The first person in pediatrics announced 4 parenting experience, spend money can not buy

The first person in pediatrics was Qian Yi, a famous doctor in the Song Dynasty.

He wrote a pediatric medical code, "The Straightforward Guide to Pediatric Medicine", which is the first systematic and complete pediatric medical code in China's history, with no predecessor and no successor.

Because children do not speak, it is more troublesome to see the doctor, many doctors are reluctant to study in the field of pediatrics, only Qian Yi knew the difficulties and filled the historical gap. Today, Uncle Wen shares Qian Yi's child-rearing experience that has been left out for a thousand years, with an ultimate wish that the flowers of our country grow strong. I also hope that the nation's moms and dads look carefully and attentively, and never have to ask Uncle Wen about future problems.

1、Newborn baby: mom, you must do the month well oh

Uncle Wen reminded, sitting in the moon must not do two things: eat cold cold; blow air apoptosis. Many of the baby mother's moon sickness is due to do these two things and lead to, in particular, blowing empty apoplexy, so that the false thief evil wind into the body, resulting in the whole body bone pain, suffering. Pay attention to keep warm, key parts such as neck, shoulders, waist, knees must not be exposed.

How to tonic after childbirth? Warm tonic is the main thing. Before giving birth, it should be cool, after giving birth, it should be warm. Note that warm tonic is not a big tonic, fierce tonic, every day ginseng bird's nest, every day chicken, duck and fish, warm tonic is a gentle replenishment of qi and blood. After giving birth because of excessive blood loss at once, the body is in a time of extreme weakness, the spleen and stomach is also relatively weak, the spleen and stomach recovery also needs a process, so this time to supplement must be gradual.

Uncle Wen suggests drinking millet porridge porridge oil, millet is the king of grains, porridge oil and is the essence of millet porridge, a great tonic for qi and blood, tonic but not dry. Can put some red dates put some yam. You can also drink chicken soup, stewed with astragalus angelica wu chicken soup, but must not be greasy, drink the chicken soup when the top layer of oil to remove.

In short, the spleen and stomach should be able to transport the premise.

The ancient people were very particular about bathing their babies, using water boiled with willow branches, peach branches and mulberry branches to bathe their babies. What are the benefits of bathing in this way? Because these branches are a symbol of spring, also means the beginning of a new life, the branches have the nature of hair, can bring out the baby's body inside the fetal poison, so that the baby will not get eczema later. If your baby gets eczema later, and it is not good to take medicine, you can also use the vine of Lonicera, or honeysuckle, to boil water for the baby's bath.

There is another problem after the baby is born, is the fetal yellow, which is brought from the mother's womb, do not panic, usually about a week will disappear. What if it doesn't go away or is even serious? Then we have to deal with it as a disease. There is a formula in Chinese medicine specifically for treating jaundice called Artemisia Inchi Tang. 9 grams of Artemisia Umbraculata, 3 grams of fried gardenia, 3 grams of Phellodendron Bark, 9 grams of white foxglove, and 4 grams of yujin. Baby mothers are advised to write down this formula. This formula is mainly for the treatment of yang yellowness caused by dampness and heat. Jaundice in birth babies is basically caused by internal damp-heat.

2 、Baby within 1 year old: Mom, please feed me with your milk

Babies within one year of age have a natural immunity, which is innate, so disease is not the main thing at this stage, but there are three main things.

The first thing, feeding with milk or breastfeeding? Do not tangle, if not really forced, Uncle Wen strongly recommend breastfeeding. Why? Because the baby is the crystallization of the father's essence and mother's blood, long stay in the mother's womb, has long been accustomed to the mother's everything, the baby is the most acceptable, the spleen and stomach can also be the most transported is breast milk. Breastfeeding is a transition for the baby from the mother's body to this strange world, and this transition is necessary.

This is like, you stay in the north for a long time, cold to go to Hainan, there will be a problem of unconvincing water and soil. The baby is also the same, if this time on the milk, it will trigger the baby's physical and psychological discomfort. Only the baby will not say it. And milk is a very Yin cold thing, the baby's spleen and stomach is difficult to transport.

The second thing is that babies within 1 year of age will experience a unique physiological change called steaming.

The so-called change of steam is that the baby will change once in 32 days after birth, this change is very obvious, each change is a growth, will bring a surprise to the mother. Each baby will experience ten changes of steam. Moms must remember the day when their baby becomes steamed.

The baby may have a fever, a low fever, when the baby becomes steamed, the mother must not panic, not to mention immediately take to the hospital for infusion, the baby is not sick, this is a normal physiological reaction to the change of steam. How can you tell if the fever is caused by illness or steam? If your baby is in good spirits, his ears are cool, his tailbone is also cool, and he can eat and drink, then nothing is wrong.

After the change of steam, you suddenly find that the baby can roll, can sit, and teething.

The third thing, the baby six or seven months after the increase of complementary food, the first mouthful of complementary food most should add what?

Uncle Wen suggests that it is grains. Rice paste, batter can be, the best is millet porridge porridge oil, which is the most nourishing, but also the most digestible baby. The first bite of complementary food should never give a variety of meat eggs milk and so on. The first time in life is critical, the baby's first mouthful of complementary food is critical, which determines whether he will be picky later. If the first bite is given to the meat, he will remember the taste of meat, later give him grains and vegetables will not eat. Once the baby is picky, it is not good to feed, it will lead to spleen deficiency, not growing and not growing meat.

Do not worry about not eating meat is not nutritious, this is unfounded, grains are the root of nourishment. Eat well than the baby eat meat every day without eating the baby's body is much better.

3, 1 year old to 3 years old baby: mom, please protect my spleen and stomach

The baby's disease is no more than two categories: one is the external six perversions, to put it plainly, the cold; the second is the internal injury diet.

The focus is on internal injury diet, which can easily lead to external sensation. The most important thing is that the internal injury diet is the accumulation of food, because the spleen and stomach of children are particularly weak, and will accumulate food if they are not careful, so this stage of learning to regulate the baby's accumulation of food is a daunting and glorious task for the mother.

First of all, feeding must be done properly. Nowadays, babies are fed by several adults, mothers and fathers, grandparents and grandparents, and it is easy to overfeed them. It is recommended to eat less and more meals, five meals a day, each time six or seven minutes full. When the baby does not eat, must not be forced to fill the hard stuff, and do not scare the baby with a stick, the baby can not eat for a reason, the consequences of this simple and rough feeding is very serious.

Imagine, when you do not want to eat when others forced you to eat you feel good? Since you do not feel good, why do you want the baby to suffer this difficult? And in the name of love? Bullying the baby can not speak? This kind of forced to eat the meal is called pressure gas meal, eat not digested, but also hurt the spleen and stomach.

If the stool is dry, sticky, smelly, with a yellow tongue and bad breath, and a bulging tummy, it means there is a build-up of food. What should I do at this time? You can use Baohe Pill or Wang's Baochi Pill. If you don't have any stool for several days, use Fatty Child Pill.

If a baby with food accumulation is not treated immediately, he or she will have restless sleep at night, such as crying, tossing and turning, stirring up the blanket, and night sweats. At this time, you can use some bamboo leaves and 6 grams each of lantern grass to boil water for your baby to drink. Let the baby's heart fire come down. The same can be said for Guoxin. However, this is only to treat the symptoms, the root of the problem is to regulate the baby's food accumulation.

The actual food that is not digested will certainly be pulled out, so the mom should not see the baby diarrhea immediately eat antibiotics to stop diarrhea, this is with the body to save itself in the fight. There are two kinds of diarrhea, one is acute, stool like water, several times a day, you can use Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid, do not want to take medicine can also use Huoxiang Zhengqi pill paste belly button. This is the time to drink millet porridge porridge oil, this porridge oil can regulate both constipation and diarrhea.

There is another kind of chronic diarrhea caused by spleen deficiency, that is, unformed stools, loose stools, you can use ginseng and white atractylodes.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

This is the result of the accumulation of food that hurts the spleen and stomach. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. This time not only to eliminate food and guide stagnation, but also to strengthen the spleen and open the stomach, using the best pediatric Jianshan pill.

If a baby's food accumulation is not effectively handled, it can easily lead to a cold. Why? This is because the body will turn into heat when there is accumulation, this is the heat that the body composts, at this time the baby's body is a pattern of damp heat, this damp heat will cause the pores to open, once the pores are open, it is the same as opening the ghost door, false thief evil wind will take advantage of the opportunity to enter.

This time there will be both external sensation and accumulation of food double dilemma, how to do? Two ways, one is to buy Baohe Pill plus Xiao Chai Hu granules, and one is to buy Pediatric Zhi Bao Pill. Uncle Wen suggests using the first one is more appropriate, because the baby can easily get a fever with a cold, and Xiao Chai Hu granules can solve the problem that the liver often has excess and the spleen often has deficiency.

What if I have a fever? You can use 10 grams each of Chen Pi, Bamboo Roo and Silkworm Sand to boil water to reduce fever. These three medicines reduce fever quickly, many people have tried, basically a day to see results. These three herbs must always be ready. Yesterday's article Wen Xiaohu also recommended Chen Pi, did not buy the hurry to buy back. After the fever has subsided, we must replenish the righteousness, nourish the spleen and stomach, and use the water of the Chinese yam to make up for it, and then drink millet porridge.

Remember, you must not take tonic products just after a cold, you must not eat fatty, sweet and thick flavors, you must wait for three days, otherwise it will trigger the cold again.

Babies usually have inflammation of the tonsils when they have a cold, which is a symptom of a cold, so don't worry, it will go away naturally when the cold gets better. Do not go to the child to take antibiotics for infusion, otherwise it will lead to long-term tonsillitis. You can drink water with fishy grass, which is a natural antibiotic.

At this stage the baby will often have drooling and runny nose symptoms, do not worry, this is because the baby's spleen and stomach is weak, boiled water with Chinese yam can be used to raise the spleen, the spleen is good lungs will be good, cultivate the earth to produce gold.

4, 3 years old to 7 years old baby: baby has a small emotion, please calm me down

1 year old to 3 years old baby body has laid a good foundation, 3 years old to 7 years old should pay attention to the baby's psychological changes, according to Chinese medicine, is to regulate the emotions and will.

Because the baby already knows joy, anger, sadness, pining, sadness, fear, fright. If the baby's emotions are not properly regulated at this time, the baby will have small emotions and will lose their temper. If not guided, let it go, small emotions will evolve into liver discomfort.

See if your baby's tongue is pointy, if it sticks out as pointy, it means that liver qi is already uncomfortable. If the baby is born with a pointy tongue, it means that the mother's liver qi was not comfortable during pregnancy.

There are two extremes in the performance of babies with uncomfortable liver energy: one is very grumpy, rowdy, crying and yelling at the drop of a hat, often talking back to adults, you do not let him do what he wants to do, and sometimes will abuse small animals, biting strangers; the other is particularly good, particularly quiet, particularly obedient, particularly introverted, you say east he never dare to go west, all day sullen and depressed.

If these two situations occur, you can let your child take Xiao Chai Hu granules for a period of time.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items.

In addition, parents should set an example, if the parents are bad-tempered, the children will also be bad-tempered, a family full of violence and quarrels will directly lead to the child's liver discomfort, a family full of sunshine, joy and love, how can the child's liver discomfort?

Another important thing at this stage is to guide your child to read and write. Be careful not to expose your baby to TV and cell phones too early, but to read picture books first, look at pictures and read words, and train your child's mind.

Many parents of three-year-old children can not wait to send to kindergarten, in this day and age, has become a common phenomenon. But if Uncle Wen, is not so early to send kindergarten. What is the most important task of the child? Absolutely not learning, is the growth of the body, only the body foundation is good, what can be smooth later. Learning is only the second step. Many parents get it backwards, desperately let the child learn this, learn that, a variety of interest classes, piano, art, English, composition, Go, etc., hope that the son becomes a dragon, hope that the daughter becomes a phoenix, really can be described as a good intention.

However, Uncle Wen would like to say, not to. The child is still a sapling, can not afford so much baggage, so young children are worried about whether the child's future success, a little too hasty. The real interests of children are not reported by parents in interest classes, but are slowly developed during the growth of the child, discovered by the wise eyes of parents.

Now force your child to study like crazy, and when he grows up and has the freedom, he will play like crazy to get back the joy owed to him as a child.

Another task at this stage is to remember not to give your child junk food to eat, do not expose your child to junk food like potato chips, jelly, spicy food, these foods have hormones and make people addicted. And don't drink all kinds of cold drinks like cola ah, all kinds of lactic acid drinks ah as water, it is best not to drink.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. You are not ruthless now, you will let your heart break later. The junk food will make your child sick, now ruthless, later smoothly assured. When the child grows up and has the knowledge, let him decide whether to try these junk foods, because then he has self-control.

The most important growth stage of a child has been successfully completed, this time, please thank yourself: thank you for being so good at raising such a good child.

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