How to deal with hypertension in young people five methods to effectively recuperate ?

Nowadays, the living pressure of young people is getting bigger and bigger, and there are often situations of unreasonable diet and irregular life schedule. Moreover, they do not exercise for a long time, so they will lead to diseases after a long time, hypertension in young people is one of them. So, what about young people with hypertension? What are the dietary therapies for hypertension? Let's take a look.

How to deal with hypertension in young people

Although living standards have improved, many young people do not pay attention to health protection, stay up late, eat irregularly and so on, which leads to the emergence of various diseases, although hypertension is common among the middle-aged and elderly people, many young people now also suffer from it. So, what about young people with hypertension?

1. Advocate vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet can reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Therefore, the diet of hypertension patients should be light and high vitamin, high cellulose, high calcium, low fat and low cholesterol. Total fat is less than 30% of total calories, and protein accounts for about 15% of total calories. Advocate eating more coarse grains, coarse grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, bean products, lean meat, fish, chicken and other foods, advocate vegetable oil, eat less lard, greasy food, white sugar, spicy, strong tea, coffee and so on.

2. Control salt

Excessive intake of sodium salt is one of the factors leading to hypertension, so controlling the intake of salt can help reduce or stabilize blood pressure. Studies have shown that hypertension patients can effectively shrink their blood pressure if their daily salt intake is reduced from 10 grams to 5 grams.

3. Quit smoking and alcohol

Alcohol and tobacco are a risk factor for hypertension. Frequent smoking and drinking will increase the possibility of hypertension complicated with heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. In addition, alcohol and tobacco will also reduce the reactivity of patients to antihypertensive drugs. Therefore, patients with hypertension should quit smoking and drinking, and people with difficulty in drinking should be restricted from drinking.

4. Have a good diet

Make regular and quantitative diet for three meals a day, and do not overeat or overeat. The Daily recipe can be arranged as follows: 250-350g carbohydrate, 400-500g fresh vegetables, 100g fruit, 20-25g edible oil, 250g milk (ml), 3 portions of high protein food (each portion refers to: 50~100g lean meat, or 1 egg, or 100g tofu, or 100g chicken, duck, or 100g fish and shrimp. 4~5 eggs per week).

5. Scientific drinking water

The hardness of water is closely related to the occurrence of hypertension. Studies have proved that hard water contains more calcium and magnesium ions, which are important regulatory substances involved in the contraction function of vascular smooth muscle cells. If lacking, it is easy to cause vascular spasm and eventually lead to blood pressure rise, therefore, for patients with hypertension, try to drink hard water, such as spring water, deep well water, natural mineral water, etc.

Diet Therapy for hypertension

1. Celery porridge

120 grams of celery root and 250 grams of polished round-grained rice. Wash the celery, cut it into six-part sections, and wash the polished round-grained rice. Put celery and polished round-grained rice into the pot, add a proper amount of clear water, boil with wuhuo, then stew with wenhuo until the rice is rotten into porridge, add a little salt and monosodium glutamate, and stir well.

2. Mung bean kelp porridge

100 grams of mung beans and 100 grams of kelp each, and a proper amount of rice. Chop kelp and cook it together with other 2 flavors. Can be eaten as dinner for a long time.

3. Vinegar soaked peanuts

Raw peanuts are soaked in vinegar and eaten after 5 days. 10~15 grains are eaten every morning, which has the effects of lowering blood pressure, stopping bleeding and lowering cholesterol.

4. Sweet and sour garlic

There are several garlic cloves soaked with sugar and vinegar for more than one month. Eat 6 cloves of garlic every day and drink 20 ml of sugar and vinegar juice for one month. It is suitable for intractable hypertension.

5. Cabbage soup

10~30 grams of light vegetable, shepherd's purse or celery respectively. Cook soup and drink it every day. 15 days is a course of treatment, which is effective for lowering blood pressure.

6. Fresh Carrot Juice

About 1000 ml is needed every day, and it should be taken in batches. Medical research has proved that hypertension patients drink Fresh Carrot Juice and have obvious antihypertensive effect.

7. Silver ear Hawthorn soup

20 grams of tremella, 40 grams of mountain braid cake or mountain braid, 1 spoon of white sugar. After washing the tremella, soak it in cold water for 1 day, then make it thoroughly, clean it, put it into a casserole, and pour the tremella liquid. Cut the hawthorn cake into small squares, add it together with white sugar into the tremella pot, stew for half an hour, until the tremella is rotten, and the juice is thickened into a soup to leave the fire. Eat snacks, or before going to bed, 1 small bowl each time, 1-2 times a day, and finish it in 2 days.

Conclusion: After reading the above article, I believe everyone has a detailed understanding of how to deal with hypertension among young people. Now hypertension is getting younger, so young people can no longer squander their health by their youth, therefore, if young people suffer from hypertension, you may as well try these methods introduced in this article.

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