Chinese medicine: recurrent constipation for a long time to cure? Is the spleen Yang injury! Chinese medicine 1 formula, replenish spleen Yang, cure constipation

In the constipated people, many people have such experience, appear constipation, immediately resort to laxative medicine, after the use of drugs, the initial is quite ideal.

However, with the extension of time, the laxative effect is getting worse and worse, slowly, no longer useful, and eventually suffer from constipation for years, or even more than a decade.

What is going on here?

In fact, this situation is probably due to the prolonged use of laxatives, making the spleen Yang damaged, thus leading to chronic constipation.

This is exactly what happened to Ms. Cai, a 39-year-old woman who recently came to the clinic. Ms. Cai has been suffering from recurrent constipation for more than 3 years and reported that she did not pay attention to it at the beginning, but later, as the constipation worsened, she started taking Niuhuang detoxification tablets or senna leaves.

One month before she came to the clinic, her stools were dry and difficult to pass, once a week, and she had abdominal distension, erratic, poor appetite, stomach distension after eating, cold hands and feet, low menstrual flow, and many blood clots. The TCM diagnosis was a deficiency of spleen and yang, internal cold accumulation, combined with stomach heat and blood deficiency.

In fact, the root cause of Ms. Cai's constipation is deficiency of Spleen-Yang, which is also more common in most patients with persistent constipation.

Chronic constipation may be due to Spleen-Yang deficiency!

Why does a deficiency of Spleen Yang also cause constipation?

This is closely related to the role played by the spleen in the body, as stated in the Clinical Guide to Medicine: "The spleen should rise to be healthy, and the stomach should descend to be harmonious."

In the whole body, the spleen is at the core of the qi transportation and transformation. When the spleen is properly transported and the water and grain are dispersed in an orderly manner, the whole body will be conducive to qi-transformation, the metabolism of qi, blood and fluid will be normal, and the body will be healthy and free of disease.

The spleen is like a logistics company that transports all kinds of materials to various places, and also needs to transport the waste products to centralize them, therefore, the function of the spleen's main transportation refers to both the transportation of water and grain essence, and also the transportation of dregs.

The normalization of the spleen depends on the spleen yang, and if the spleen yang is warmed, the spleen will be transported and transformed as usual. Insufficient Spleen Yang will not only cause abnormal transportation, but will also lead to loss of warmth in the intestinal tract, resulting in weakness of the bowels and difficult stools.

Constipation caused by deficiency of spleen yang is common, and there are two common reasons for this condition: one, at the early stage of constipation, no attention is paid to the condition, which delays the condition, and over time, the actual condition turns to deficiency, resulting in deficiency of spleen yang, which does not invigorate the middle yang, and weakness in pushing the stool.

Secondly, overuse of cold laxative products, such as rhubarb and mannitol, which damage the middle yang, and spleen deficiency will lead to loss of transportation and transformation.

These patients often have dry or non-dry stools, prolonged intervals between stools, prolonged toileting time, desire to defecate but cannot, difficult to defecate, and weakness in defecation, accompanied by abdominal distension, belching, and warmth of the extremities.

So, how can this type of constipation be improved?

Warming the spleen yang, dispersing the yin cold, helping defecation, and getting rid of constipation!

The main treatment for this type of constipation is to warm up the spleen yang and pass the stool. Clinically, we can use Ji Chuan Decoction, Rhubarb and Pimpernel Soup, and Wen Spleen Soup as the basic formula and add or subtract according to the actual condition, in order to warm up the yang and pass the stool.

For example, in the case mentioned above, Ms. Cai's constipation, poor appetite, and bloating are due to deficiency of Spleen-Yang, internal cold accumulation, and deficiency of Stomach heat and Blood.

The proposed formula: cooked sophora, dry ginger, party ginseng, roasted licorice, raw rhubarb (after the next), angelica, raw earth, ripe earth, peach kernel, safflower, roasted asclepias, soapberry, late silkworm sand, raw sun ginseng; 7 doses, 1 dose a day, water decoction in 2 doses.

After taking the above, Ms. Cai came to the follow-up, reported that constipation has significantly improved, other concurrent symptoms have been alleviated, continue to add reduction on the basis of the original formula to consolidate the effect, and then after the third and fourth consultation, constipation and other symptoms are removed.

This formula is composed of Si Wei Tang with four herbs: ginseng, angelica, rhubarb and mannite. This formula is composed of four herbs, namely, Si Wei Tang, Radix et Rhizoma Ginseng, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Radix et Rhizoma Mangosteen, which can warm the spleen and dispel cold.

Tong You Tang is from "The Secret Collection of the Orchid Room", and the two formulas are used together to warm and strengthen the spleen and Yang with the great pungency and heat of Radix et Rhizoma Polygonati and dissolve cold stagnation, with Rhizoma Polygonati to laxate the cold stagnation; dry ginger to warm the middle and help Yang, and Radix et Rhizoma Polygonati to warm the middle and disperse cold.

Peach kernel, safflower and angelica invigorate the blood, moisten the intestines and open the bowels; rehmannia and raw earth nourish the yin, replenish the blood and clear heat; raw sun ginseng, dang ginseng and roasted hemp replenish the qi and raise the spleen and yang, so that the lower does not hurt the right; licorice not only helps ginseng to benefit the qi, but also harmonizes the medicines.

The saponaria seeds and evening silica sand are commonly used for constipation and hard stool, saponaria seeds taste pungent, can "pass the lung and large intestine gas", and have a laxative effect, the combination of the drugs, warming, diarrhea and tonic three methods are available, with the characteristics of attacking the lower does not hurt, together with the spleen to clear the stomach, blood circulation and laxative function.

In recent years, due to many people's poor dietary habits and lifestyle, the prevalence of constipation has also increased, according to the Chinese Medical Association of Digestive Diseases, the prevalence of chronic constipation in adults in China is 4.0%-10.0%.

When constipation occurs, many people are accustomed to taking drugs such as Niuhuang detoxification tablets to clear heat and detoxify the toxins, but in fact, not everyone is suitable, and the misuse of heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs for deficiency constipation will not only make it difficult to solve the constipation problem, but may also be counterproductive, and more seriously, long-term use usually damages the spleen and Yang, leading to increased constipation and recurrent attacks.

In addition, there are many people rely on the open plug to relieve constipation, but in fact, the open plug can only be used as an emergency, not long-term dependence, with the long-term use of the open plug, the intestinal sensitivity to stimulation will also decline, later, the effect of the open plug will gradually become worse, and will eventually induce more serious constipation.

Constipation problems, should find the underlying causes, identify the cause, the overall conditioning, only the root cause of the problem is solved, the constipation will naturally lift.

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