Six years of gout fixed by a universal gout formula for upper and lower middle

Gout is seriously called white tiger Lijie, like being bitten by a tiger, so you can see that this pain is very scary.

The disease is not terrible, but the cause of the disease is terrible.

A businessman, who had gout for six years, had been overeating and eating seafood frequently, his right knee joint was swollen, he felt hot and could not bend it.

Can Chinese medicine cure gout? Answer: It looks very fierce, but it can often be subdued quickly.

If you know how to benefit the Qi and blood, open the joints, clear heat and remove dampness, this tiger is just a paper tiger.

I wrote a formula for him, created by Zhu Danxi, one of the Four Great Masters of the Jin Yuan, and this formula is called the Upper Middle Lower General Gout Formula. After about a month, he called me and said that his legs didn't hurt as much as before and that he could sleep at night.

Zhu Danxi, how good is its medical skill? Zhu Danxi was known as a "miracle doctor" for his excellent medical skills and remarkable healing effects. He is also known as one of the four famous doctors of the Jin Dynasty, together with Liu Wansu, Zhang Zihe and Li Dong Yuan.

Zhu Danxi, whose real name is Zhu Zhenheng, was called "Zhu Danxi" because of the beautiful Danxi River in his hometown and the fact that he could see the healing effect after prescribing a prescription. Because of his excellent medical skills and noble medical ethics, he was well respected in the area.

The gout formula is Zhu Danxi's famous formula for treating gout. The "Danxi Xinfa" does not name the formula, but only says "treats pain in the upper middle and lower parts of the body", the "Jin Kui Hook Xuan" names it "upper middle and lower gout formula", and the "Danxi Xinfa Essentials of Treatment" calls it "treats upper middle and lower Gout formula".

The onset of gout is mostly due to heat in the blood, which is like boiling water, and at this time the body is invaded by cold water, water dampness, cold wind and other evil qi, which will lead to "cold and cold outside, hot blood gets cold, foul and clotted", thus leading to gout attacks.

The other thing is that fat, sweet and thick flavors will also turn dampness into heat, so this dampness and heat is the culprit of gout.

Why do you have gout in your legs and feet first? Because the wetness is heavy and turbid, always deposited to the bottom, like the sludge tank after a stirring, and so on a period of time those turbid are sinking down.

General gout formula for upper and middle: 60 grams each of Jiang Nanxing, Atractylodes, and Fried Huangbai, 30 grams of Chuanxiong, 15 grams of Angelica dahurica, 30 grams of Fried Shenqu, 15 grams of Peach kernel, 9 grams of Wei Lingxian, 9 grams of Qiang Zhi, 15 grams of Fangqi, 9 grams of Gui Zhi, 4.5 grams of Safflower, and 1.5 grams of Gentiana.

How to use: Grind these medicines into fine powder and make a pill of Qu paste, as big as a paulownia seed, and take 6 grams each time. Three times a day. Take half an hour after meals. In fact, you don't have to make it into a pill, just powder it and take 6 grams each time.

The wonderful thing about Chinese medicine is the use of prescriptions, and the wonderful thing about the use of prescriptions is the combination, and this formula for gout is the same, and the combination is the secret.

Ginger Nanxing dries up phlegm and disperses wind, especially resolving phlegm and turbid Qi between meridians. Gentian Herb clears dampness and heat in the liver and gallbladder.

This is a bitter cold, the heat directly downward to clear, Cang Zhu strengthens the spleen and dampness, this is the two wonderful san, the two wonderful san is for the evil Qi and the theory, often dampness down will be accompanied by the body's middle Jiao Qi can not lift up, Cang Zhu strengthen the function of the spleen and stomach, go up, this up and down, the whole Qi flow up.

This time you add some wind medicine, give it a boost, the wind can win the wet, then the lower jiao damp situation can be solved. The human body lower jiao damp environment once resolved, many miscellaneous diseases and strange diseases do not cure themselves. Because the dampness growth dependent on the environment has changed.

Therefore, Zhu Danxi used four medicines to dispel wind: Fangqi, Qiangwu, Weilingxian, and Bai Zhi. Fangqi has the characteristics of a wind medicine, Qiangwu dispels the wind of the hundred joints, Bai Zhi dispels the wind of the head and face, and Wei Lingxian is more aggressive, dispelling the wind of the twelve meridians.

Chuanxiong is a qi medicine in the blood, which can not only ascend, but also descend, and pass through the twelve meridians, so the ancients said, "Chuanxiong can go up to the head and eyes, go down to the sea of blood, and open the depression." The function of the upper and lower parts of the body is extraordinary. It is with Chuanxiong that the upper, middle, and lower gout is given its name.

The actual dampness and heat for a long time will obstruct the flow of qi and blood, and blood vessels will become stagnant, and when they become stagnant, they will not pass, and when they do not pass, they will be painful.

The use of cinnamon branch to warm the meridians, peach kernel and red flower to invigorate the blood and remove blood stasis, the meridians are smooth, the positive Qi can come in, the evil Qi can be discharged, the Qi and blood will run smoothly.

Shen Qu eliminates stagnation, why should it eliminate stagnation? Zhu Danxi believes that patients with gout must have accumulated food, and it is these accumulated food that are not dissolved that produce damp heat, just like the principle of fermentation in a biogas tank.

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