Walnuts inside a treasure, many people casually threw away, too bad ah

Walnuts are a good health product, many people like to eat, but did you know that there is a treasure inside the walnuts? This baby medicinal value may be higher than walnuts.

This baby is the walnut heartwood, is the walnut inside the thin layer, the walnut kernel into two halves of the heartwood. Many people eat walnuts when they casually throw this heart wood, do you know how powerful it is?

If walnuts are for the kidneys, then the heart wood is solid kidney. What do you mean by fixing the kidneys? The kidney is the main reservoir of essence, the kidney contains the essence of the body needs, the internal organs have excess essence will be transported to the kidney to hide. So the kidneys have a sealing role, must be firmly hidden in these essences.

What are the consequences of not being able to hide? These essences will flow out in various forms. For example, a man's seminal emission, premature ejaculation, or a woman's vernal dreams are all manifestations of the leakage of essence. There is also a woman's leucorrhea problem, leucorrhea, is also a manifestation of the kidney essence is not solid. There is also the problem of embarrassing leakage of urine in women as well.

A young man always have vernal dreams, seminal emission, asked the young uncle what to do. Uncle suggested he use walnut heartwood tea, drink a week, the effect is very good, because this week he did not ejaculate, if the previous week at least three ejaculate. So confidence increased, drink for a month, spermatorrhea problem was solved. Of course, this is also temporary, if the bad habits do not change, spermatorrhea will come again.

The kidneys are the second stool, and there are also problems with urine loss in the elderly or children, all of which are manifestations of the kidney essence not being solid, and the kidneys' ability to seal up is weak, and incontinence will occur. Many moms worry about their babies bedwetting, thinking about what medicine to take, what medicine do not have to eat, drink some distraction wood tea on it. There is also the problem of the elderly night, which affects sleep, how to do? Every day to brew heartwood tea to drink, drink a period of time on the night less, safe without side effects.

There is an old man, his partner is a fan of the little uncle, said his partner in the winter too frequent night, it affects the sleep of two people. Ask Uncle Xiao if there is a way. The old man said that the kidney energy is declining, the gasification ability is not enough, drinking water can not be gasified into the body needs fluid, naturally must be discharged. So to solve the problem of the elderly night one is to drink less water at night, but to strengthen the kidney's ability to seal. So it is recommended to drink walnut heartwood tea. Amazing, said only one day to drink, the night is less, seven days in a row, the night almost no more. I can't believe that a small walnut heartwood, which used to be thrown into the garbage, has such a miraculous effect.

There are also many people's sweating problems, walnut heartwood also has a certain role oh. This sweat is not poison, but also the essence of oh. There are many people with chronic diarrhea problems, you can also use walnut heartwood. In short, the body can not stop some of the essence to flow out, you can use walnut heartwood to fix the kidney and fix the essence.

Yes, the biggest role of walnut heartwood is to fix the role of the kidney and fix the essence.

How to use it? Each time you use 9 grams to 15 grams of tea to drink, the insulation cup smothered as a tea drink can be.

Remember, the next time you eat walnuts, the heartwood collection.

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