This medicine treats numbness with anesthesia! It can anesthetize pain and cure numbness in the limbs

There is a Chinese medicine, Zu Shi Ma, listen to the name, is the ancestor of anesthesia people? More powerful than sweat pills?

I don't know if it is, but it is true that it can be used for anesthesia.

It is said that some thieves in the jianghu, when caught stealing, inevitably suffer flesh and blood. So they found a kind of herb to reduce the pain when beaten, or no pain at all, which is the ancestor hemp.

Thieves will Zushi marijuana powder hidden in the collar mouth, caught being beaten will bite a bite, and soon general anesthesia, naturally do not know the pain. So Ancestor's anesthetic ability is able to fight with the masked sweat pills.

So this anesthesia and pain-relieving ability can be extended to stomach pain, back and leg pain, etc.

It is also good at a numbness: the treatment of numbness. This can be called to heal numbness with numbness.

So it is obviously the root bark and stem bark of the genus Rafflesia of the family Rafflesiaceae, but it is called by the name of ancestral hemp, which can save the patient's driving, so it is also known as the great salvation.
Yellow Rafflesia, of course, has yellow flowers, have you seen it?

It is an erect deciduous small shrub, up to 50 cm or taller, smooth and hairless throughout.

Roots reddish-yellow. Branchlets green or purple-brown. Leaves alternate, often clustered at the tips of branchlets, oblanceolate.

Terminal capitate flower bundles with 3 to 8 flowers on smooth, glabrous short pedicels.
Flowers yellow, berries ovoid, bright red. Fl. in June. Fruiting period in July.

Common in mountainous sparse forests, distributed in Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Qinghai and other places.

Medicinally, Zugshima is hard and warm. Pungent can dispel wind and move blood to disperse it. Warm can warm the middle and nourish the blood, and bitter can remove dampness, so it is able to both disperse stagnant blood and nourish good blood, no wonder thieves are so optimistic about it when they are beaten. It also dispels wind and dampness and clears dampness, and is widely used in the treatment of bruises, peripheral pain, headaches, heart and stomach pain, lumbar and leg pain, numbness in the limbs and hemiplegia.

On anesthetic pain relief.

1. For the treatment of heart and stomach pain: Zu Shi Ma 4.5g, Glycyrrhiza glabra 9g. Decoction with water. (Ningxia Herbal Manual)

Because Zu Shi Ma contains Zu Shi Ma toxin, raw products directly with a strong irritation, meet ginger, licorice can be Zu Shi Ma toxin dispel, its analgesic, sedative effect remains unchanged, while the irritation significantly reduced.

2, treatment of stomach pain: Zu Shi Ma 30g, 250ml of white wine, soak 7 days, served twice a day, 10ml each time. ("Hubei Chinese Herbal Medicine")

3, Treatment of back and leg pain: 6g of Zu Shi Ma, 9g each of Dou Wu and Niubizi. decoction with water. (National Compendium of Chinese Herbal Medicine)

Doklam is pungent, bitter, dry, fragrant and warm, good at expelling wind-dampness and relieving paralysis and pain, and can be applied to all paralysis caused by wind-cold-dampness, no matter new or long.

Niu Knee is bitter, sour and flat, tonifies the liver and kidney, strengthens the tendons and bones, expels blood stasis, clears the meridians and induces blood to move downward. It can likewise be used for the treatment of soreness of the waist and knees, and weakness of the tendons and bones.

On the treatment of numbness.

For the treatment of numbness in the limbs: 9g of Ancestral hemp, decocted in water and boiled in ten eggs. Eat one in the morning and one in the evening every day, and drink one or two mouthfuls of soup (it is better to use in winter). (Shaanxi Chinese Herbal Medicine)

In addition to the above selected recipes, Zu Shi Ma is also included in Chinese patent medicines that perform well.

1、Zu Shi Ma joint pain relief cream

Main ingredients: Zu Shi Ma, camphor, ice chips, menthol, methyl salicylate, etc.
Dispels wind and dampness, activates blood circulation and relieves pain. Used for wind-cold dampness paralysis, blood stasis paralysis of the meridians.
Expression: swollen and painful joints of limbs, cold and cold limbs, local swelling with hard nodules or petechiae.

2、Zushi Ma Tablets

Main ingredient: Zu Shi Ma.
It can dispel wind and remove dampness, invigorate blood and relieve pain. Used for rheumatic paralysis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.

3、Compound Zusima pain relief cream

Main ingredients: Zusima fluid infusion, ice chips, camphor, wintergreen oil, rue infusion, belladonna fluid infusion, etc.

It can dispel wind and dampness, invigorate blood and swelling, anti-inflammatory and pain relief. It is used for low back pain and local pain caused by rheumatism.

As can be seen from the above treatment, the ancestor is ultimately the ancestor and has no less status in the medical world.
In addition, the same genus of plants Tangut Ruixiang, concave leaf Ruixiang, Changbai Ruixiang and the same family of knotted incense plant Knotted incense can be equivalent to the ancestral hemp into the medicine it.

And knotted incense, its knotted meaning, because its branches can be tied, is a very attention-grabbing tree.

When you meet it, can you think of the ancestral hemp?

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