Recommend a very convenient and cheap topical formula for ringworm from head to toe

There is a common saying that ringworm is not treated externally and asthma is not treated internally. Because ringworm and coughing and wheezing are particularly complex diseases with many causes, a bad cure would be a disgrace, so some doctors in ancient times were reluctant to treat ringworm and coughing and wheezing-like diseases.

Ringworm is a particularly stubborn skin disease, so today my uncle will lose face and give you a recipe for external cleansing, so you can try it if you need it.

100 grams of dried mugwort leaves 20 grams of bitter ginseng 1000 ml of white vinegar

Don't add any water, just boil it with white vinegar, boil about 300 ml or so, then use this remedy to wash the affected area externally, you can soak your hands, you can soak your feet, you can rub any part that has ringworm.

The biggest symptom of ringworm is itchiness, a strange itch, and this itch may be worse than pain. So, we don't care what causes the itch, let's stop itching first. Mugwort and bitter ginseng are both potent remedies to stop the itch.

Ringworm may be caused by dampness and heat, so mugwort can dry dampness and bitter ginseng can also dry dampness.

All sores and pains belong to the heart, so this bitter ginseng enters the heart and can stop the itch.

Mugwort can also dredge the meridians, often it is itchy because the meridians are not working, the Qi and blood can not get through, so it will itch. You see when the itch we scratch it no longer itch, this scratching action is to dredge the meridians, let the qi and blood over.

Why must be boiled in vinegar? Because white vinegar itself has a bactericidal and anti-toxic effect, according to Western medicine many ringworm is due to bacterial infection.

This mugwort and bitter ginseng, one warm, one cold, one ascending, one descending, can make the body's qi rise and fall normally, thus achieving the effect of treating ringworm.

It is such a simple topical recipe to try whether you have ringworm of the head or ringworm of the femur or ringworm of the feet or ringworm of the body. You can wash it externally for a week, and even if it doesn't work, you won't lose anything and there are no side effects.

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