How to regulate hypertension ? 6 dietary suggestions, keep in mind for health .

It is believed that many people know something about hypertension. Although it has no obvious symptoms in its early stage, sometimes it will feel dizzy and palpitations, it will pose a threat to the brain and heart for a long time. However, the diagnostic index of hypertension is that the systolic blood pressure of systemic circulation artery is ≥140mmHg and the diastolic blood pressure is ≥90mmhg. If these two values are too high, attention should be paid to daily eating habits, at least these six points should be kept in mind.

1. Stay away from alcohol

Many hypertension patients have the habit of drinking alcohol, but relevant studies show that excessive drinking is actually an important cause of hypertension. The higher the amount of alcohol, the faster the blood pressure of patients increases, and alcohol will also affect the therapeutic effect of antihypertensive drugs. Therefore, it is essential for hypertension patients to abstain from alcohol.

2. Light diet

The diet of hypertension patients requires low salt because the salt component is sodium chloride. If too much salt is ingested in the body, sodium chloride will shrink blood vessels through infiltration, resulting in an increase in blood pressure. However, some elements in salt (such as iodine) are essential to human body, so we should eat a certain amount of salt in our daily diet, but we should pay attention to the lack of salt and the light diet.

3. Control sugar intake

Speaking of the source of sugar, Steamed Rice and fruits often eaten in daily life contain sugar. Therefore, sugar is also an indispensable part of life. However, for hypertension patients, sugar intake should be controlled. Because sweets can affect the blood sugar concentration in patients, excessive intake of sugar may induce diabetes.

4, eat suitable fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and have a good effect on preventing hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. But for patients with hypertension, suitable fruits and vegetables are beneficial to the body. For example, Auricularia auricula and celery can reduce blood pressure by improving blood vessels, while many fruits such as bananas and oranges can supplement elements, it is beneficial to the health of patients.

5, dinner should be eaten less

For hypertension patients, not only diet should be kept light, but dinner should also be reduced. First, overeating at night will increase the burden on your intestinal tract and affect your sleep. Second, prevent eating too much to increase blood concentration, which is not conducive to keeping blood pressure constant. So eat less at night and eat some fresh fruits better.

6, do not drink tonic

Some hypertension patients will feel very anxious after getting sick, and always feel that their body is too weak and needs to be mended. However, patients had better not take tonic indiscriminately, because there are many taboos in the diet of hypertension patients. Blind supplementation may have an exactly opposite effect, which should be quoted under the supervision of doctors.

In a word, people suffering from hypertension should always pay attention to their own diet and form a good habit of light diet. Don't think it is enough to take medicine. Adjustment in many aspects is the right way. 

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