Women consume too much in their lives, a daily angelica egg, so that women quickly back to blood

Eggs are very delicious food and very nutritious. I guess there are not many people who do not like to eat eggs.

The question arises, how to eat eggs for women is more beneficial to health?

Every day boiled eggs in plain water is not monotonous, there is a little waste of water and electricity, what should be added to the pot is good?

The folklore of Angelica eggs have you heard of it? Today's angelica eggs are shared with the women.

How to make angelica eggs? Go to the pharmacy to buy good angelica, according to their own situation put on 9 grams to 15 grams of angelica, and then put an egg on it, the egg washed oh, with shells boiled, stewed in a ceramic pot for 40 minutes to an hour on low heat, the egg shells cooked cracked, the purpose is to let the medicinal properties of angelica slowly penetrate into the egg.

Then eat the egg, and then drink a small bowl of soup, is the kind of small bowl for dinner. One angelica egg a day for a month, the effect can be seen.

This is the amount of a person, if two people eat, you can put two eggs, Angelica can not add, the effect is a little worse, it does not matter.

Why do women need to eat angelica eggs?

Because a woman consumes too much in her life, every month the period to consume or not? The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a good deal on your own. The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days. All of them. And women like to worry, overthinking, also need to consume. What is consumed? Naturally, blood. Women are born with blood, so women need to take good care of their blood throughout their lives.

And angelica is a woman's blood medicine, blood family holy medicine, the king of blood medicine, a lifetime to protect women, so that women do not age. Angelica, angelica, is to bring back the lost blood again. Angelica not only tonifies blood, but also invigorates blood and resolves blood stasis. One medicine with three uses. Of course Angelica is most of all a blood tonic.

Angelica solves the problem of insufficient blood in women, what about eggs? Eggs from a TCM perspective it is a sperm tonic, anything that can nurture life can be a sperm tonic, such as plant seeds. The kidneys store sperm, and the kidneys are the master of reproduction, so eggs can nourish sperm. Essence and blood have the same origin, and when the essence is sufficient, the blood is sufficient. In turn, when the blood is sufficient, the essence is also sufficient. The combination of eggs and angelica is especially suitable for menopausal women. The symptoms of menopause are the deficiency of essence and blood. The Inner Classic says, "The heavenly sap is exhausted. This heavenly decay, is the essence of blood.

Of course, if you feel that you do not have enough qi, you can also add astragalus, add astragalus 30 grams together with boiling, so that the qi, blood and essence are solved.

Some people say that eating angelica eggs can get hot, this depends on the situation. Generally speaking, eggs belong to yin, which is cold, and angelica warm, which can neutralize. If you take angelica alone, you may get fire, cooked with eggs, you will not. However, some people with a deficient spleen, deficient in tonic, may be on fire, then first strengthen the spleen. In addition, people with heavy phlegm and dampness may also get on fire, not afraid, add some Chen Pi Fu Ling 12 grams each, it will be fine. The best solution is to eat after proper exercise.

Angelica eggs, eat it up. The heart is better than action, one a day, the blood back.

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