How to recuperate high blood pressure ? Doctor's conscience advice: remember five points to help you relieve blood pressure .

The elderly are prone to hypertension, a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Although hypertension is a common disease, its impact is considerable, in particular, it will pose a great threat to the health of the elderly. However, with the improvement of people's living standards and the development of medical technology, daily care and diet conditioning can be adopted to stabilize the disease in the early stage of hypertension, therefore, the daily health care of elderly hypertension patients is especially important.

So how should people with high blood pressure recuperate?

Hypertension is actually a kind of lifestyle disease, so from a certain perspective, to improve the unhealthy lifestyle of patients can often play a very good and even get twice the result with half the effort to reduce blood pressure. What aspects should be taken to solve the problem and adjust the high blood pressure?

The first is to limit salt from the diet of people with high blood pressure, because the repeated increase of sodium and low potassium before us is a predisposing factor of hypertension, so we must eat low sodium diet, it is a low-salt diet. World Health Organization (WHO) put forward that the target of this salt is 5G to 6g, that is to say, the daily intake of salt is 5G to 6g.

Then we have an epidemiological survey. From the south to the north, the intake of salt is gradually increasing. We may also have some experience that Northerners eat more and more salt, according to our southern epidemiological survey, our salt intake can basically reach 13 to 15 grams per day.

In other words, we can give a relatively simple example. If you eat outside for a long time, what do you think of the food in this restaurant, the food in the hotel, and even the food we eat outside, you think it is delicious and can be eaten. After eating it, you don't need to drink water when you go back. Then in your normal diet, the amount of salt you eat is absolutely beyond the standard. This is the first salt restriction;

The second is smoking cessation and alcohol restriction. Let's look at the extensive and profound Chinese culture, which uses two words: Quitting smoking and restricting alcohol. Smoking is harmful but not beneficial, so we must quit, however, wine uses the word "limit", which means that wine is not allowed to be drunk, but when we do health education, we should tell him, wine should be limited to a certain range. There are various opinions in different editions of the guide, including white wine, beer and red wine.

But we can simply tell people with high blood pressure, which is a process of three and one. What is three ones? The amount of white wine is one or two, so red wine is one of our usual red wine glasses. Of course, when we drink red wine, we never dry it with others. That is a big glass, which is definitely used for tasting, so this cup is basically one third to half a cup. Then a bottle of beer is a bottle, and we have 300 ml to 500 ml bottles of beer, which is 360 ml mentioned in the guide, so it is easier to remember.

When we carry out publicity and education for patients, we should quit smoking and restrict drinking. The restriction of drinking is within the range of three ones. This is the second point of life style to quit smoking and restrict drinking.

The third is weight loss. There is a direct and close relationship between overweight and obesity and hypertension. Then in the third lifestyle, when it comes to weight control, we have to mention the fourth therapeutic lifestyle. To increase exercise, we should increase this amount of exercise reasonably and reasonably, increase the exercise process to minimize and control the risk factors of this hypertension.

The last point, after mentioning the above four points, the last point is reasonable diet. In fact, reasonable diet, as we have mentioned before, salt restriction is a low-salt and low-fat diet state, and high fruit intake can reduce a state of potassium salt intake as much as possible. In this way, A reasonable diet, diet and nutritional status play a vital role in maintaining our blood pressure and reducing the incidence of hypertension.

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