What medicine should I take when hypertension meets Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders?

Hypertension is a common chronic disease, because most hypertension patients do not have any uncomfortable feeling, so it is called "silent killer". Hypertension patients are accompanied by elevated blood pressure, which will eventually lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications of stroke, coronary heart disease and chronic kidney disease, seriously endangering human health.

For patients with hypertension, Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders is often caused by the increase of blood pressure. Studies have shown that the incidence of Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders in patients with hypertension increases by 40% ~ 60% compared with people without hypertension. One of the reasons is that hypertension itself has phenomena such as Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders, lack of deep sleep, easy to wake up, etc; the second is that hypertension patients, especially young and middle-aged patients, are prone to produce negative emotions such as anxiety, thus aggravating sleep disorders. The third is that some drugs also have side effects of aggravating Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders.

On the contrary, Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders will further affect blood pressure. Foreign studies show that when the sleep time is 5~6 hours, the Incidence Rate hypertension increases by 3.5 times. When the sleep time is less than 5 hours, hypertension Incidence Rate increased 5.1 times. Its mechanism is related to the activation of sympathetic nerve and renin angiotensin system caused by Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders.

For patients with hypertension accompanied by Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders, the pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation bailemian can be taken to improve, including Lily, acanthopanax senticosus, Lonicera japonica, flower of silktree, mother of pearl, gypsum, semen ziziphi spinosae, poria cocos, Polygala tenuifolia, Scrophularia, rehmannia glutinosa, Ophiopogon japonicus, schisandra chinensis, Cordyceps sinensis, danshen and other traditional Chinese medicines are made, which have the effects of nourishing Yin and clearing heat, nourishing heart and tranquilizing mind, and are used for Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders of Yin deficiency and fire-flourishing type. It is difficult to fall asleep, Dreamless and easy to wake up, sleepless after waking up, dizziness and Fatigue, irritability, irritability, palpitations, etc. Bailemian can not only treat Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders, but also regulate yin-yang disorder of patients, and also improve sleep quality. It is a good prescription combining folk ancient prescriptions and modern medicines.

If patients with high blood pressure take long-acting antihypertensive drugs orally at the initial stage, that is, oral antihypertensive drugs once a day have the best effect. At the beginning of diagnosis of hypertension, it is more important to adjust a healthy lifestyle. The content of salt intake per day should not exceed 6G, and the intake of grease should be strictly limited. Not only that, but also appropriately increase aerobic exercise, including fast walking, jogging, swimming, tai chi and so on. If the weight obviously exceeds the standard and the abdominal circumference increases, efforts should be made to reduce the weight. On the basis of improving lifestyle, if you still can't control blood pressure ideally, you need to take oral long-acting antihypertensive drugs under the guidance of doctors, including amlodipine besylate, dopril,ultalife etc. Long-acting antihypertensive drugs can be stable, long-lasting and effective control of blood pressure within an ideal and safe range.

Patients with hypertension accompanied by Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders should also pay attention to adjusting diet, exercise and sleep rhythm, and also pay attention to sleep hygiene and maintain good sleep habits. Keep the bedroom air fresh, quiet, suitable temperature, bedding and bedding clean and tidy, soft and comfortable; Wear loose and sweat-absorbing pajamas when sleeping; Reduce the time of watching TV before going to bed; Don't stay up late, make sleep time regular, etc.

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