Who says you can't eat ginger in autumn?

Now the love of Chinese medicine friends began to more, many friends after learning Chinese medicine, but feel that they have a lot of taboos, for example: some friends in the afternoon by the cold, think they should let their bodies warm up, so in the evening boiled ginger soup, but our friends stopped, because according to the "theory of Chinese medicine", the night is not to eat The reason is that according to the theory of Chinese medicine, you can't eat ginger at night. As the saying goes, "eat ginger at night, race arsenic" ah.

The more powerful, autumn, suddenly began to struggle with the hands of ginger tea, ginger paste, etc. can continue to drink; some friends were blown to the cold wind, want to boil some ginger soup, so our friends know a little Chinese medicine and began to persuade: Chinese medicine, according to the autumn is not to eat ginger!

I asked these friends, where did they hear that you can not eat ginger in autumn? My friends said that a famous Chinese medicine practitioner said so.

I think: the root of this statement is that the body's qi, in the day, is changing. In the morning, Yang Qi rises, and in the evening, Yang Qi is collected and hidden, so what you eat should be corresponding. For example, in the morning, eat a little warm Yang food, and in the evening, try to make the qi converge, so it is not suitable to eat some warm and dissipative food.

This statement is correct, and we can generally guide eating according to this principle. However, this thing should not be absolute, and if it is absolute, it will also make people busy. For example, after the absolute, there is this saying: "eat ginger in the morning, the ginseng, eat ginger in the evening, the arsenic".

Can we do that, bring the recipes every morning and evening, and then all the food in the morning, all of them are warm? Are they all warming? If not, it is more powerful than eating arsenic? All the food in the evening, the medicine is not warm, with the warm hair, is better than arsenic?

We are omnivores, eat a variety of things, I think in the overall grasp can be, some special, do not have to eat too much, such as popsicles, which is a special cold, do not have to get up to eat, watermelon is cold, do not eat in the winter, do not get up to eat, such is an absolute example, in general, I think the overall grasp can be. There is always a mutual balance between food, when you eat the overall amount of food enough, then between the hot and cold, most of them are balanced.

We just have a general grasp of the concept in our hearts, and when we see a special hot and cold food, we can pay attention to it.

However, if it rises to the level of arsenic, I think all the chefs should not do it, dinner is the busiest time for the chef, you do not let him use ginger cooking try?

In addition, there are special circumstances, the previous talk is the general normal people, but there are many people who need to regulate the body, if you follow this principle, it is not feasible.

For example, the cold at night, of course, we need to use warming and dispersing drugs, so it goes without saying that ginger, that is, ephedra, when used is also to use.

We have never heard that when treating illnesses, warming and dispersing drugs are only allowed to be used in the morning, but not in the afternoon, because the qi is going down and the yang is going to be hidden; and drugs that nourish yin and clear heat can only be used at night, and the yang is going to rise in the morning, so detoxifying drugs can't be used. This is all very dogmatic, and I think that if TCM enthusiasts learn to be mechanical, they will confuse themselves.

In the treatment of chronic diseases, when the patient's body is very delicate, the use of medicine sometimes takes these factors into account, but most of the time, if there is a symptom, use the right medicine, and if you are stuck in every way, you will not be able to prescribe a prescription.

Similarly, in autumn, people are more likely to suffer from cold, at this time, of course, the cold should be dispersed by warming medicine, if stuck in the autumn can not eat ginger and use ginger, then such a prescription can not be prescribed.

Some people say that autumn is autumn dryness, so you can not use warm drugs, to moisten!

I think, this is only know one, do not know the other.

In autumn, when the weather has just become cold, the human body Qi convergence, at this time the body surface of the liquid will converge to the inside, at this time will feel dry, this is called cold dry, at this time and then suffer from cold, is a cold dry injury. At this time, although dry, but can not use the method of cool nourishing, but to use the pungent warm hair, with Su Ye, ginger and other warm drugs, the qi outward, let the body fluids back to the body surface, then will not feel dry, this is the treatment of cool dryness.

Then, in the high autumn, the morning and evening are cool, but the noon is stormy, at this time the body will lose a lot of fluids at noon, so it will be attacked by warmth and heat, resulting in heat symptoms, which is warm dryness, which requires the method of nourishing and moistening Yin.

Then in late autumn, when the weather is close to winter, cool dryness will be more obvious again. When treating the disease, the warmth method, that is indispensable again, what Su Ye, Ma Huang, ginger, the use of all should be used.

So you see, this autumn, why not let the use of ginger?

I have spoken here, you will understand, everything is to be flexible, some truths in Chinese medicine, is to be grasped in the flexible application, if you take it out alone, as a constant yardstick, then sorry, you might as well not learn it.

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