This formula contains 3 herbs to resolve phlegm, relieve cough and subdue rebellion.

There is an inexpensive and effective formula that has reduced coughing and wheezing, reduced phlegm, and increased appetite after using it. Before introducing this formula, let's take a look at the following historical short story~

His father was a general in the Ming Dynasty, who was always fighting in the north and south, suffering from the harsh environment and illnesses.

One day, three scholars came to ask Han Tianjue to see their parents, mainly because they had a cough, bad breath, and phlegm, which were common problems for the elderly.

Han Tianjue carefully conceived a formula with wide applicability, which is the Three Sons Nourishing Parents Soup, in which the three herbs are common in the vegetable garden.

Lycopodium is radish seeds

Su Zi is the seed of perilla

White mustard seeds are the seeds of mustard

Su Zi can promote the flow of Qi, lower the upward rebellious Qi, and calm cough and asthma.

Lycopodium eliminates food and directs stagnation, also lowering Qi, and also strengthens the stomach and eliminates appetite, making it easier for the elderly to eat and digest.

White mustard seed can regulate qi and dissolve phlegm.

All three herbs are seeds of plants that have oily properties that moisten, and the nature of the seeds are all downward moving and laxative.

Together, the three herbs take care of the elderly's food, drink, poop, and any minor ailments they may have in general. The old man will not feel like he's drinking medicine when he drinks the three sons of parental soup, so of course he's happy.

As soon as Han Tianjue's Three Sons Parenting Soup was released, it immediately spread all over the world, and everyone used it to feed the elderly in their own families, and many people benefited from it.

What does this formula do?

In today's world, many people are experiencing a problem - that is, phlegm-dampness congestion, which is related to excess nutrition.

Therefore, those who often consume fatty, sweet and thick flavors, are obese, feel phlegm-rich, have sticky blood and disorders of blood lipids, can use San Zi Nourishing Relatives Soup to regulate them.

The white mustard seed used in the formula is a warming and cold phlegm medicine, which not only can warm the lung and promote the flow of Qi, but also is good at dispersing "phlegm outside the skin and membrane": "phlegm in the hypochondrium and outside the skin and membrane, not the white mustard seed can reach. The ancient formula control saliva Dan with white mustard seeds, is exactly this meaning." Su Zi descends the qi and moves the phlegm, so that the qi is lowered and the phlegm is not reversed; Lycopodium eliminates food and directs stagnation, so that the qi is moving and the phlegm is moving.

The "three sons" are all phlegm moving products, according to the principle of "elimination as a tonic", combined for use, each to show their strengths, so that phlegm can be eliminated and smooth.

In addition, if a person has excess phlegm and dampness, the so-called "phlegm nucleus" will appear, that is, outside the skin membrane, the formation of bumps of different sizes, some pigeon eggs, some soy beans, press up soft, can move, some people will even appear in the skin a lot, many people are all over the body.

This condition, according to Chinese medicine, is caused by excess phlegm and dampness. At this time, taking Three Sons Nourishing Relatives Soup can slowly dissolve the phlegm and dampness, and the phlegm nucleus will gradually dissolve.

 Three Sons Nourishing Relatives Soup 


Perilla seeds, white mustard seeds, lycopodium.


1, take equal parts of each of these three seeds, put in a pot slightly fried, broken, mixed well, each time you drink take about 10 grams, soak water can be.

2, you can also do this: 60 grams of fried soursop, 60 grams of fried lycopodium, 30 grams of fried white mustard seeds, mix well, research into powder, take 3 grams each time, 2 times a day, warm water.

3, you can also take equal parts of each of these three seeds, add the right amount of buckwheat, soybeans, etc., with a soymilk machine every day into a grain porridge to eat. 

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