How to regulate high blood pressure these 5 methods effectively reduce blood pressure ?

In our daily life, some people have hypertension. Do you know how to regulate high blood pressure? What are the causes of hypertension? How should we prevent the occurrence of hypertension in normal days? Let's go to learn about it with the editor.

How to regulate high blood pressure

1. Happy mood

Any mental stimulation can raise human blood pressure. If patients with hypertension can achieve "complacent and indifferent, frustrated and calm" and try to reduce mood fluctuation, they can maintain the relative stability of blood pressure and reduce the occurrence of complications.

2. Light diet

We know that sodium ions in salt can cause water retention in human body, thus increasing blood volume, causing blood pressure to rise, and further increasing heart burden. Therefore, hypertension patients should adhere to the principle of light diet, and the daily intake of salt should be controlled below 3~5G.

In addition, you should eat more vegetables and easily digested food, and eat less fatty and thick food, especially less animal fat and viscera to avoid obesity and atherosclerosis. You should not eat too much for each meal, especially eat less for dinner. To quit smoking and limit alcohol (do not drink strong wine, you can drink a small amount of Wine), drink tea should be light, especially avoid drinking strong tea and coffee before going to bed, in order not to affect sleep, even lead to blood pressure rise.

3. Reasonable rest

For hypertension patients, reasonable rest is very important. Especially for elderly patients, because their various organs have declined, they should pay more attention to rest and avoid overwork. They need to ensure 7~9 hours of sleep every day. In addition, we should also control sexual intercourse to prevent excessive labor in the House and damage the body and mind.

4. Moderate exercise

"Life lies in sports". Moderate exercise can relax muscles and activate collaterals, unblock qi and blood, relieve people's tension and help control blood pressure. Generally speaking, patients with hypertension can choose outdoor walking, jogging, tai chi, qigong and other sports with slow rhythm and small amount of exercise, and do not feel tired after the exercise. In addition, cold and cold can shrink human blood vessels and lead to an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, elderly patients with hypertension should choose indoor exercise or stairs climbing exercise in winter.

5. Blood pressure is often measured

Fluctuations in blood pressure do great harm to human body. For hypertension patients, regular blood pressure measurement is very necessary. Patients had better bring their own BP monitor at home, and adjust the variety and dosage of antihypertensive drugs at any time according to their blood pressure level, so as to keep blood pressure within an appropriate range all the time.

Causes of hypertension

1. Genetic factors

About 60% of hypertension patients have family history. At present, it is believed that it is caused by polygenic inheritance, and 30% ~ 50% of hypertension patients have genetic background.

2. Mental and environmental factors

Long-term mental stress, excitement, anxiety, noise or adverse visual stimulation can also cause hypertension.

3. Age factor

Incidence Rate tends to increase with age, and the Incidence Rate of people over 40 years old is higher.

4. Factors of living habits

Unreasonable dietary structure, such as excessive sodium salt, low potassium diet, heavy drinking and excessive intake of saturated fatty acids can all raise blood pressure. Smoking can accelerate the process of atherosclerosis and is a risk factor for hypertension.

5. Impact of drugs

Contraceptives, hormones, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, etc. can all affect blood pressure.

How to prevent hypertension

1, try to reduce drinking

Excessive drinking may lead to hypertension. Drinking can increase heart rate, contract blood vessels, raise blood pressure, and cause cerebral hemorrhage. So we need to reduce drinking.

2. Supplement calcium and potassium

Potassium can prevent the increase of blood pressure caused by high intake of salt, and has obvious antihypertensive effect on light hypertension, because increasing the intake of potassium is conducive to the discharge of sodium, therefore, both calcium supplement and potassium supplement have antihypertensive effects. However, there are many common foods with calcium and potassium, such as shrimp, walnut, big bone, milk, kelp, soybean, lettuce, celery, loofah, etc.

3. Keep calm

Talk as little as possible, keep a relaxed mood, and be calm in mood, which is helpful to prevent and reduce hypertension.

What to eat for hypertension

1. Skim milk

Skim milk is an ideal source of calcium and vitamin D. The organic combination of these two substances can help reduce blood pressure by 3% to 10%, which seems small, however, it can also reduce the incidence rate of cardiovascular diseases by 15%. Therefore, on the whole, skim milk is an ideal antihypertensive food.

2. Orange juice

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C. British medical workers tested the blood of 641 adults and found that people with higher vitamin C content in their blood had lower arterial blood pressure. These researchers believe vitamin C contributes to vasodilation.

3. Kiwi fruit

Kiwifruit tastes sour, sweet, cold and non-toxic. The whole fruit or juice can clear away heat and diuresis, dispel blood stasis and promote blood circulation, resist inflammation and reduce swelling, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and is suitable for hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, etc.

4. Apple

Apple contains a variety of vitamins, sugars, pectin, inorganic salts, malic acid, xanthic acid, tannic acid and cellulose. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of tonifying heart and Qi, promoting fluid production and quenching thirst, and strengthening spleen and stomach. Modern medicine believes that apples are rich in potassium salt, which can combine with sodium salt in the body to exclude it from the body. In addition, Apple also has the functions of preventing the increase of cholesterol in blood and reducing the sugar content in blood.

5. Hawthorn

It is also called mountain red and red fruit. Hawthorn contains sugar, vitamins, fat, carotene, protein, malic acid, citric acid, calcium, iron and other substances, especially vitamin C, which is more than apples, pears and peaches. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Hawthorn has the effects of appetizing and diminishing food, eliminating stagnation and accumulation, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Modern medicine believes that Hawthorn can expand coronary artery, relax blood vessels, remove fat and improve atherosclerosis.

6. Cucumber

Cucumber contains a large amount of nutrients, which have the effect of removing heat and quenching thirst. Propylene glycol diacid contained in cucumber can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrate into fat in human body. Obese diabetic patients complicated with hypertension can eat appropriate amount of cucumber every day to effectively relieve symptoms.

7. Garlic

Most people know that garlic has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, suggesting that because big fools contain a large amount of allicin, which can protect liver, regulate blood sugar, protect cardiovascular, resist hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis, and resist platelet aggregation. It can effectively relieve the symptoms of hyperlipidemia.

8. Kelp

Kelp contains a large amount of nutrients needed by human body. And these nutrients can reduce arterial lipid deposition; And iodine and magnesium in kelp also have certain effects on preventing arterial lipid deposition. The key point is that kelp has the functions of reducing blood lipid, lowering blood sugar, etc, it plays a good role in reducing blood lipid.

Conclusion: through the article, we know that it is essential to keep a happy mood if we want to effectively recuperate hypertension at ordinary times, so people with hypertension should try their best to reduce mood fluctuation, it can maintain the relative stability of blood pressure and reduce the occurrence of complications. Talk as little as possible, keep a relaxed mood, and be calm in mood, which is helpful to prevent and reduce hypertension.

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