin diseases in summer, such as eczema, hives, acne, and so on, as well as people who have babies at home. This is because babies are prone to eczema, and also the hand, foot and mouth disease that scares moms and dads.
The actual fact is that the two are not the same, but the health benefits are more or less the same, and the red beans are just a little bit better. If you pursue the ultimate, not short of money, buy red beans, if you want to save a little, buy red beans, ah, can be. The actual fact is that you can get rid of dampness a little bit more, red beans for blood a little bit more.

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